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What does oz or Ounces mean for Boxing Gloves? – Guide on Boxing Gloves Sizes

Just begun to look for a new pair of Boxing gloves? The first thing you’ll notice is that boxing gloves aren’t made in sizes, rather in weight. It is completely understandable to be clueless about this while you buy boxing gloves, but Infinitude Fight is here to guide you. 

Boxing Glove Size by Weight Class

Typically when you examine a pair of gloves, they shall be labeled with a specific weight – in ounces – for example, “a 14 oz”. This is because the boxing gloves size is measured in ounces.

A 14 oz weight label on a boxing glove refers to each glove’s individual weight, not the total weight. Consider a 14 oz pair of Boxing gloves; each hand will weigh as close to 14 ounces as possible. 


Why are Boxing gloves not measured by size?

At first glance, a pair of gloves measured by weight seems a little too odd, but it all depends on the padding – the amount of padding and shield each glove offers. 

You need different weight gloves depending on what you are using them for; you might need extra or less padded (weight) gloves – if you are lightly hitting pads, you need a lightly padded pair of gloves for the swiftness of your punches. However, if you need Boxing gloves for sparring or practicing by hitting another person, you will need a heavily padded glove so as not to hurt them.  

When you buy boxing gloves, remember the heavier the glove, the more padding it has. However, boxing gloves price depends on their type and quality. 

Hand sleeves of Boxing gloves are usually manufactured to be universal, so essentially your hands should be able to fit in any adult size boxing gloves. However, heavier gloves have more padding. Thus, they are physically larger – if you have large hands, a heavier glove might fit you more comfortably. 

Tip: if a boxing glove doesn’t fit you well and is small, go one size up and vice versa. 

The fitting of a boxing glove is still a bit different for different people, and also, some brands manufacture their gloves with a tad different fit. So, before you buy boxing gloves make sure that you read some reviews and product descriptions about them – this will guide you about a gloves’ fit. 


What Size Boxing Gloves are Available?

Boxing gloves are manufactured in sizes with 2oz intervals. At first glance, a 2-ounce difference might not sound much– but what it means is that an extra 2 ounces of padding are added in front of each knuckle, which makes a substantial difference when you punch. 

Most Boxing gloves are available in 8oz, 10oz, 14oz, and 16oz – this provides plenty of options – with  10 oz boxing gloves being the size that most professional boxers use for ring fights. At the same time, a pair of 16 oz boxing gloves are the most popular size used for sparring – owing to its extra padding. 

At Infinitude Fight, we carry a selection of boxing gloves in the USA that range from 8oz to 20oz. Some brands even make boxing gloves up to 24 oz, we have seen them, and they are huge!

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Boxing Gloves Sizes for Kids

Boxing gloves for kids are a bit different. Boxing gloves weights for kids tally much more accurately with the physical size of the glove. 

As a rule of thumb:

2 oz Boxing Gloves – For kids around 3 to 4 years

4 oz Boxing Gloves – For kids around 4 to 5 years

6 oz Boxing Gloves – For kids around 5 to 7 years

8 oz Boxing Gloves – form around 7 years of age to early teens

This, however, also depends on the child’s hand size, so it is a good practice to try on before you buy boxing gloves. 


How to Decide On What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

We have detailed instructions on our store products and guides that will guide you on what size or weight of the gloves you will need; however, let’s refresh with a quick review:

A pair of 8 oz Boxing Gloves – Designed for pro ring fights 

A pair of 10 oz Boxing Gloves – Lightly padded gloves, suitable for light pad work

A pair of 12 oz Boxing Gloves – A bit more padding, ideal for bag work and pad work

A pair of 14 oz Boxing Gloves – the ultimate training glove, perfect for bag work, pad work, and some light sparring

A pair of 16 oz Boxing Gloves – Protective glove, ideal for pad work, bag work, and hard sparring sessions


If you are in doubt still – that is understandable – we advise that you check with your trainer or coach. Most gloves won’t allow you to spar with a glove that is any less than 10 oz. Your gym might also have different requirements or suggestions for the different kinds of training, so it is advised to check in with them. 

When you are sure what size boxing gloves you will need, it is good to read some product reviews to choose the right pair for yourself.

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