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Unlimited Options for your Custom Boxing Gloves

With INFINI-TECH customization technology you have unlimited options to design your custom boxing gloves. This is happening first time in the world with the fastest custom boxing gloves solution. Personalize your Boxing Gloves with Logos, Flags, Signatures, Colors and much more.

Custom Boxing Gloves

World’s First and Only Custom Boxing Gloves Builder Online.

Try out the new glove customizer to get your favourite design and color. We offer a wide range of simple and Metallic colors on high quality premium leather gloves with amazing padding and shock absorbent features!

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Custom Boxing Gloves Design Inspirations

Few of the Popular design inspirations that you can personalize and order for your brand, club, gym or yourself. Choose what suits the best to your fight style and don’t limit your fists to those old drought colors. 

Green and Lime Combo Lace Up Fight Boxing Gloves

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Orange and Blue 3 Layered Ridges Fight Boxing Gloves

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Blue Red and Metallic Silver Velcro Closure Boxing Gloves

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Design your Custom Boxing Gear in 3 Mins

It's super easy to customize your Boxing Gloves and Gear in less than 3 minutes and place Order. Select Boxing Gloves or any gear, Use Customize Builder and Design it. Once you are done, Confirm Order and Checkout. If you have more queries about anything from designing your Gloves / Gear to Shipping, then please visit our FAQ Section or Contact our Live Chat Support.


Ordered 2 pairs of my boxing gloves. Amazed to see how easy and real it looks when I designed my gloves. Delivered exactly as ordered.

Mark J. / (Wholesale Seller) Manchester, UK

THANKS!!! These are so cool! I loved to design more and complete my boxing gear. You guys are awesome! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!

Johny / (Sports Shop Owner) NYC, USA

Very Excited to know about Infinitude Custom Builder. Tried it to order 1 pair. You guys have just saved my tons of hours for working on designs and giving directions. Already ordered for the club!

Randy / (Boxing Gym Owner) Detroit, USA

3-Tier Infini-Tech World's First and Exclusive Custom Boxing Gear Designer

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Custom Boxing Gloves Online

Infinitude gives your hands the chance to ramp up your professional boxing bouts with the right pair of custom boxing gloves catered for your personal branding needs. At Infinitude we make it easier for boxers around the globe to get premium quality boxing gloves in the best prices and lifelong guarantee.

Our products are handmade keeping an eye out for every detail to make sure each glove is properly padded to keep knuckles and hands well protected from any injury, all in your own custom designed boxing gloves. You get the opportunity to customize your plain boxing gloves with your choice of colors, patterns, logo, graphics, name initials, or any other feature you wish to add for a personalized feel.

With a bag full of experience, we are proud to attend to the customization needs of professional players who come to us to buy custom made boxing gloves. Our customization options enable you to add various features to your boxing gloves. You can choose from leather shades or colors and have the flexibility to add these on any nine different places of the glove.

Design Your Own Glove

When you choose us to customize your boxing gloves, you have the advantage to choose from different customization options. Most professionals and boxing trainers depend on us for their custom leather boxing gloves because of all the options offered. We cater to the needs of professionals in this sport and help:

  • Boxers who wish to showcase their own choice of patterns and colors on their boxing gloves
  • Teams groups, and clubs with personalization of their gloves with their logos, names, initials, and addition of matching color patterns
  • Wholesale and bulk orders for boxing glove sellers. You can come to us and we can customize what your customers want to buy from you.

You can choose from matt, shiny, metallic colors, to match them with the rest of your outfit. You also have the option to change any area of the glove. Whether you wish to change the wrist style to lace up, wrist wrap/Velcro fastening, or ridges, our custom glove builder will allow you to have the style of your choice.

You can add embroidered, or printed logos in colors of your choice on different areas of the plain boxing gloves including, lower back, back of the gloves, and around the wrist. If you wish to add different colors on any area of the glove, for example, a golden shade in the palm region, and red for the outer surface, we can help you with such customization options. You also have the option to add custom names on your boxing gloves for a unique look. Our color options for metallic boxing gloves include silver, gold, metallic blue, green etc.  or matte color options like yellow, purple, red, or any custom color of your choice.

You can choose from different prints and we will finish your gloves with the chosen print on the upper and lower part of the glove. To add some stylish touch to your Plain boxing gloves, you can choose different font styles or send us more details on the type of font you prefer and we will have them printed out on your custom leather boxing gloves.

Whether you choose pro sparring, training, punch bag mitts, martial arts gloves, souvenir gloves, or autograph boxing gloves, we are the right custom boxing gloves suppliers you need to contact today.

Boxing Gloves Features

Made out of premium quality cowhide, our metallic boxing gloves or plain ones have two-layer foam shock absorbents, which ensure a pain free experience even after the hardest hits in the ring. Our top quality custom printed boxing gloves come with the right construction to ensure that your gloves hold their shape, even after multiple hits.

Since they are quality leather gloves, they are long lasting, provide hand protection, and comfort throughout your boxing match or practice. If you choose pro sparring gloves in 10 oz, you have the option to personalize it as well with the choice of colors you prefer. Whether you choose 12 oz, 16 oz, or up to 20 oz, which are ideal for sparring, training and fights, we have your customization needs well covered.

Our custom leather boxing gloves have extra padded areas around the knuckles to keep your hands safe while you practice. They come with customizable hand wraps for the perfect grip around your wrists and keep your hands comfortable and flexible during boxing bouts.

Infinitude: Your One Stop Online Shop for Custom Boxing Gloves

At Infinitude, we strive to provide professional players and teams with our outstanding personalized custom logo, name, designed boxing gloves and related boxing equipment. If you are searching for unique custom metallic boxing gloves, just think of Infinitude! Our fast customization services and fast delivery services aim to deliver your personalized gloves to your doorstep within no time. We also offer discounts for bulk orders and cater to the needs of resellers by offering wholesale options for clubs or teams to buy personalized boxing gloves in bulk prices.

Explore your options and find cheap custom boxing gloves online now!