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Custom MMA Gloves vs Boxing Gloves – Preferences for Grapplers & Strikers

In the MMA world, there are two types of gloves: Custom MMA gloves & boxing gloves.

MMA gloves have a larger palm area and a smaller hand area than boxing gloves. It makes them more suitable for grappling techniques than for striking techniques. We are trying to solve the problem of low-quality products by being one of the top-tier manufacturers of custom MMA gloves

Boxing gloves are made with leather or synthetic materials that protect the hand from being damaged by punches or kicks during training or matches. They also have thicker padding to absorb impact from strikes in the palm area.

Skip Conventions & Adopt Versatility in Custom MMA Gloves Styling

Once you finalize your imaginative design, leave it on our maven glovers! They’ll turn your idea into reality by manufacturing up-to-the-mark custom MMA gloves with their creativity. To make your custom MMA gloves, you need to know the right materials to pick when they are displayed on our site. 

Plus, personalized MMA gloves are not just a new product created for MMA fighters. They are designed by our experienced and well-versed team who makes custom suits for athletes and other sports people. The gloves are made of synthetic material with unique features like hand-made leather and padding, allowing the user to perform better in their sport.

Nowadays, they have become a must-have item for any MMA fighter. Their unique design is attractive and eye-popping. The fascinating fact about these gloves is that YOU create them. Check out our protective gear and related items to add the best ones to your cart right now!

Boxing Gloves and Custom MMA Gloves – Key Differences

Boxing and MMA are two of the most popular contact sports in the world. In both sports, fighters rely on gloves to protect their hands and help them deliver powerful punches. While many off-the-shelf options are available, more and more fighters are turning to custom-made gloves for several reasons.

Customized MMA gloves are different from traditional boxing gloves. They are more durable and lighter than conventional boxing gloves. 

Boxing Gloves give you more grip, but MMA Gloves give you more power. Make sure your hands are as prepared as your brain.

Weight & Speed

Custom MMA gloves are the best choice for boxing because they offer several advantages over traditional boxing gloves. They are lighter weight. Furthermore, wearing them can go for greater speed and agility in the ring.  

Padding & Grip

Customized MMA gloves have less padding around the knuckles, which allows for more dexterity during the match. And they offer a better grip than traditional boxing gloves, which is essential for mixed martial arts competitors who need to be able to grab and hold their opponents.  

Enhanced Performance

If you’re serious about boxing or MMA, you need to invest in custom gloves. Not only will they offer better protection for your hands, but they’ll also improve your performance and allow you to train for longer periods without experiencing discomfort.


Custom MMA Gloves are very popular in the fitness industry, especially among women in sports like judo and wrestling. There is an obvious difference between them: MMA Gloves can be used for many different types of sports, such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, or Wrestling.

On the other hand, Boxing Gloves can only be used for one specific sport – Boxing. If you want to fight with your opponent in pro boxing gloves, you must wear them on your hands.

Price & Quality Check 

Custom MMA gloves are a good choice in terms of price and quality. And boxing gloves, however, do not protect from the impact of punches. Plus, they are costly as compared to MMA gloves.  

Which of Them Hit Harder

Because of their extra padding and bulky size, boxing gloves hit harder than custom MMA gloves. Hence, you can preferably select the latter one for training and ensure your protection!

Final Verdict – Winner of Combat Sports 

Custom MMA gloves are the ultimate winners as they are made to fit your hand size, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit. Not only do our gloves provide great protection and dexterity, but they also have a snug fit that won’t slip during use. 

It is important because you need to be able to focus on your opponent, not on your equipment. With our gloves, you can be confident that they’ll stay in place and won’t get in the way of your performance. If you’re looking for gloves to help you perform at your best, look no further! 

Visit Infinitude Fight today to learn more about our products, and we can help you take your Mixed Martial Arts game to the next level.

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