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Home Boxing Equipment You Need to Train and Box at Home

Home Boxing Equipment

A gym training session is always the ideal choice; however, sometimes, it is more labor-intensive. Getting the same number of training hours at home is highly convenient. Suppose you have enough space needed for a home gym, then we at Infinitude Fight we want to help you with some tips and plans on home boxing equipment and boxing gloves.  

Where to begin – setting a home gym equipped with correct home boxing equipment is a gigantic task, so we will break it down and tackle it one by one. A lot of equipment can be included in a home gym; it all depends on your personal preference and situation. It would help if you answered some important questions before you begin the process. 

First of all, how much space do you have available, what will be your budget, and if the equipment could be set permanently or needs to be stored away? Please do not treat this list as a checklist for home boxing equipment you should own; instead, take it as a guide of options you need to plan your home gym with. 


Boxing Gloves

If you train regularly, then you must have a pair of boxing gloves already. So, if you are planning to train regularly at home too, once you have set up your home gym, then we suggest that you buy boxing gloves specifically for training at home. By doing this, you will alternate between the two sets of boxing gloves, allowing them to air out completely between training sessions. Also, it will be highly unlikely that you will be out of boxing gloves at either training space (home gym or otherwise) accidentally. 

If you need help to choose a perfect pair of boxing gloves, read: BUYING THE PERFECT BOXING GLOVE

Confused about what boxing gloves to get or the boxing gloves price? – We have plenty of detailed guides to help you through the process to buy boxing gloves that are perfect and suitable for your needs. From everything from boxing glove sizes, home boxing gym essentials, boxing gloves price, and a tentative guide on boxing training equipment list. 

Read our guide to buy boxing gloves that are suitable for you: BEST BOXING GLOVES 2021 – FOR FITNESS, SPARRING, AND TRAINING

Boxing Mitts with a Partner

If you happen to know someone or, better yet, live with someone who loves boxing, you are all set. Buy a pair of boxing mitts to train with your partner together. One person can wear a set of gloves while the other performs the pad holder duty and leads the training. Despite many other items on this list, having a training partner will ensure that every training is unique. With a partner, you can focus on specific combinations, and someone will be there to rectify your mistakes on the spot. 

Punching Bag

One of the best equipment for boxing at home – Buying a punching bag might offer you excellent benefits if you are a beginner. Below are some offerings of a simple punching bag that will help you train better by letting you;

  1. Train for beginner boxing at home without a partner or a coach
  2. Train at your own speed and convenience
  3. Play with different unique combinations
  4. Get a complete fitness workout 
  5. Practice punches at full power without the worry of injuring someone 
  6. Mix and match and repeat your technique to perfect it

When it comes to at-home boxing equipment for beginners and especially about punching bags, there are many different punching bag types, such as double-end bag, heavy bag, Thai wall bag, and cobra bags. They all are perfect for a home gym, but again it all depends on your usage. 

Working a Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes are a perfect pre-workout, and many boxers and fighters skip before they start a training session. Plus, it is a sure way to get the blood warm and ensure a good use. If you are planning to equip a home gym, the skipping rope should definitely be on your list. 

Buying Hand Weights

Misjudging the purpose of small weights and terming them pointless for your home boxing gym equipment will be a mistake. For boxers and fighters, small hand weights have a secret calling: The Shadow Boxing. If you have not ever tried shadow boxing till now – trust us – you are missing out on a lot, as it has a number of benefits. 

A light set of weights can offer a bit of resistance while you are throwing punches in the air – this will improve your punches a lot. They are a super easy addition to your home boxing gym essentials, and they will also work best if you are space conscious – as they do not take much space.

Using Resistance Bands

You might want to try some other exercises to work on your muscles while you are not boxing or shadow boxing. For this purpose, the resistance bands are a perfect choice and won’t need as much space as other home boxing equipment. You are actually using the elasticity of the bands when you add resistance bands in your training – instead of the weight of objects. 

For this very reason, the resistance bands can be used in various ways. 


A good set of various weights can be the best possible supplement to your training equipment and sessions. If you have some space, then a barbell might be your best call – that is true, but a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell are also fantastic at utilizing various weight equipment. 

Foam Roller 

While training for boxing, it is understood that many aches and pains will befriend you. With plenty of massage tools and equipment that you can buy for your home gym, the most simple to choose is a foam roller –  while training at home. 

As the names tell, they are made from steady foam that you can use to roll your muscles on. Also, when you have muscle pains, the roller is an excellent tool for your cool down and stretching regime—a perfect way to release tension and relax the muscles after a hard training workout. 

That concludes our home boxing equipment list guide, complete with all the home boxing equipment you need to train and box at home. We have tons of structured information for you if you want more information about boxing, boxing gloves, or other martial arts. 

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