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Buying The Perfect Boxing Glove

How to choose a boxing glove size? The first concern of every buyer, trust us, you are not alone. Boxing gloves are the most important part of your boxing gear. A boxer, Muay Thai fighter, kickboxer, or amateur boxer all need a pair of perfectly fitting gloves. And as it is with any other tool, your Boxing Gloves will work best if they are suited for you. Buying the perfect boxing glove will make you feel well protected, comfortable and self-confident, and lead to enhanced performance and general wellbeing. Gloves that do not fit right can become irritating, distracting, and possibly dangerous. 

So, before you buy boxing gloves, you need to be clear about your use and the requirements of the gloves!


Boxing Gloves Buying the best

And know what are you looking for;

  • Best boxing gloves USA for training? 
  • Best boxing gloves USA for beginners?
  • What size boxing gloves should a woman get?
  • Boxing glove size by weight class?
  • What is a reasonable Boxing glove price?
  • 16 oz boxing glove or a 14 oz boxing glove? 
  • How to properly wrap hands with a headwrap?

We discussed the importance of properly wrapping hands and the reasons why boxing hand wraps are the essential part of boxing equipment before; check out Reasons Why Boxing Hand Wraps Are The Essential Part Of Boxing Equipment. 

We will answer all other questions above and much more, we promise, but let’s tackle the age-old question first;

How to tell your Boxing Gloves fit properly? And, how to tell if they don’t?

Let’s take a look at how gloves are supposed to fit with your properly wrapped hands and determine the right gloves for you. 

Signs of Ill-Fitting Boxing Gloves

Too-Tight – If your gloves feel too tight the first time you put them on, your hands will probably swell a bit while boxing. That’s natural due to exertion and sweat. So, if the gloves are too cozy the very first time you put them on, there is a fair chance they will be too constricting while training. 

The Numbing Feel – When your hands go numb while boxing, your gloves are too snug and interfere with circulation in your hands and wrist. Check if you are wrapping your hands properly; if you are doing it properly, your gloves are the wrong fit. 

The Slide and Fall – If you notice your gloves are slipping, shifting, or outright falling off during training – there might be a problem with your glove sizing and wristband closure. 

The Cramped or Spaced – If your fingers are cramped against the top of the glove, if they have extra wiggle room inside the glove while training – the gloves are not of the proper size for you. What’s more, if you can not reach the top of the glove at all, such gloves are not fit for you either. 

Compendium of Distraction – You should feel your gloves like a part of your skin, present but oblivious. Gloves are designed to support your performance and wellbeing; however, if you are distracted by them constantly and can not focus on your training, the gloves aren’t suitable for you. This could be due to a plethora of reasons, mainly if the gloves are uncomfortable, cramped, or are shifting.

Signs of a Perfect Fitting Gloves

Stability – The Gloves should stay put during your training, without snagging or slipping. If everything is where it is supposed to be while you box to your heart’s content, this makes your gloves pass the test. Such a glove is a perfect fit, and the closures are working as they are supposed to. 

Ease of Movement – You should be able to move your and around in a perfect fitting glove. A good-fitting glove will never hinder your movement or restrict your circulation. Remember, the snug fit of the glove will always afford you some wiggle room, which is important, like when you make a fist. 

The Sweet Spot – While wearing gloves, your fingers should touch the top of your gloves without being restricted. If you feel the touch and your hand is comfortable, you have the correct size of the glove. 

The Silent Support – You should be comfortable while wearing your gloves; their presence should feel like your skin. If everything is in the right place and you have correctly wrapped your hands, your training session should be a breeze. A perfect glove supports your hand and is comfortable, allowing you to focus entirely on your boxing or training. 

Infinitude Fight always considers customer sizing needs; our in-house panel of pro-boxers are always available to advise customers should they have any queries. 

For more boxing glove related questions and answers, read: BOXING GLOVES TOP 12 FAQS

Choosing the Right Size Gloves

Boxing Gloves Size Guide

It would help to look for a boxing glove size by weight class because gloves do not come in shoe or cloth sizes. Their size is determined by their weight that extends to the amount of padding inside them. Secondly, you must always be clear about the use of your glove, whether you are to buy boxing gloves for training, competition, or fitness. Also, for boxing competitions, you should check the rules of the particular fight to ensure you are getting the right gloves. 

Tip: For amateur fights, 10z gloves, 14 oz boxing gloves, to 16 oz boxing gloves are used, depending on age class and weight. While for pro fights, usually 8oz gloves or 10 oz gloves are used, depending on the weight class. 

When it comes to the non-competition type of gloves, you will have more options in terms of choice and selection. You can use 8 oz boxing gloves to 24 oz boxing gloves for sparring and training. Light-weight gloves 8 oz to 18 oz can be used for pad work; these gloves can also be used for cardio kickboxing and fitness training. 


The sizing options in boxing gloves are incredible, so this might get intimidating for some. If you have not yet decided on what kind and size of gloves you want, consult your trainer or reach out to us at Infinitude Fight, our pro-boxers will be happy to assist you – make you reach your boxing goals. 

How Do I Measure My Boxing Glove Size?

After you have decided on the type of glove you want, Velcro or Lace, or the type, i.e., for fitness or sparring, etc. You should then figure out how to figure out your hand size. Measure the length across the lowest knuckles of your upper fingers, then consult an appropriate sizing chart to choose your gloves better.

Consult Infinitude Fight Sizing Charts for Customized Full Grain Leather Boxing Gloves.

We hope you make an informed decision when you buy boxing gloves. At Infinitude Fight, you can customize your gloves and get them in colors you like with your logo or any other sticker design. The sky is the limit at Infinitude Fight customization shop.