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Essential Boxing Equipment Every Boxer Must Have

Boxing Equipment

Boxing originated as a combat sport fought with bare hands, where two competitors would hit each other without restrictions until one of them was unable to continue, or worse, dead. Romans, who inherited the sport from the Greeks, later deemed boxing too brutal and banned it. Initially named pugilism, meaning “Fist Fight, boxing reappeared on the global scene at theaters in London in the 1680s with a new name: Prizefighting. These bare-knuckle fights gained immense popularity across Britain and America. 

Considering the history of countless injuries and lost lives, former champion Jack Broughton proposed the sport’s initial rules and invented the first padded boxing gloves in 1743. The term “boxing” was regularized, and over time, it became the sport we all love today. Modern boxing follows the Marquess of Queensberry Rules and includes several essential gear and apparel items that every boxer, beginner or professional, must have. 

Boxing Equipment Every Boxer Must Have

Although padded gloves were the first boxing gear to be introduced, several more equipment and types have been added to the sport since. This section discusses the essential boxing equipment every boxer should have for the best training and in-ring experience:

Padded Boxing and Training Gloves

Did you know: A punch with gloves on hits harder than a bare-handed punch?

One powerful punch with bare hands can end a fight, but it can also break the opponent’s jaw and knuckles. Padded gloves in boxing allow a fighter to throw repeated punches without worrying about ligament injuries. The padding inside boxing gloves absorbs some of the impact of punches you throw by increasing your fist’s stopping time, thus lowering the force applied to the punch. 

There are different types of gloves for training, punching bags, and professional fights, each of which differ in the amount of padding inside them. The variations in padding quantity and glove’s weight are made in accordance with the requirements of the usage area. Bag gloves contain lesser padding in the knuckle area while sparring and competition gloves feature optimal padding overall. 

Highly Durable Boxing Mouthguards

It takes a single punch out of nowhere to cause severe dental damage. Mouthguards are an essential part of a boxer’s protective gear that prevents this damage and provides the ultimate support to your teeth and gums. They are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) for high durability and tear resistance and feature a specialized design that ensures optimal protection for your lips, tongue, cheeks, teeth, and gums during practice and competition. 

You can use traditional boil-and-bite mouthguards or more durable custom-made mouthguards designed to fit your mouth’s unique dimensions. Both cover the upper and lower jaw and create a protective layer between your teeth and the point of impact, absorbing the force of a punch on any side of your face. 

Boxing Handwraps in Multiple Types

While custom-made boxing gloves protect, hand wraps are essential to keep every bone and muscle of your hand in the right place. Handwraps are worn under boxing gloves and wrapped around your hand in a specific manner to support the wrists and protect every tiny muscle. Atop this, handwraps also absorb the sweat from your hands, preventing any bacteria from settling inside the gloves, causing bad odor.

Many studies and professional boxers claim that they hit harder with their hands wrapped than without them. Handwraps for boxing come in several types, each differing in materials and wrapping method. Traditional cotton wraps are the most widely available option while Mexican-style handwraps are proffered more by professional boxers for their flexibility and comfort.

Premium Quality Boxing Shoes

Professional boxing requires specialized footwear to maximize performance during training and competition. Although regular shoes will work for beginners just punching the bags in the gym, training for the professional sport requires prime agility and footwork that only boxing shoes can offer. Footwork is essential in ducking punches and moving quickly across the ring, creating openings for attacks. 

Boxing shoes come in mid-top and high-top designs, are almost weightless, and provide extra agility, allowing you to enhance your movement inside the ring. The mid-top design offers premium flexibility but compromises on ankle support, while high-top designs ensure the safety of your ankles.

Breathable and Flexible Boxing Apparel

Like other combat sports, boxing has specialized gear that boosts performance and ensures the ultimate comfort. 

Boxing Trunks and Shorts

Boxing trunks and shorts play a crucial role during professional boxing matches. The major purpose of wearing loose shorts for boxing is to ensure unrestricted footwork and optimal airflow, keeping the fighter relaxed. Boxer shorts, with their loose-fitting and longer legs, and trunks, with their shorter length and snug fit, are both designed from durable, breathable, and comfortable materials like satin and polyester. 

Although the choice between boxer shorts and trunks depends on personal preference, the latter offers a much more comprehensive range of motion and is considered the optimal choice by most professionals. 

High-Performance Rashguards

Every combat sport prioritizes rashguards for training. Rashguards are made from high-grade nylon, polyester, and cotton blends that wick away moisture, keeping your body cool and dry. During boxing training, the snug fit of customized rashguards minimizes friction and prevents chafing from hitting any part of the body. Many fighters feel less fatigued when training with rashguards compared to regular shirts. Rashguards offer a gentle massage on the joints, improving blood flow and preventing the muscles from swelling or soreness. 

Top Quality Boxing Robes

Boxers usually warm up before their fights to loosen their muscles and get ready for the fight. In this crucial pre-match routine, boxing robes play a vital role. They help prevent the body from cooling down and getting stiff during walkouts to the ring. Made from sleek satin and cotton blends, these robes keep the body warm and in good shape. Additionally, personalized boxing robes feature unique designs, names, signatures, or logos representing the boxer as a way to show off their unique personality and make a pre-match statement.


Since the terms ‘Professional’ and ‘Amateur’ were added to boxing, it has become a less dangerous sport. Although the original appeal and primal energy are still alive, apparel and gear equipment have made boxing a safer sport. Equipment like boxing gloves, mouthguards, and trunks are essential during professional boxing matches, while amateur boxing also requires headgear. 

Boxing equipment is equally essential for beginners and seasoned professionals. Top-quality equipment feels like a second skin on your body, allowing you to move freely as if you’re not wearing anything. Consider buying them from renowned manufacturers like Infinitude Fight to get the best quality for the confident fight.

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