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How to Avoid Hand Pains and Injury with Boxing Gloves and hand wraps?

The primary purpose of the boxing gloves is to protect you and your opponent from injuries but, are they enough? Does boxing damage your hands? And how to protect knuckles when boxing? If you are asking similar questions, Infinitude Fight has the correct answers for you. 

Boxing Gloves 

Boxing as a sport has been the best candidate for evolution. The sport has been around for thousands of years and is still evolving constantly. Boxing gloves were not always a part of boxing matches or training; the addition of boxing gloves – as we know them today – is relatively recent. 


It was only in 1867 when Marquess of Queensberry rules were introduced and enforced that the boxing gloves were made an essential part of boxing. 

Before this, boxing was a brutal business, with boxers sustaining numerous injuries and some even ending their careers with lifelong disabilities. With the addition of boxing gloves, boxing competitions became much safer for both opponents. But…

How to protect hands when boxing? 

When you buy boxing gloves, you adhere to the fact that boxing gloves are the most famed and protective gear in the boxing world, there being no doubts about that. 

However, it would be best if you still had a few more additional layers and techniques of protection to ensure your and your opponent’s safety better. We have listed a few of them below:

Boxing Gloves USA Eliminating the Discomfort

In combat sports, athletes rely on using their bodies as a weapon; that is, however, a given that you are putting yourself at the risk of having all kinds of different aches, injuries, and pains. 

The most common of these injuries among beginners are finger, wrist, and knuckle pains. More often than not, these are caused by the same repetitive issues. 

We mean that a lot of the time, there are precautionary steps that could be taken to avoid and get rid of these injuries and pains entirely – first and foremost is how you adjust your hand inside a boxing glove. 


What is Infinitude Fight doing? 

We are going to make some suggestions and recommendations on how to eliminate the mild pain that can occur while punching or how to heal knuckles after boxing. Remember, these tricks and tips will not help if the issue or injury is something more severe, such as a Boxer’s Fracture. 

So, suppose the pain is serious – on a higher degree of pain level – and does not subside after following these pieces of advice. In that case, it is time for you to talk to a professional doctor or a healthcare professional. 

Let’s discuss the tips and tricks one by one. 

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Wear Hand Wraps 

Mostly when most people go through wrist pain in boxing or hand pains, it is because they wear a boxing glove without a proper hand wrap. As a starter in the world of MMA or boxing, it is easy to underestimate the impact and security of wrapping your hands. 

However, wrapping your hands with a quality hand wrap and doing it properly is one of the most vital things you could do to avoid pains and injuries. 

We cannot stress the importance of properly wrapping hands during training or boxing. We have advocated for this issue a lot lately, but to summarize again, here are some of the ways that hand wraps keep you safe: 

  • Stops knuckles from direct impact
  • Offers additional padding to protect knuckles from a direct impact
  • Stops the fingers from pushing into your palm
  • Reduce any sudden movements in the thumb
  • They put an additional layer of padding on the back of the hand, minimizing the shock from direct impact and softening sensations in the hand caused by the hits on the knuckles. 
  • Aid in keeping your wrist straight also minimizing the risk of unexpected and unwanted movements

You can find many types of hand wraps available in the industry, and hand wrap alternatives, such as inner gloves. Inner gloves provide more comfort than protection, but if you are not using them already, they can prove to be a valuable addition. 

How to choose the right-hand wrap? 

When we talk about hand wraps, there are many different types of them, and choosing one that serves you the best is extremely important. But how do you decide which hand wrap is the best for you? 

Consider the size of your hands and the type of boxing you intend to use them for. Always consider these two options when you decide to buy hand wraps. 

Then there are different types of hand wraps;

Cotton Wraps

Cotton hand wraps are the perfect choice for frequent and intensive training. These are available in adult and junior lengths and can be secured with a Velcro strap at the end. 


Mexican Wraps

Mostly, Mexican hand wraps are similar to cotton hand wraps, but instead, they are woven with elastic fibers, enabling them to mold easily to the hands. 

However, Mexican hand wraps are not as durable as the cotton ones, as the elastic gets worn out with time and use – but they are still a fine option for training. 

Gel Wraps

Gel wraps are not really woven onto the hands but are instead slipped on like fingerless gloves. They are a bit pricy too as compared to the cotton or Mexican hand wraps. 

Still, they are pretty convenient to slip on but do not provide as much wrist support as the traditional hand wraps. That is why most serious pro boxers do generally not opt for gel wraps.  

Competition Wraps 

Competition wraps are made from tape and gauze; boxing rule books specify the amount that can be used to ensure each boxer has the same amount of padding. 

As these wraps are not reusable, they can’t be used for regular training sessions. Additionally, the wrapping method for competition wraps is different and should always be done with the assistance of a coach or a partner. 


The correct type of hand wraps and boxing gloves that provide support will keep your wrists safe and straight; nevertheless, if you could keep them straight also consciously, then it helps to thwart any bad habits.  

If you follow the advice and tricks mentioned here, then you should be able to work out what has been causing the problems and begin to avoid issues in the future. 

However, if the pain is severe and does not stop, we highly recommend that you talk to a doctor or a healthcare specialist immediately. 

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