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What Equipment you Need for Boxing?

A boxer works long hours in training, improving their craft. Talent and a never-ending supply of willpower assist them on their way to fame.


Boxing is a demanding sport to make a living in and establish a career. It could turn out to be the toughest of all sports to survive.

The temptation of head-to-head competition lures boxers to boxing. Fighters want to outvie the success of their idols, who have come out victorious in great fights.

What makes a good fighter?

The vitality of a boxer rests on athletic ability, determination, and professional equipment (i.e., quality Boxing gloves), taking hours in the gym and years of practice to develop precise tricks and techniques required to become a good boxer.

A good boxer is armed with the ultimate boxing gear, which helps them become the best physically and enables them to succeed in the ring.

The essential boxing gear that every boxer need includes:

Boxing Gloves

When you buy boxing gloves, you acknowledge that no boxer is complete without a good pair of fighting gloves.

Choosing the right pair can be an intimidating task due to all the different brands, sizes, and types available.

The significant characteristic of a good glove is its perfect sizing. Selection of the right size in accordance to your height, weight, and the circumference of your dominant hand, will make your choice much more straightforward.

All sizes are in ounces (oz), determined by the padding in a glove. If you are a learner, start with larger padded gloves for added protection and then go down on sizes as you become more skilled and confident.

The fit of the boxing gloves should be snug, with your fingers just touching the top. A boxer should be able to make a fist easily, without it being uncomfortable.

Are you looking to buy boxing gloves? Familiarize yourself with the types of boxing gloves before you buy a pair.

The Types of Boxing Gloves

Sparring Gloves – Gloves with extra padding that protect you and your sparring partner from impact and damage. These gloves can be a bit heavier than regular gloves due to their additional padding layers.

Bag Gloves – Particularly designed for doing bag work. With less padding in the knuckle area than regular sparring gloves, these gloves will let you feel your punches and make you get used to the impact.

Training Gloves – The training gloves are all-purpose gloves, providing enough protection through padding for sparring and punching bag work.

Boxing gloves price is another factor to look at while you analyze your options. However, we suggest splurging a bit for your boxing gloves, as they are crucial to your safety and performance.

When you buy boxing gloves, investing in a quality hand wrap will only raise your stock as a pro boxer.

Hand Wraps

Treat yourself and your precious boxing gloves well. Invest in a good hand wrap.

Hand wraps are a vital part of boxing equipment; wearing hand wraps under your boxing gloves not only offers extra support – shielding bones of your hands but also soak up sweat, thus preventing bacteria build-up and odor in boxing gloves.

Types of hand wraps available in the market:

Traditional Hand Wrap – They are inexpensive, easy to use, and reusable. They sell in set sizes.

Tape and Gauze Wrap – Offers maximum protection and comes in the lightest and most comfortable options. These hand wraps cannot be reused but do come in various sizes.

Mexican Style Wrap – The Mexican style wraps are easily adaptable to hand shape due to their elastic nature. They offer you a perfect fit ensuring comfortability, and are breathable. These are thicker than other hand wraps, might not fit under every boxing glove type and size.

Boxing Shoes

Shoes should feel like wearing your comfortable skin, whether they are boxing shoes or otherwise.

Being quick on your foot guarantees you an advantage over your opponent in the boxing ring.

Choosing the right pair of boxing shoes is crucial for your overall performance. Boxing shoes should fit you tight and have narrow support but shouldn’t cause blisters or discomfort.

Be sure always to wear socks to move around like you are in the ring while trying on a pair of boxing shoes.

This will ensure the compatibility of your shoes with your feet.

Essential characteristics of boxing shoes:

Grip – The grip of your boxing shoes is of primary importance so that you stay on your feet and don’t slip and slide in the ring. With that, shoes must allow you to pivot and move quickly.

Sole – While a thicker sole is durable, the thinner sole enables you to be flexible and allows you to feel your foot movement.

Mid-Tops – Boxing shoes with mid-tops offer flexibility but are relatively less supportive to the ankle.

High-Tops – High-tops boxing shoes give more support to the foot, particularly around the ankle. They, however, lack the flexibility that mid-tops offer.


You do not want to risk the safety of your head and face. Headgears are essential in keeping you at length from harm, which can and cannot be visible to the naked eye.

Headgears are self-explanatory in their importance and use. Headguards protect you from head and face/mouth injuries, like cuts, bruises, and scrapes. Heavily padded headguards lessen punching impact but are not much efficient against a concussion.

Headguards come in different types, from offering minimal protection to covering everything except your eyes.


Imagine swallowing or choking on your own broken teeth. Not a good picture, right?

Mouthguards prevent exactly that from happening. Some teeth might get loose from a punch; that is when mouthguards or mouthpieces come to the rescue.

Boil mouthguards in water to make them pliant; bite them down to fit around your teeth. Or, get your dentist to make a custom-made mouthguard for yourself that is a perfect fit.

Gym Bag

A non-brainer essential for every boxer, a robust gym bag, or hold-all that can take to a rough lifestyle of a fighter. Your gym bag will be in use every day you train, so it needs to be big enough and sturdy enough to carry the entire boxing kit we just talked about, additionally also a change of clothes.

Punching Bag 

A heavy bag or a punching bag is a great tool to practice and train daily for beginners and more experienced boxers.

Punching bags are made from strong vinyl, canvas, or leather material. They are filled with hard or soft soil or sand. Soft soil bags have an extra layer of foam.

Types of Punching bags:

Free-Standing Bag – If you want portability, a free-standing bag is a way to go. Easy to move around and also a bit cheaper than its alternative.

However, the free-standing bag does not offer a dynamic workout and can be less durable, too, compared to hanging bags.

Hanging Bag – Ideally a good option for footwork, also a better option for training. Hanging bag is favored by experienced boxers.

They take slightly more space and are not easily movable easily after setup. This is their only limitation.

Skipping Rope 

Working wonders, a skipping rope helps fighters train and perfect their foot movement and boost their stamina, general fitness, and coordination.

Skipping ropes are incredibly durable, inexpensive, and are a great training tool to have at your disposal.


You will need a towel for your daily training sessions. As boxing is a complete workout and sometimes more than that, a handy towel should always be in your gym bag. Additionally, you will need a towel to dry off after your post-workout shower.

Boxing, You and Us

Boxing is a high-risk sport, and we are determined to provide you with boxing essentials that are robust, comfortable, and provide utmost safety.

Our boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guards, and other kit products are tested robustly for quality and durability, providing you with a product you can rely upon.

These boxing products and kits available to you will guarantee that you’re at the top both in the ring and out of it.

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