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What boxing equipment do I need to start as a beginner in boxing?

Are you looking to start your boxing journey and not sure where to start? Infinitude Fight has just the right collection of sport-appropriate boxing gloves and expert guidance for all things boxing – so let’s begin, shall we? 

Read on to understand the must-haves for boxing beginners. It can be a bit confusing and also a lot intimidating to start boxing as a hobby – first of all what boxing equipment is needed? Where to source these from? And on and on, however, do not let the fear of the unknown stop you from plunging into the exciting new world of boxing – trust us it is incredibly rewarding. Boxing is a full-body workout that leaves no muscle un-worked, which is including the brain. To give you a head start our experts have carved a list of 4 must-haves to get you in the ring in no time. 

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Boxing Gloves 

Your first order of the business should be to buy boxing gloves. It is obvious that gloves are the first and foremost thing you will need to jump-start and get the wheel going. With so many types and variations of gloves available in the market and even more brands available in the market – it can get confusing to choose a perfect pair – so allow us to break it down for you. 

What to look for in a good pair of Boxing Gloves? 

You are asking all the right questions today. Get a load of these beautiful babies’ “boxing gloves images,” excited aren’t you now? 

Buy Boxing Gloves

Buying the perfect boxing glove and its selection depends on the activity you plan on undertaking. For instance, there are different types of gloves for competitions, training, and sparring, etc. if you are just beginning in boxing, the best boxing gloves for you would be a pair of training gloves. Training gloves are padded heavily and are designed to be used on pads or a punching bag. 


How are competition and training gloves different? 

The biggest difference between competition and training gloves is primarily the design itself. Training gloves are made to punch against bags and pads – while the competition or fighting gloves are designed specifically for being used in a competitive duel – mostly against an opponent. Similarly, the boxing glove price tags also vary based on their types and brands. 

Additionally, you could also go for custom boxing gloves for an added experience of comfort and luxury. 

Hand Wraps – The most used accessory under the boxing gloves are hand wraps and tapes. Although not indispensable for beginners, it is important to know what this offer. The wraps and tapes are worn under the boxing gloves to offer added support to the wrists, hands, knuckles, joints, and hands. Hand wraps when bound correctly help secure the joints in the hand and help dissipate the shock of a punch. 

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Additionally, hand wraps are one of the best tools to offer added protection to the thumb. If any area of the hand is injured or weak, using hand wraps or tape is best to curtail the risks of successive injuries. 

Thai Pads and Punching Balls

After you have acquired the best boxing gloves of your choice that are perfect in terms of comfort and for their intended use. Now you need something to practice on – focus pads and punching balls are your things.

Thai focus pads are a padded target attached to the gloves that a person shall hold while the other punches it vigorously. Focus pads are commonly used in fitness and training and are an ideal tool to practice different punches, overall techniques, and punching combos. As boxing gloves the focus pads also have multi-layer adjustable padding and offer perfect shock absorption from the blows. Truly an indispensable item for every newcomer and their training partner. 


After you have practiced enough on a focus pad, you can then either choose to continue training with focus pads or move onto other options such as the punching bags, punching balls and perhaps sparring for more experienced athletes. 

Punching balls are a weighted target commonly used in training to enhance punching accuracy, speed, response time, and hand to eye coordination – also these contribute to improving upper body agility, endurance, and overall cardio. 

Skipping Ropes

Boxing as a sport demands endurance, agility, and accuracy – and developing these qualities requires much more than just throwing punches. Skipping is an effective and widespread exercise needed to condition the required characteristics for boxing. Not only skipping a rope is a warm-up good exercise for training and general fitness but it also boosts endurance, agility, and accuracy. Skipping for only 10 minutes is equivalent to an 8-minute run and considerably much more enjoyable.

The best part about skipping a rope? – There are so many different ways to do it, you can jump in combinations, and you can even create your own combos. Due to this flexibility not only skipping will offer you a varied workout but it will also help you boost the enjoyment factor and disperse feelings of repetitions and boredom. 


Mouth Guard

Boxing doesn’t have to affect your smile badly – trust us there are tools that will guarantee the safety of your teeth and keep them away from harm’s way in all your training and boxing sessions. It doesn’t matter which exercise or training you are going through, your teeth shall always be protected and avoid any sports-related injuries. If you happen to receive a blow directly to your mouth, not only this can result in damaged or knocked out teeth but such events can also result in trauma to the lips, gums, and overall mouth. 

There are plenty of different sport mouth guards in the market, but the best option for any athlete is a custom mouth guard that fits your teeth and mouth precisely. For boxing and other combat sport, prevention is always better than the cure. 


So there you go – you do not need a fully equipped gym to begin your boxing journey. Not even a gym membership is needed to start as a beginner in the world of boxing. You can begin your boxing journey in the comfort of your own home. It is totally up to you if you want to invest in all-out boxing equipment or go for only a few select products, irrespective of that you should know that you are on the right track. 

Boxing is one of the most gratifying sport both mentally and physically once you start to indulge in it – the only way you can go is towards success. So why wait? Grab the best boxing gear out there from Infinitude fight and rock on!


Gym Boxing Gloves – a better choice for protection and Good Grip?

Gym gloves and gloves, in general, are the best tools for combat sports and weight training. Whether you are into powerlifting, lifting a heavy barbell, or any other physical exercises like pull-ups, and are not bothered by blisters and calluses on your hands – then you don’t need gym gloves at all. But frankly, who wants callused rugged hands, especially women who do not want rough hands. 

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves and gym gloves are specifically designed to serve a specific purpose with Infinitude Fight best practices. The best part is that you can protect your hands if you use quality gym gloves. Gloves provide not only protection but also a strong grip. Sometimes gym-goers use chalk to get a better grip; theoretically, chalk does provide a better grip when your hands are sweating. However, chalk is no match for a perfect gym glove, and chalk will never offer you protection from calluses. 


Buy Half Finger Gym Gloves

When you buy boxing gloves, remember to evaluate your options; consider the half-finger gym gloves for your gym workout session as these variants are the most popular among gym enthusiasts. The variants mostly have a leather palm, and this is an extremely good quality for increased durability, safety, and comfort – and to make it the best choice, half finger variants offer a phenomenal grip. 

Boxing Equipment

In the market to get the boxing equipment of your dreams? Let us walk you through and share some insights that will help you make an informed decision. Deciding among boxing gear types and qualities takes a lot of consideration, and when you add in the pricing – especially the boxing gloves price factors, it gets quite tough to decide. This is where we come in to help: 

Go for Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are ideal for a perfect grip, you not only want a good grip on whatever you are grabbing, but you also need your hands to grip the gloves. Having a smooth inner lining will make gripping quite difficult when you are sweating. Moreover, if the material used inside your gloves is nylon, spandex, or elastic, the glove will slip and come off, which is not so good for a gym glove. 

Choose a Low Velcro Strap 

Deciding on the Velcro strap for your gym gloves is important. Ideally, the strap should be low on the wrists to offer stability to the gloves so it stays put and doesn’t move or come off your hands while your hands are sweaty. 

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Some variants come with leather material in the inner layer of the palms; such variants are relatively much better than the nylon ones, as the grip with leather is much better when your hands are sweaty. So when you buy boxing gloves for gym work, make sure to check out these features for better performance and a comfortable experience. 


Gym gloves are a must for light to heavyweight gym workouts. You must familiarize yourself with the best features of these variants in order to choose the correct tool. Please don’t ignore the importance of a quality gym glove and your hands are your bread and butter for a workout, training, and heavy weight lifting sessions. 

The Ultimate Guide to Combat Sports and Boxing Gloves

This guide will discuss the three most popular combat sports and briefly touch on their specific tools. Infinitude Fight manufactures boxing equipment for sports like boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA for years now, with our boxing gloves being the most sold item at our online shop. Combat sports, especially boxing, has a worldwide and ever-increasing audience and enthusiasts; this is why many of you researched all things boxing and gyms.

Beginning your journey in combat sports requires the basic know-how of the specific sports and tools; otherwise, you won’t get too far. This is why our experts have created this introductory guide for you. Below is everything you need to know about the most famous types of combat sports.

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Boxing is a beautiful combination of different punches; you can use your arms and hands but not your legs, and also, you can not grab your opponent either. With boxing, you mostly rely on the footwork for speed and your hands for power and strength, essentially focusing on the hands. A boxing match round is approximately 3 minutes, and usually, there are 6 to 12 rounds. In case of no knockout, the person having the most points wins.

Boxing Gloves

You should know about the different variants when you decide to buy boxing gloves:

Boxing gloves types:

  • Professional Boxing Gloves
  • Bag Gloves
  • Sparring Gloves
  • Training Boxing Gloves


Professional Boxing Gloves

When it comes to variants specifically used for professional fights, these are usually smaller than the training gloves with sizes between 8oz to 10oz, which depends on the weight class. These variants are designed specifically to absorb the blows and shocks, keeping your hands safer.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are manufactured especially for their intended use of punching; these variants are heavily padded, allowing you to train safely. Bag gloves offer extreme shock reduction, and their weight varies between 10oz to 12oz.

Sparring Gloves

These variants are for a hard sparring session; these are made to tackle 15 to 20-minute rounds of power sparring sessions. These are heavily padded with specific placements and are extremely well cushioned. The ideal weight of a sparring glove is 16oz; however, the 14oz variants can also be used – with the upper limit going up to 20oz.

Training Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves for training are made to excel in padding and durability departments. These variants are recognized for their balanced weight distribution from the writs to the knuckles; also, training gloves offer optimum comfort and shock absorption.


Boxing Gloves price ideally depends on the quality of the materials used in the making; genuine leather boxing gloves at Infinitude Fight are the true testament of premium quality. The outer surface of the gloves is made from 100% natural leather, and the padding inside is intelligently placed to make sure your hands stay safe during your power training session or the next boxing bout.

The boxing gloves price also depends on the type of gloves, and professional boxing gloves are a bit on a higher price spectrum than everyday use training gloves.

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Mixed Martial Arts

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts covers all fighting techniques, including hand, arm strikes, and kicks.  MMA also involves a few facets of wrestling, such as takedowns, the ground control that comes with wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

MMA fights consist of three rounds, with each lasting for five minutes. In some amateur duels, the duration is shortened to three minutes. The winning of a fighter is a bit similar to boxing, via points, submissions, or knockouts.

MMA Gloves

MMA gloves are designed to be a bit on the lighter side and more flexible than boxing gloves. These variants have exposed fingers aiding in takedowns and submissions. The MMA gloves are mainly available in two types with 4oz weight:

  1.   MMA Sparring Gloves
  2.   MMA Training Gloves

As a rule of thumb, you can use boxing gloves for sparring and training in MMA; however, always buy separate training and sparring gloves to practice takedowns and submission.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is famous for the art of 8 limbs as it involves the combination of elbows, fists, knees, and shins. Muay Thai makes the fighter make use of all their potential. One of the signature techniques is Muay Thai Clinch, where the athlete is allowed to clinch their opponent by using their knees and arms.

A Muay-Thai competition consists of five rounds each of three-minute duration – there are no additional rounds.

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai gloves are designed to be more flexible than boxing gloves; however, you can use boxing gloves for Muay Thai. In some variants, the thumb is attached differently, allowing extended movement. Infinitude Fight manufactures premium quality Muay Thai gloves with excellent comfort and quality padding. These variants are available in 4 oz to 16oz weights sizes with top-quality leather.


Boxing Equipment

Are gloves enough for combat sports? Certainly not, it would help if you got hold of the below-mentioned equipment too: 

Head Gear

A Head guard is primarily used for boxing training, and it provides the needed protection to the head from hits and blows, preventing you from serious head and brain injuries. Headgear is also necessary for amateur boxing duels. For Muay Thai and MMA, head protectors or head guards are needed. Both of these sports require training and practice with which you need a quality head guard, so you get protection from even the tiniest of scraps to the full-blown eye, ears, and head injuries. Head guards should always be well-padded, but they should never obstruct your view from any angle.

Groin Guard

Quality groin guards are manufactured with various materials. These guards are crucial in protecting your vitals from getting injured. Premium quality groin guards are comfortable, providing ease of free movement, and they are made with plastic, metal, and fabrics.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps have remained an important tool for combat sports for a long time. Hand wraps are manufactured in slightly elastic materials to make them adjustable and comfortable on your fingers and protect the tiny bones in your hands from fractures. These are a must-worn tool inside gloves of any kind.

Mouth Guard

Mouthguards are specifically designed to protect your teeth and your mouth. Most mouth guards come with a protective box that keeps bacterial infection at bay. Mouthguards are made from a boil and bite technology, making it easier for you to fit them inside your mouth, based on your teeth structure.

Abdomen Guard

Abdomen guards are mainly used for boxing, and these are designed to prevent the hits from harming your lower abdomen and side areas. Boxers normally wear them under their shorts.

Everyone has a vice, ours is everything boxing, and most of us are fans of some sort of sports or another at some point in our lives. Sports add a feeling of belonging and make us feel happy, rejuvenated, excited, and alive. Millions of players in this world, all striving to achieve perfection, win, and enjoy the thrill. Sports change our lives for the better.


Sports are the best way to express ourselves and enjoy its thrill. Sports, however, require some degree of safety and protective gear. This is where our quality boxing equipment comes to the rescue. Enjoy the best boxing gear with Infinitude Fight and take advantage of premium quality protective tools and the safety they extend. A sportsperson should always care about their safety; therefore, invest in gear that offers comfort and comprehensive protection.


Why are hand wraps with boxing gloves necessary?

Do you wear hand wraps under boxing gloves? – The short answer? Yes! Possibly you were told in your beginner training that you need to get the best boxing hand wraps to use under your Boxing gloves for Muay Thai, MMA, and other combat sports.

At Infinitude Fight, we understand the importance of a quality hand wrap and acknowledge that hand wraps make your hands secure, but how? – Many people still don’t know how exactly hand wraps make your hands safer. 


How are hands harmed in Boxing?

If we were to dissect every combat sport down to its basic levels, we could safely agree that the hands take most impacts in two ways. 

The first one is obvious – striking, where the hand inflicts harm to the rival. Mostly, this is done through punches, but that is not always the case. 

The second way hands are impacted is by stopping. This could be knees, punches, elbows, or kicks – most of which are extremely powerful. It’s not always the back of the hand that gets hit while blocking. Occasionally it is the side of the hand, or even the palm, due to deflections or parrying. 

Take Muay Thai long guard as an example, where the palms face the opponent – it is clear how a strike could impact the hand wrong. 

For more quality boxing gear, visit Infinitude Fight!

No matter how padded they are, the padded gloves can’t always do a lot to protect from these blows. Consider the boxing gloves and hand wraps as one unit, one protecting your opponent and the other layer protecting you. When you decide to buy boxing gloves, you should buy a quality hand wrap pair with it too. 

The natural anatomy of a human hand is tricky – a hand forms with 27 small bones, all of these take immense shock with every hit. A pair of tight and well-fitting hand wraps will keep everything in place and minimize the possibility of a fracture. 


Types of Hand Wraps 

Hand wraps come in two main types, training hand wraps and professional hand wraps. Professional hand wrapping is mostly for fights but can be seen with high-level boxers in their training routines. Professional hand wraps are made of thin layers of gauze and tape, applied by a trainer or a cornerman. 

Mostly what is referred to as hand wraps are used for training, the kind that you wrap up by yourself. 

Hand Wraps Types for Training

Training hand wraps are further broken down into a few different kinds. Some of the hand wraps will have some stretch (elasticity) – mostly Mexican hand wraps have stretch to them – this means they will fit the hand tighter and often set the shape of the hand a lot closer. 

Then comes the hand wrap type, which is not stretchable at all – these hand wraps are sometimes made with a thicker material – but not always.

Both of these types work excellently and will keep your hands safe and secure, so it boils down to your preference. At infinitude Fight, we prefer stretch wraps, yet both options are viable. 

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Hand Wrap Length 

The second quality of a good hand wrap is its length. Hand wraps are primarily made in two sizes, 120” – 3 meters and 180” – 4.5 to 5 meters in length. At Infinitude Fight, we have hand wraps that measure up to 180 inches. 

It is highly advisable that with a strapping new pair of Boxing gloves, you buy a hand wrap pair that has a longer length, as it provides you with extra protection and lets you cover the thumb and between all fingers. At the same time, the shorter lengths are – sometimes – too short.

Our team at Infinitude Fight prefers hand wraps that are made from thinner material, and these guarantee a better and tight fit. Remember, hand wraps can vary a lot, so always do your research before you buy hand wraps and also when you buy boxing gloves – a combo, when well researched, will give you optimum results in the boxing ring. 

Inner Gloves with Boxing Gloves

Inner gloves can also be an excellent option to consider, especially when starting a short training session – easy on and off saves time in a rush. While inner gloves can be a good alternative to hand wraps when you are in a hurry – but they can never be as effective as a good pair of hand wraps. 

Inner gloves are also paired with hand wraps by some fighters who want the best of both worlds – yet this depends on the size of your boxing gloves.


How to wrap your hands properly for Boxing or training? 

Remember the 4 crucial areas of your hand while wrapping – the wrist, knuckles, the in-between your fingers, and the thumb. Each person wraps their hands differently, yet the basics of doing it remain unchanged. As it gets with everything else – after a while, with the help of your muscle memory – you will be able to wrap your hands perfectly without even thinking about it.  

When do you need to use Hand Wraps?

The short answer? Every single time!

It is advisable or better yet imperative to use a good pair of hand wraps every time you are wearing boxing gloves – making sure that you always have optimum protection – irrespective of the type of training you are doing. 

Do you wear hand wraps under MMA gloves?

Wrapping hands with boxing gloves in the USA should be very obvious – some people do not give it much thought when it comes to MMA gloves. Regardless of being smaller in size, you can easily fit hand wraps underneath your MMA gloves. 

Wrapping your hands with MMA gloves is crucially important for your safety as MMA gloves are made with a lower amount of padding than a typical boxing glove.

For MMA, you should always use a hand wrap that puts extra emphasis on staying clear of the palm, as this will make grappling easier. Purchasing a shorter-length hand wrap can also be a viable option to minimize bulk, yet this will also reduce the protection. 

How hand wraps actually make it all safer?

When you consider the unpredictability and angles of blows and punches, the wrist, the fingers, knuckles, thumb, and the entire hand need protection. Obviously, good protection is achieved by utilizing a suitable wrapping method; however, a quality hand wrap will;

  • Offer extra padding to safeguard knuckles from impact
  • Stop knuckles from smashing together 
  • Minimize sudden thumb movements 
  • Stop fingers from pushing into the palm
  • Provide an extra layer of padding to the back of the hand, minimizing the shock from impact and reducing the extent of vibrations caused by strikes on the knuckles
  • Aid to keep the wrist straight and hinder the risk of sudden uninvited movements

At the end of this guide, the Infinitude Fight team hopes that you are more informed about the reasons why you should be wearing hand wraps while boxing or training and the injuries they help prevent. 

Hand wraps will not make you immune from injuries, and accidents can and will happen, but it is good to know that you have reduced the risks of an injury as much as you could. 


When is it time to replace your boxing gloves and other boxing equipment?

Smelly, tattered, or your boxing gloves have just lost their shiny new luster? It is supposed to be as all boxing gear have a performance life, after which Infinitude Fight advises you to buy boxing gloves. Other boxing equipment guarantees improved performance and offers you continuous protection. But how do you know it’s time to take the plunge and replace your gear? 


Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves come in various types, styles, and forms. All styles are different come with different durability scales depending on usage. Let’s look into a few of these: 

Bag Gloves or Training Gloves 

Bag and training gloves are put under the most vigorous routines and thus should be replaced every 8 to 9 months – depending on the frequency of use – assuming you are using them 5 to 6 times per week. Consider 5 times per week, 4 weeks in a month, for 6 months makes 120 rounds give or take. 

You should track the number of rounds by logging each workout to get an accurate usage record by a minute. 

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Once you notice that the padding is smashed or you feel an amplified impact on your knuckles through your gloves, it might be time to replace them to avoid potential hands, knuckles, and wrist injuries. Remember that boxing gloves price also drives their quality; the higher on the price spectrum, the better quality you’ll get – however we advise staying within a reasonable budget. 

Care Tips and Tricks 

Remember never to use bag and sparring gloves interchangeably; the harder surface of the bags will rapidly break down the padding foam in the sparring gloves. Doing bag work with your sparring gloves creates more problems by creating a tougher surface and potentially embedding smaller particles of material into the striking area of the gloves, which will impact more harshly when you spar with a sparring partner. 


Sparring Gloves

When it is about boxing equipment, especially sparring gloves, for a more comfortable and boosted experience, you should replace your sparring gloves every 6 months – depending on the frequency of use. Let’s assume you are using the gloves for sparring three times per week; 4 weeks in a month, 6 months of usage will make about 72 rounds. 

We advise that you track the number of rounds you log each sparring session to get a precise and accurate minute record for usage. If you happen to notice the material and leather of the gloves around the knuckle area has started cracking or showing too much wear and tear, replace them immediately to ensure your hands’ safety. 

The scale? One should always feel approximately 2” of padding material across the knuckle. With added strain of wear and contact, the padding foam will break down quickly and be replaced. 


Care Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your sparring gloves and increase their life, make it a habit to clean them properly after each use. By removing sweat, body oils, and salts – that becomes the reason for the breakdown of leather and padding foam construction – you will increase the life of the gloves and receive better use from them. Let your gloves dry thoroughly between sessions to discourage the build-up of moisture, mildew, mold, and bacterial growth. 


Boxing Shoes

Boxing isn’t only about your hands and the boxing gloves, and other boxing equipment is just as crucial to your success – most importantly, the boxing shoes. The boxing shoes should always be replaced every 6 months also depending on the frequency of usage. 

For example, let’s take them being used in gym and in sparring for 6 times a week. 6 times per week, 4 weeks in a month, 6 months will fetch you approximately 144 rounds. As with every other type of boxing gear, it is advised to maintain a log of each session to get the most out of your shoes while still being cautious. 

Once you see the soles breaking down or deteriorating by coming loose from the upper portion of the shoe or the ankle support getting loose, it is a good time to replace them and prevent possible rolled ankles or foot injuries.  

Care Tips and Tricks 

It is advisable not using running shoes and boxing shoes interchangeably. The lighter-weight sole and materials of boxing gloves are not designed for hard surfaces or outdoor usage. If used outside the ring or on the non-padded surfaces, Boxing shoes will wear out the shoes quickly and reduce the support they offer.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are typically worn under the boxing gloves and are one of the most important parts of every boxing equipment set. Ideally, the hand wraps should be replaced after 4 to 5 months of usage, depending on how well you take care of them and your frequency of use. 

If you let your hand wraps dry out completely after each session, wash them regularly after every one or two sessions, additionally keep them safe from tears and snags, you most definitely be getting the most out of your wraps. 

Care Tips and Tricks 

Please make it a habit of never rolling the hand wraps up and throwing them in your gym bag or locker after a session. Let them dry thoroughly before rolling them up – readying them for your next workout. Keeping your hand wraps clean and replacing them frequently will also increase the life of your boxing gloves. Using fresh or new wraps will keep your gloves free of bacterial growth, mildew, and mold. Using hand wraps in rotation – buy hand wraps in multiples – will help make your gloves last longer and keep them free from bad odor and deterioration. 


Remember to replace your headgear every 9 months or so, again depending on the frequency of your usage. Let’s assume you are using the head guards 3 times in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 9 months will fetch you 108 rounds approximately. 

Ideally, the head guard doesn’t take much pounding and impact compared to the boxing gloves. The direct impact is not often, and head guards do not absorb much force and do not need to be designed to take consistent abuse. 

Care Tips and Tricks 

Making the most out of your headgear, you must clean them out after each use. Thus, you will get the most out of your head guard by removing excess body oils, sweat, and hair products that break down the leather, foam construction, and interior foam. Always let your headgear dry thoroughly between each session to discourage the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. 


How to Avoid Hand Pains and Injury with Boxing Gloves and hand wraps?

The primary purpose of the boxing gloves is to protect you and your opponent from injuries but, are they enough? Does boxing damage your hands? And how to protect knuckles when boxing? If you are asking similar questions, Infinitude Fight has the correct answers for you. 

Boxing Gloves 

Boxing as a sport has been the best candidate for evolution. The sport has been around for thousands of years and is still evolving constantly. Boxing gloves were not always a part of boxing matches or training; the addition of boxing gloves – as we know them today – is relatively recent. 


It was only in 1867 when Marquess of Queensberry rules were introduced and enforced that the boxing gloves were made an essential part of boxing. 

Before this, boxing was a brutal business, with boxers sustaining numerous injuries and some even ending their careers with lifelong disabilities. With the addition of boxing gloves, boxing competitions became much safer for both opponents. But…

How to protect hands when boxing? 

When you buy boxing gloves, you adhere to the fact that boxing gloves are the most famed and protective gear in the boxing world, there being no doubts about that. 

However, it would be best if you still had a few more additional layers and techniques of protection to ensure your and your opponent’s safety better. We have listed a few of them below:

Boxing Gloves USA Eliminating the Discomfort

In combat sports, athletes rely on using their bodies as a weapon; that is, however, a given that you are putting yourself at the risk of having all kinds of different aches, injuries, and pains. 

The most common of these injuries among beginners are finger, wrist, and knuckle pains. More often than not, these are caused by the same repetitive issues. 

We mean that a lot of the time, there are precautionary steps that could be taken to avoid and get rid of these injuries and pains entirely – first and foremost is how you adjust your hand inside a boxing glove. 


What is Infinitude Fight doing? 

We are going to make some suggestions and recommendations on how to eliminate the mild pain that can occur while punching or how to heal knuckles after boxing. Remember, these tricks and tips will not help if the issue or injury is something more severe, such as a Boxer’s Fracture. 

So, suppose the pain is serious – on a higher degree of pain level – and does not subside after following these pieces of advice. In that case, it is time for you to talk to a professional doctor or a healthcare professional. 

Let’s discuss the tips and tricks one by one. 

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Wear Hand Wraps 

Mostly when most people go through wrist pain in boxing or hand pains, it is because they wear a boxing glove without a proper hand wrap. As a starter in the world of MMA or boxing, it is easy to underestimate the impact and security of wrapping your hands. 

However, wrapping your hands with a quality hand wrap and doing it properly is one of the most vital things you could do to avoid pains and injuries. 

We cannot stress the importance of properly wrapping hands during training or boxing. We have advocated for this issue a lot lately, but to summarize again, here are some of the ways that hand wraps keep you safe: 

  • Stops knuckles from direct impact
  • Offers additional padding to protect knuckles from a direct impact
  • Stops the fingers from pushing into your palm
  • Reduce any sudden movements in the thumb
  • They put an additional layer of padding on the back of the hand, minimizing the shock from direct impact and softening sensations in the hand caused by the hits on the knuckles. 
  • Aid in keeping your wrist straight also minimizing the risk of unexpected and unwanted movements

You can find many types of hand wraps available in the industry, and hand wrap alternatives, such as inner gloves. Inner gloves provide more comfort than protection, but if you are not using them already, they can prove to be a valuable addition. 

How to choose the right-hand wrap? 

When we talk about hand wraps, there are many different types of them, and choosing one that serves you the best is extremely important. But how do you decide which hand wrap is the best for you? 

Consider the size of your hands and the type of boxing you intend to use them for. Always consider these two options when you decide to buy hand wraps. 

Then there are different types of hand wraps;

Cotton Wraps

Cotton hand wraps are the perfect choice for frequent and intensive training. These are available in adult and junior lengths and can be secured with a Velcro strap at the end. 


Mexican Wraps

Mostly, Mexican hand wraps are similar to cotton hand wraps, but instead, they are woven with elastic fibers, enabling them to mold easily to the hands. 

However, Mexican hand wraps are not as durable as the cotton ones, as the elastic gets worn out with time and use – but they are still a fine option for training. 

Gel Wraps

Gel wraps are not really woven onto the hands but are instead slipped on like fingerless gloves. They are a bit pricy too as compared to the cotton or Mexican hand wraps. 

Still, they are pretty convenient to slip on but do not provide as much wrist support as the traditional hand wraps. That is why most serious pro boxers do generally not opt for gel wraps.  

Competition Wraps 

Competition wraps are made from tape and gauze; boxing rule books specify the amount that can be used to ensure each boxer has the same amount of padding. 

As these wraps are not reusable, they can’t be used for regular training sessions. Additionally, the wrapping method for competition wraps is different and should always be done with the assistance of a coach or a partner. 


The correct type of hand wraps and boxing gloves that provide support will keep your wrists safe and straight; nevertheless, if you could keep them straight also consciously, then it helps to thwart any bad habits.  

If you follow the advice and tricks mentioned here, then you should be able to work out what has been causing the problems and begin to avoid issues in the future. 

However, if the pain is severe and does not stop, we highly recommend that you talk to a doctor or a healthcare specialist immediately. 

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Reasons why you need boxing gloves for better protection and performance?

Why do you need appropriate boxing gloves and other boxing equipment? –Simply for improved protection and boosted performance – but why? At Infinitude Fight, our experts believe that having appropriate equipment and gear to protect your body is necessary for every sport, especially for a sport like boxing. 

When it comes to boxing, your hands are your only shield against the power punches and the forces of impact from the opponent, which is why protecting them is crucial. Before boxing gloves were widely incorporated in the sport, boxers would use only wraps and leather bands, but mostly they went bare-handed-yikes. Based on this, the boxing matches were quite shorter, and sustaining injuries was too high. 


Injuries are expensive, whether you talk about medical attention needed or putting a hold on the boxer’s career. Injuries require immediate and constant medical care – which undoubtedly gets expensive. 

Nowadays, the most common injury in boxing is the black eye, which considering the bigger picture, isn’t bad at all. The importance of a good pair of boxing gloves never diminishes whether you are a professional fighter or an amateur. For this, experts at Infinitude Fight have created a list of a few reasons you need to buy boxing gloves for better protection and performance. 


Boxing Gloves 

Let’s discuss why you should invest in quality boxing gloves: 

For Knuckle, Hands, Finger, and Wrist Safety 

The first reason is the most obvious –gloves are necessary to protect fingers, knuckles, wrists, and hands. The padding helps to lighten the impact force of a punch, making it easier to land a punch without hurting your hand during the powerful impact force. 

Without proper gloves, the athletes are at a higher risk of breaking their hands and sustaining finger joint displacements that lead to serious injuries, thus causing time away from boxing – something that no boxer ever wants. In more severe cases, multiple and constant breakages of hand and finger bones/joints could lead to a shorter boxing career. 

To sum up, boxing gloves significantly multiply the security factor in boxing – essentially making it safer and enjoyable for concerned people and boxers. 


For Improved Blows

The gloves are designed to increase the surface area of a boxer’s hand to aid in landing more accurate blows. This rings true for competition boxing and casual participants indulging in boxing as a form of exercise. The punching combos can be achieved much more easily on a punching bag by using gloves. With punches coming accurately and smoothly, it ultimately results in a more poignant exercise and a more toned physique, the best of both worlds. 

For the safety of the opponent

It sounds much like a catch-22 situation, but never delude yourself and consider your opponent your sworn enemy – remember that you are also an opponent in someone’s eyes, so this applies to you also. There is a significant difference between being hit with bare hands and padded gloves. 

Without gloves, the matches would be much shorter, and there would be an increased probability of sustaining injuries – not much enjoyable, right? Boxing gear, including well-padded boxing gloves, offer protection against damage to the entire body and, most importantly, to the relatively fragile parts such as the hands, face, and eyes. 

The gloves are designed so that they hold the same force but do not inflict much damage since they are made to disperse the impact of a blow on a larger surface area. Always remember that protecting your opponent is also indirectly protecting yourself. 

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For Enhanced Grip

In a boxing match, everyone and everything gets sweaty, and our hands are no exception to this. Hence boxing gloves in the USA are designed with an array of features to help keep sweat to a minimum and the grip to the maximum. 

These features include but are not limited to breathable meshes, punched holes, sweat-absorbent thumbs. Punched holes are simplistic holes that are directly punched into the leather palm of the gloves or onto the insides of fingers or thumbs. 

Most boxers prefer and preach the importance of gloves with a breathable mesh. These meshes aid the airflow to offer maximum comfort and help fight sweat. Sweat absorbent thumbs are not a common feature of mainstream gloves; however, these are still beneficial. Especially sweat-absorbent thumbs are best for a quick sweat wipe while under training or during competition – imagine doing that without having to fetch a towel – for sure a time saver. 

The combination of all these features work in harmony and aid airflow through the gloves, and keep the cool hands plus, these features also aid in keeping your gloves dry. 

For Total Stability

Unlike your hands, the boxing gloves always remain in the same secure curved finger position – always. When the gloves are made from high-quality materials, this signature design and positioning provide exceptional stability and let boxers display and practice their skills much more freely. 

Improved stability of the fingers, wrists, and knuckles lets boxers better execute punches, a recipe for a successful bout. Stability is also crucial while receiving blows from your opponents. If the hands are stable inside the gloves, the wearer is better armed to receive a blow or block a strike and react consequently. For boxing, staying stable throughout your hands is just as important as being stable on your feet. 



Here you go, the five top reasons why you need boxing gloves and other boxing equipment for better protection and performance. Protecting your opponent and yourself is basically protecting the sport’s longevity. There is far less blood, torn flesh, and close to no broken bones with proper boxing gear. Thus making sure that boxing matches are longer, better, enjoyable, and overall a better sport – allowing for the trade’s genius tools: the boxing gloves.  


What does oz or Ounces mean for Boxing Gloves? – Guide on Boxing Gloves Sizes

Just begun to look for a new pair of Boxing gloves? The first thing you’ll notice is that boxing gloves aren’t made in sizes, rather in weight. It is completely understandable to be clueless about this while you buy boxing gloves, but Infinitude Fight is here to guide you. 

Boxing Glove Size by Weight Class

Typically when you examine a pair of gloves, they shall be labeled with a specific weight – in ounces – for example, “a 14 oz”. This is because the boxing gloves size is measured in ounces.

A 14 oz weight label on a boxing glove refers to each glove’s individual weight, not the total weight. Consider a 14 oz pair of Boxing gloves; each hand will weigh as close to 14 ounces as possible. 


Why are Boxing gloves not measured by size?

At first glance, a pair of gloves measured by weight seems a little too odd, but it all depends on the padding – the amount of padding and shield each glove offers. 

You need different weight gloves depending on what you are using them for; you might need extra or less padded (weight) gloves – if you are lightly hitting pads, you need a lightly padded pair of gloves for the swiftness of your punches. However, if you need Boxing gloves for sparring or practicing by hitting another person, you will need a heavily padded glove so as not to hurt them.  

When you buy boxing gloves, remember the heavier the glove, the more padding it has. However, boxing gloves price depends on their type and quality. 

Hand sleeves of Boxing gloves are usually manufactured to be universal, so essentially your hands should be able to fit in any adult size boxing gloves. However, heavier gloves have more padding. Thus, they are physically larger – if you have large hands, a heavier glove might fit you more comfortably. 

Tip: if a boxing glove doesn’t fit you well and is small, go one size up and vice versa. 

The fitting of a boxing glove is still a bit different for different people, and also, some brands manufacture their gloves with a tad different fit. So, before you buy boxing gloves make sure that you read some reviews and product descriptions about them – this will guide you about a gloves’ fit. 


What Size Boxing Gloves are Available?

Boxing gloves are manufactured in sizes with 2oz intervals. At first glance, a 2-ounce difference might not sound much– but what it means is that an extra 2 ounces of padding are added in front of each knuckle, which makes a substantial difference when you punch. 

Most Boxing gloves are available in 8oz, 10oz, 14oz, and 16oz – this provides plenty of options – with  10 oz boxing gloves being the size that most professional boxers use for ring fights. At the same time, a pair of 16 oz boxing gloves are the most popular size used for sparring – owing to its extra padding. 

At Infinitude Fight, we carry a selection of boxing gloves in the USA that range from 8oz to 20oz. Some brands even make boxing gloves up to 24 oz, we have seen them, and they are huge!

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Boxing Gloves Sizes for Kids

Boxing gloves for kids are a bit different. Boxing gloves weights for kids tally much more accurately with the physical size of the glove. 

As a rule of thumb:

2 oz Boxing Gloves – For kids around 3 to 4 years

4 oz Boxing Gloves – For kids around 4 to 5 years

6 oz Boxing Gloves – For kids around 5 to 7 years

8 oz Boxing Gloves – form around 7 years of age to early teens

This, however, also depends on the child’s hand size, so it is a good practice to try on before you buy boxing gloves. 


How to Decide On What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

We have detailed instructions on our store products and guides that will guide you on what size or weight of the gloves you will need; however, let’s refresh with a quick review:

A pair of 8 oz Boxing Gloves – Designed for pro ring fights 

A pair of 10 oz Boxing Gloves – Lightly padded gloves, suitable for light pad work

A pair of 12 oz Boxing Gloves – A bit more padding, ideal for bag work and pad work

A pair of 14 oz Boxing Gloves – the ultimate training glove, perfect for bag work, pad work, and some light sparring

A pair of 16 oz Boxing Gloves – Protective glove, ideal for pad work, bag work, and hard sparring sessions


If you are in doubt still – that is understandable – we advise that you check with your trainer or coach. Most gloves won’t allow you to spar with a glove that is any less than 10 oz. Your gym might also have different requirements or suggestions for the different kinds of training, so it is advised to check in with them. 

When you are sure what size boxing gloves you will need, it is good to read some product reviews to choose the right pair for yourself.

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Protecting hands and wrists while boxing: Best Boxing Equipment for Boxing Hand Care

How to protect your hands and wrists during boxing? 

If you have asked yourself this question, you are not alone. And certainly, this is one of the most asked and crucial questions in boxing. Your hands are your bread and butter when it comes to boxing. Experts at Infinitude Fight take great pains to design premium quality protective boxing equipment, especially the boxing gloves for every type of boxing and training. 

Boxing Gloves 

Protecting your hands is critically important while boxing or training; using hand wraps and boxing gloves is a good start; however, there is so much more to it to better protect your hands. 

Let’s look into some tips, discussions, and tutorials about boxing equipment:

First, one must understand that every tiny bit of energy created in your system during boxing – eventually translates through your fists: on the two very tiny areas where the entire force of impact takes place. To save oneself from injuries and still practice combat sports much later in your career and life, you must take dedicated steps to care for your hands. 

So, what boxing equipment do you need to protect your hands? 

Boxing Equipment 

Once again, we want to stress that your hands are your biggest and most important asset in boxing. Therefore, making them strong, sturdy, and durable and protecting them from sustaining injuries needs an extra bit of work and dedicated equipment. 

It would help if you had quality boxing hand wraps to protect your skin better. You also need premium quality boxing gloves to ensure the safety of your joints from the shock of impact forces through a punching bag. Also, employing proper punching techniques will ensure your hands stay healthy in the longer run.  


How to protect the knuckles? 

The knuckles are the most vulnerable part of the hands and are the first place where injuries occur if the boxer’s hands are not carefully protected. Knuckles, in medical terms, are known as metatarsophalangeal joints. And there are various injuries these joints are exposed to while not protected from forces of impact. 

The knuckles can become calcified, calloused and in the worst-case scenario, the knuckles could also become immobile. The ligaments and tendons inside your hand can get injured if you are not careful, and even a simple bruising of the skin on the knuckles can lead towards substantial pain – keeping you away from boxing, potentially putting an end to your career. 

How to avoid injuries? – The first step to better protect your knuckles from powerful forces of impact, surprise movements, and friction is to cover them up properly. But how? 

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are one of the most important parts of boxing equipment. Wearing hand wraps is the first and the most important step in protecting your hands while boxing, MMA, kickboxing, or any other form of martial arts, which involves punching. 

Hand wraps for boxing are made from a thin layer and help prevent injuries to your knuckles and wrists in contact with a punching bag. Conventional hand wraps come with a long elastic band that goes around all the fingers, making them secure and tight to form one unit of protection for both knuckles and the joints around the wrists. 

Learn how to wrap hands properly with hand wraps in this article: Hand Wraps with Boxing Gloves – How to Properly Wrap the Hand

Types of Hand Wraps

Hand wraps come with two basic types, the traditional hand wraps, which we have discussed above, and then come the other type, the quick hand wraps. 

The traditional hand wraps come much cheaper; however, they are a bit hard to put on correctly when compared to quick hand wraps. If you are a beginner, you seek hand and wrist protection in hand wraps while ditching the hassle of traditional hand wraps; quick hand wraps are a great option. 

Buy Boxing Gloves

Proper and quality gloves are also important for hand and wrists protection. Boxing gloves offer protection for your hands through dense padding. The padding in the gloves absorbs the shock factor/force of the punches.

The gloves are available in various and multiple types, which vary in weight, padding, and use – such as sparring, training, Muay Thai, etc. Boxing glove price factors vary based on their type, use, and quality. It is recommended that beginners buy heavily padded boxing gloves, so these can be used on heavy bags and sparring. 

Intrigued? Check out these boxing gloves images, and make your purchase today!

Punching Bag

Using a premium quality punching bag can serve you the right way to protect your hands in the long run from injuries and damage. 

Two points you should always consider while thinking about hand protection: 

  1. How hard is the punching bag? 
  2. Which material is used to cover it? 

If you are starting in boxing, it is always better to opt for a punching bag covered with leather or vinyl, while the harder and heavier weight punching bags are a good option for advanced boxers/trainers. 

Textured bags are merely a cheaper version of the punching bags, and they do not offer much value to the build and design of the bags or offer any benefit to the boxer using them. 


Boxing Punching Techniques – learning proper punching techniques offers many benefits. You must understand that executing punches without employing proper techniques exposes you to many potential injuries.

From making a proper fist to the rotation of the hand correctly upon delivering the punch to focus of power in the first two knuckles – index and middle fingers – employing a proper boxing technique are essential. Not only for the success of your attacks but also for staying away from possible injuries. 

There are also other ways: 

Above, we have thoroughly discussed the important tactics and tips to take care of your hands while boxing; below are some other ways to protect better and care for your hands: 

  1. Knuckle pads, which are mostly used in actual boxing fights and sparring sessions 
  2. Boxing hand grenades, small rubber pieces you squeeze to make the fists tither and better formed
  3. Putting ice to your hands after workouts reduces and prevents inflammation and speed up recovery. 

If employing all of these above precautions and techniques doesn’t help you much, and you feel pain after working out, or your hands feel sore in the days following a workout, etc., it is advised that you reduce the intensity of your striking/workout and let your hands harden a bit slowly and gradually. 

A beginner in boxing using a proper technique would normally have 80% of the power they can muster, but not more than 30% of the hand strength needed to resist or handle the shock of landing those punches. As said, “With power comes great responsibility” it is mostly used in a different context; however, it applies here too. 


Reasons why should you have boxing and boxing gloves in your workout routine?

Why should you have boxing in your workout regimen? –Boxing has more benefits than one may think! Boxing is much more than meets the eye – it is not only a large arena with two people in satin shorts throwing punch after punch at each other. At Infinitude Fight, we believe boxing gloves and boxing is much more beneficial, interesting, enjoyable, and complex. The best part? –Boxing does not have to be only a sport; most people who engage in boxing at home are not training to punch other people – but for health and fitness. 


Why do we exercise? 

We exercise for plenty of reasons – getting toned, losing weight, de-stress, improving cardiovascular health, or just for something to do. However, there is an exercise you could do to harvest all of these benefits and much more all – just one exercise – intriguing, right? Too good to be true, but it isn’t! boxing is one of the few sports that is offering you a full-body workout that too in the comfort of your own home. 

Begin your Cardiovascular Health Journey 

Hearing about cardio can get intimidating for many, but it doesn’t have to be this way, even after the shared dislike we all have for a cardio workout. Most of us don’t like cardio as it gets boring; there are only so many songs you could play on repeat while on the treadmill before they bore you out. Still, cardio is extremely important for your cardiovascular health and can improve your heart fitness levels like no other exercise. 

If only you could do all that in a fun way to burn calories and get your heart rate piping – yes, there is a way to do that – Boxing!

Why Boxing? 

Boxing has the potential to become your next favorite fun and effective workout routine that keeps you on your toes. Escalating your heart rate by punching, kicking, and jumping in boxing is the perfect sport to do cardio, and it does a great job of offering you a better experience and fitness. 

Boxing a Full Body Workout 

Boxing is not just for your arms, and it is certainly not only about your arms – with boxing, but you can also sculpt your entire body. Once you get familiar with the basics of boxing and proper boxing equipment, you will be ready for a complete body workout instantly. The most important part of the sport? –Establishing a proper form, and your body shall thank you for it. 

How does boxing help with body posture and form? 

After proper training and learning to rotate your hips and hit the heavy bag at max power and speed, you will notice the profound difference it has on you when trying to sit up in your bed the next morning. Movement of the body calls for abdomen muscles to contract without hindrance; additionally, it also requires the maintenance of stability in your core – yes indeed. It means your abs are going through a vigorous workout while boxing only works on the arms.  

Boxing Encourages De-Stressing 

Normalize your moods and reduce your stress levels through boxing. Realistically speaking, more than 40 percent of adults conform to the fact that exercise helps them de-stress and puts them in a good mood. At the same time, 35% of people say that they feel more relaxed and de-stressed when they exercise regularly. 

Build on your Boxing Experience

How do you use boxing for a stellar workout routine? Well, throw in some power aggression, a punching bag, and buy boxing gloves, and you can make boxing your next favorite workout routine. Boxing can become your safe place to de-stress and de-clutter your mind and work on your constructive thoughts. 


Boxing can become your biggest confidence booster by adding in an element of self-defense in the mix, and there is no denying the significance of good endorphins a power workout can release. Indulge yourself in an experiment and try boxing for 45 minutes tomorrow morning, and we guarantee that you will feel energized and ecstatic for the rest of the day. 

Improve Coordination 

It’s almost a cliché, however, true: boxing is a dance, and once you start boxing, you become the nonexistent participant in the coordination between your hands and feet. You continuously work to coordinate your punching with the movement of your hips and feet to stay coordinated and strong on your feet – however that does not happen overnight. Boxing involves a process of reacting with agility and power when coordinating through the limbs, yet the encompassing benefits can dwarf the struggle. 

The hand-eye coordination never stops improving and along with your collective fine motor skills. It is normally expected that having fine hand-eye coordination aids in having faster motors skills, reflexes, and reaction times; these are always a good quality to have.


Bone Strength 

When bones are put under stress by exercising, such as boxing and training, our cells are prompted to build bone. This essentially means that the higher healthy stress you put on your bones through power workouts, the greater benefit you shall enjoy. 

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Boxing Equipment 

Are you seeing more of the boxing gloves lately? Or do you have a heavy bag in your basement or passed by a boxing gym recently? All of these are signs of beginning your boxing training journey. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, keep your head high, indulge in the fun world of boxing, and reap tons of rewards from the healthy activity. 


Boxing Gloves

A healthy and safe boxing routine comes with a package deal – the sport-specific boxing gear. Boxing is one of the topmost effective workouts, but boxing without the proper boxing gloves and equipment can quickly turn sour. 

At Infinitude Fight, we put a lot of constructive stress on sport-specific boxing equipment – whether you need gloves for training, or sparring, or a pair of hand wraps, every tool of the trade is meticulously designed to offer optimum comfort and protection to our customers. 

The best part? –You could get all of these tools customized to your specific designs, built and aesthetic needs – targeted to offer you premium comfort and protection.