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  • World’s First 3D Custom Boxing Gear Builder from Infinitude Fight Stole the Limelight at ISPO 2019


    Munich, Germany, February 2019: The world of boxing undoubtedly leaves boxing enthusiasts spellbound with the finest quality equipment releasing every year. This keeps manufacturers from all over the globe on the edge, waiting to unite on special exhibitions such as the ISPO Munich to showcase their products. Infinitude Fight is an established boxing gloves brand […]

    Mike Tyson Custom Boxing Gloves Ordered for Tyson Ranch

    Mike Tyson undeniably has made his mark, as America’s famous and former professional boxer, reigning over the ring from 1985 to 2005. During this time, he ruled most bouts as the “world’s undisputed” heavyweight champion. He holds the world’s record as the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title at just the age of 20. […]