Contact Us For Custom Wholesale Inquiry / Orders
Contact Us For Custom Wholesale Inquiry / Orders

Custom Boxing Gear & Gloves

Personalize your boxing gear with Infinitude Fight’s customizer. Choose from various colors, sizes, and designs to tailor your custom boxing gloves to your preference. Our custom-made boxing gear lets you showcase your style by adding your name, team logo, and graphics for a customized touch and unique branding.

The All New Harrier Swift With Awesome New Infx Features

Our new INF X customizer features numerous awesome new features. Click the button below to experience it now. Impossible is just the beginning!

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Need Help With Your Design?

Our designers are ready to help you achieve the look you want. Just send an email to [email protected] with any logos you need tweaked or any ideas you want visualized. We usually receive request to:

Digitize Your Hand Drawn Logos
Remove Backgrounds Of Images
Make Adjustments To Images You Already Have

Unbeatable 3D Customization

With the custom glove maker, you can choose between high-quality metallic, matte, and shiny colors to add a personalized touch to your boxing gloves. Choose from professional championship gloves lace-up, pro fight lace-up gloves with ridges, or pro fight Velcro gloves with wrist wrap styles for the right fit around your wrist. You can also add a personal touch to your boxing gloves by customizing their size and color with our customizer. Plus, enjoy free shipping on your order.

You can change the colors of the front double-padded cowhide custom boxing headgear as well as the ear sections. You can choose single, double or triple color coat options in metallic, matte, and shiny options. Design your own custom boxer and change details of the products including the main material, the leg cut, waistband, the side, back, front strips, and add logos, texts, initials, or graphics of your choice.

Our custom building option goes a step ahead to offer you custom boxing shoes. You can choose to personalize any area of the shoe with your choice of texts, fonts, patterns, colors, lace styles, and size. You get to change the front section of the custom groin protectors with either single color, or two shade color options. You can also have logos, initials, patterns, or any design printed or embroidered custom products in different colors. Additionally, we offer the option to order items tailored to your preferences.

Pro Fight Custom Boxing Gear For Teams & Clubs

Along with catering to the needs of professionals, At Infinitude we also help teams and clubs with custom boxing equipment. We take bulk orders and offer whole sale services for clubs, teams, and groups with quality materials, personalized gloves, headgear, boxing shoes, groin protectors and more unbeatable options at affordable prices.

We offer 24/7 customer services and attend to all the customization needs of our valuable customers. We have all accessories available ready to shop as well. Buy now! To place your orders, create custom boxing gloves, or any boxing equipment, you can contact us today.

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