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About Us

About Us

About Us

Infinitude Fight is an established brand with a unique opportunity for Professional Boxers and Fight Sports Players to get their own custom-designed boxing and fight gear. Including Boxing Gloves, Boxing Head guards, Boxing Pads, Boxing Groin Guards, BJJ Gi, Kick Boxing and more.

You can personalize and create your own custom boxing gloves and fight gear. You can design by choosing colors, material, pattern, size. And not only this you can also add your logo, any graphic or your name initials text in embroidery, patch or simple. The unique personalized design that represents you and your brand can be quickly sent for order right from our website. Our specialized team with more than a decade of experience in manufacturing boxing gloves and fight gear will craft your order as per your requirements for your high quality, durable and comfort fit. Once done with-in a few days your order will be delivered to you.

Business Today

Infinitude is known for high-quality custom boxing gloves and fight gear. We have been providing our customized gear with high-quality material and detailed crafting for more than 10 years now. Considering this requirement of personalization and custom requirements, which not only used to consume a lot of time, effort but also costs a lot. Considering this we have developed a state of the art solution for personalization of Boxing gloves and fight gear. Our designer is available for everyone to custom design your boxing gloves or gear and sends for order and all with-in few clicks online.

Our easy to use a designer that provides detailed customization options is one side of the process. At the back, we have also incorporated and improved our existing ERP system that enhances the order and customization requirement system. This ensures that each order with its unique design requests is fulfilled properly using the premium cow-hide leather and highest quality raw materials. And are quality assured and tested properly before dispatching to our customers. All this happens within a few days most of the time in less than a week.

What’s Next

Infinitude facilitates everyone. Whether you are a professional boxer, a fitness enthusiast or an amateur trainee getting ready for the first punch. We offer you the highest quality boxing gloves and fight gear in your own personalized design and branding. Infinitude is proud to be endorsed, loved and being part of many big names in boxing. Many renowned professional boxers regularly use our designers to develop the best gear for themselves for their next fight.

You are what you wear and fight with. We want to design your victory the way you want it. With our unique and most innovative custom design solution for your boxing gloves and fight gear you can now achieve the impact you want to leave in the ring.

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