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Our manufacturing facilities are based in Asia. We make Boxing gloves, BJJ gi and gear in our own factories. All Leather and other material is processed in our own tanneries and weaving units. Since everything is in our control hence this increases our product quality very high and prices lower as compared to many other brands that are not manufacturers but middlemen.

Our gloves are crafted with Premium Quality Cow-Hide Leather and high quality padding & Stitching Material. This is the reason that our gloves are very durable even better than many popular brands in the market. (As endorsed by many big names in Boxing). For BJJ gi we use high quality fabric 405+ in various weaving. Single, Double or Gold. Ensuring to fulfill the needs of every customer. Infinitude has our own tanneries operating on the highest quality operation methods in the world. We are specialized in leather for Boxing Gloves and Fight Gear.

One of the reason that our high quality custom made high quality boxing gloves and fight gear is available in these amazing prices is because we manufacture in our own factories and sell it directly to customers via our online website.

We acquire material and have our own leather to make boxing gloves and gear. Which means we are specialize in creating any shade and color and can make them with low costs. And we share this benefit with our prestigious customers by offering them prices that no one can meet at this quality along with complete customization solution.

So you are actually designing your boxing gloves or gear on our website with-in few minutes and place order that will be delivered within few days. And all of them in very low and amazing prices. Brands and other boxing glove makers are dependent on manufacturers like us to negotiate good pricing so they can add their margin and sell it to customers like you. Since Infinitude has no middlemen or agency so this increases efficiency while decreases costs.

We started with a 3-4 weeks of time. But over time we have reduced it to 18 working days now. We have recently integrated an extensive ERP solution at the backend to improve our manufacturing operations more effectively and efficiently. With this we are forecasting to reduce the time from design to deliver in less than 18 working days.

We try to overcome any unexpected delays during Christmas and peak sale days. We also ensure that our boxing gloves and fight gear which is mostly a handcrafted items so every process requires careful cut and sophisticated skills. Then finished glove will go through the rigorous quality inspection. We invest time in this process to deliver the perfect product rather than rush. Your personalized details are incorporated in your favorite boxing glove or gear the way you like it. Same goes for our personalized BJJ Gi that is made as per your custom requirements with comfort fit and durable high quality.

Infinitude Custom Designer has almost all the possible personalization details. You can change colors, design, add logos, graphics and text. We offer design needs for Boxing Gloves, BJJ Gi, Boxing Gear and other fight gear.

However if you have something else in mind that you need, it can be done. We can take your custom details that you want to do other than what our designer provides. Please be advised that additional charges may apply if necessary.

To share your additional customization details you can contact us through Live Chat, Contact Us Form or by directly emailing on [email protected]

We offer a private label program. Make the boxing glove, BJJ gi or gear with us for your own brand, Gym or club. We always welcome any opportunity to collaborate with you. We are already providing custom branding solutions to many big brands, promoters and boxing gyms.

For inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or send your requirements through our contact form. Alternatively, you can also discuss requirements with us through Live Chat for quick response.

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