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Reasons why should you have boxing and boxing gloves in your workout routine?

Why should you have boxing in your workout regimen? –Boxing has more benefits than one may think! Boxing is much more than meets the eye – it is not only a large arena with two people in satin shorts throwing punch after punch at each other. At Infinitude Fight, we believe boxing gloves and boxing is much more beneficial, interesting, enjoyable, and complex. The best part? –Boxing does not have to be only a sport; most people who engage in boxing at home are not training to punch other people – but for health and fitness. 


Why do we exercise? 

We exercise for plenty of reasons – getting toned, losing weight, de-stress, improving cardiovascular health, or just for something to do. However, there is an exercise you could do to harvest all of these benefits and much more all – just one exercise – intriguing, right? Too good to be true, but it isn’t! boxing is one of the few sports that is offering you a full-body workout that too in the comfort of your own home. 

Begin your Cardiovascular Health Journey 

Hearing about cardio can get intimidating for many, but it doesn’t have to be this way, even after the shared dislike we all have for a cardio workout. Most of us don’t like cardio as it gets boring; there are only so many songs you could play on repeat while on the treadmill before they bore you out. Still, cardio is extremely important for your cardiovascular health and can improve your heart fitness levels like no other exercise. 

If only you could do all that in a fun way to burn calories and get your heart rate piping – yes, there is a way to do that – Boxing!

Why Boxing? 

Boxing has the potential to become your next favorite fun and effective workout routine that keeps you on your toes. Escalating your heart rate by punching, kicking, and jumping in boxing is the perfect sport to do cardio, and it does a great job of offering you a better experience and fitness. 

Boxing a Full Body Workout 

Boxing is not just for your arms, and it is certainly not only about your arms – with boxing, but you can also sculpt your entire body. Once you get familiar with the basics of boxing and proper boxing equipment, you will be ready for a complete body workout instantly. The most important part of the sport? –Establishing a proper form, and your body shall thank you for it. 

How does boxing help with body posture and form? 

After proper training and learning to rotate your hips and hit the heavy bag at max power and speed, you will notice the profound difference it has on you when trying to sit up in your bed the next morning. Movement of the body calls for abdomen muscles to contract without hindrance; additionally, it also requires the maintenance of stability in your core – yes indeed. It means your abs are going through a vigorous workout while boxing only works on the arms.  

Boxing Encourages De-Stressing 

Normalize your moods and reduce your stress levels through boxing. Realistically speaking, more than 40 percent of adults conform to the fact that exercise helps them de-stress and puts them in a good mood. At the same time, 35% of people say that they feel more relaxed and de-stressed when they exercise regularly. 

Build on your Boxing Experience

How do you use boxing for a stellar workout routine? Well, throw in some power aggression, a punching bag, and buy boxing gloves, and you can make boxing your next favorite workout routine. Boxing can become your safe place to de-stress and de-clutter your mind and work on your constructive thoughts. 


Boxing can become your biggest confidence booster by adding in an element of self-defense in the mix, and there is no denying the significance of good endorphins a power workout can release. Indulge yourself in an experiment and try boxing for 45 minutes tomorrow morning, and we guarantee that you will feel energized and ecstatic for the rest of the day. 

Improve Coordination 

It’s almost a cliché, however, true: boxing is a dance, and once you start boxing, you become the nonexistent participant in the coordination between your hands and feet. You continuously work to coordinate your punching with the movement of your hips and feet to stay coordinated and strong on your feet – however that does not happen overnight. Boxing involves a process of reacting with agility and power when coordinating through the limbs, yet the encompassing benefits can dwarf the struggle. 

The hand-eye coordination never stops improving and along with your collective fine motor skills. It is normally expected that having fine hand-eye coordination aids in having faster motors skills, reflexes, and reaction times; these are always a good quality to have.


Bone Strength 

When bones are put under stress by exercising, such as boxing and training, our cells are prompted to build bone. This essentially means that the higher healthy stress you put on your bones through power workouts, the greater benefit you shall enjoy. 

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Boxing Equipment 

Are you seeing more of the boxing gloves lately? Or do you have a heavy bag in your basement or passed by a boxing gym recently? All of these are signs of beginning your boxing training journey. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, keep your head high, indulge in the fun world of boxing, and reap tons of rewards from the healthy activity. 


Boxing Gloves

A healthy and safe boxing routine comes with a package deal – the sport-specific boxing gear. Boxing is one of the topmost effective workouts, but boxing without the proper boxing gloves and equipment can quickly turn sour. 

At Infinitude Fight, we put a lot of constructive stress on sport-specific boxing equipment – whether you need gloves for training, or sparring, or a pair of hand wraps, every tool of the trade is meticulously designed to offer optimum comfort and protection to our customers. 

The best part? –You could get all of these tools customized to your specific designs, built and aesthetic needs – targeted to offer you premium comfort and protection. 


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