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  • Ideal Time To Train Kids For Boxing


    Have you noticed just how much more energetic this generation is? The sheer amount of activity they do all day is overwhelming even to think about. They’re smart, social, and competitive. The greatest challenge for parents, keeping them engaged, constructively. Trust us, you would have a gazillion recommendations to enroll your kids in a sports

    Boxing As An Adventure And Life Enhancement


    Do you realize the world you live in today, is several times different from the one the older generations had? The variation is not in lifestyle alone but rather in the threats you are exposed to. Not to say that the earlier generation didn’t have its fair share of challenges, but maybe life back then

    What to Prioritize In Boxing Gear – Style Or Utility?

    Boxing Gear

    Do you remember the last pair of jeans you got for your wardrobe? Why did you opt for one brand over the other? Mmm….maybe comfort and affordability? Ok how about that winter jacket, the puffer jacket you wore to that boys’ night out during the super cold December? Warmth, comfort, design, style? Right? In your

    The Evolution of Padding in Boxing Gloves

    boxing gloves

    Remember Gladiator? The Russell Crowe box office blockbuster showing the deadly ancient Roman sport that once a solider-turned-slave had to play in order to earn his freedom? Well, most of us remember the history of almost all sports from movies such as these. But do you ever wonder how the boxing evolved into the modern

    Are You Ready To Be A Boxer Mom?

    boxing mom

    If you are a lady and a mommy, we are glad you came here to read from our blog. If you aren’t, we are still happy; you can share this with your boxer mom to help her look at her life from a different lens, to see things afresh, for a life-changing experience. So this

    Choose the Right Size for your Boxing Gloves

    boxing gloves

    Who doesn’t want to be Mohammad Ali, Shane Mosely or Jack Dempsey, punching fearlessly like a lion let loose in the ring, landing each blow on your opponent like a pro, with the fighter’s might, every single time you are in that ring to prove your capability! Sounds dreamy? Far-fetched? Boxing, unlike other forms of

    Buying Guide for Groin Guard

    groin guard for BJJ

    For a boxer to protect their groin region is more important than protecting their face. Obviously, it is not right to hit at the groin region but during a fight, one might accidentally hit at that region not knowing how painful it can be. To avoid such type of damage during a fight in the

    The Influence of Tech in Sports – Customize Your Boxing Gear

    Influence of Tech in Sports

    At Infinitude Fight, it is all about you and making sure you find and design the fighting gear according to your choice. This is why we only use the best materials to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you order custom boxing trunks, custom made gloves, or other fighting gear, we remain committed to excellence and