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Boxing Gloves Top 12 FAQs

Boxing Gloves

Buying boxing gloves for the first time can be electrifying, albeit a bit puzzling. With so many options to choose from; It is understandable. Questions you may ask yourself before you go out and buy boxing gloves might be like; what material is durable? Are these gloves suitable for my training routine? What should I choose, Velcro or Lace, hook and loop? Do I need both bag work and sparring gloves? Etc.

Infinitude Fight will answer the top 12 F.A.Q.s from our previous customers worldwide – to make your decision more easy—a simple guide making your experience easier and an educated one.

*Questions are ordered in terms of the frequency asked.

1.What Are The Best Boxing Gloves?

By far the most asked question by customers on our online shop. So, how do we answer it? It might not be as easy as it sounds.

The term best, is rather subjective, there are a lot of factors that determine the quality of boxing gloves, and it all depends on your individual needs and wants.

How do we approach this question – We ask the customer, “What is your boxing gloves price range and intended use of the gloves?” Based on this information we suggest various options to fit your requirements, i.e., Sparring, Boxing, Muay Thai or Bag work gloves.

We will make sure to come back to answering this question below as the other questions will be sure to answer this one. We will answer it, we promise.

2.Do Gloves Have Different Sizes?

The important thing to understand about boxing gloves is that they do not come in sizes as regular shoes do; instead, they come in different weights, in ounces (oz), to be precise. The weight of the gloves is determined by the amount of padding or foam inside the glove.

The more padding – Heavier the glove, hence extra shield for you and your opponent.

Boxing glove weights range from 4 ounces to 20 ounces (few monsters do come in 30 ounces, we saw them, we like them, but they aren’t common).

All best boxing gloves in USA have individual custom molds, and they all might fit differently, but the heavier gloves have a slightly larger hand sleeve compartment.

i.e., If a 12 oz Infinitude Fight glove fits you, but it fits you too tight, then move up to a 14oz or a 16oz glove to get extra room for your hands.

For more information on product sizes, please visit our detailed size chart.

2.1 What Weight Do I Need?

Consider these rules of thumb while you buy boxing gloves;

  • For sparring (practicing with a training partner), 14 oz, 16oz and 18 oz are recommended, subject to your size and weight.
  • For heavy bag training or mitt work, a 12oz to 14oz should work fine.
  • Best boxing gloves for beginners (amateur fighters) can be either a 10 oz or a 12 oz.
  • Pro fighters may use 8 oz or a 10 oz, subjective on your weight and size.
  • Children of 4 to 9 years of age may use a 4 oz to a 12 oz.

However, there are always exceptions. Please reach out to us if and when you need advice from our experienced staff (Pro boxers and trainers themselves) or ask your trainer diretly. D.M. us on Instagram (@infinitudefight) or Email at [email protected].

3.What Are Best Boxing Gloves For Training?

This question is often asked at Infinitude Fight online shop. Again, the answer to this, is subjective. We approach this question accordingly and take customer input on their training regime, training type (bag work, sparring etc.), frequency per week, intensity and mode.

We suggest various products based on the individual requirements of the customer.

Based on this information, we suggest various options to fit your requirements, i.e., Best sparring gloves 2021, Boxing gloves, Muay Thai or Bag work gloves.


4.What Material Product Is Durable?

The life of boxing gloves is turbulent. The boxing glove, as a tool, is made to bear the high-weathered conditions. The durability of the glove is based on its built, material, and personal care. Let’s review the materials that are commonly used to make fighting gloves.

Synthetic Leather – The more affordable yet, the less durable option. It is easy to maintain but will eventually crack and peel. It also has a shiny plastic look and feel to it.

Genuine Leather – The most sought-after choice for boxing gloves. The genuine leather gloves are more durable than their synthetic counterparts and more affordable than full-grain leather gloves, as they are thin and sanded to a smooth finish. Genuine leather is flexible and more durable than synthetic leather but requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep the leather hydrated to extend the life of the gloves.

Micro Fiber – The latest technology in the leather industry. This leather has outstanding flexibility, and it is exceptionally resistant to abrasions, tears and cracks. Easy to maintain but still as expensive as leather. Many in the industry are switching to microfiber as it is better for the environment, durable and cost-effective.

Full-Grain Leather – The gloves made from full-grain leather are luxurious and thus command a higher price. The full-grain leather has minimal flaws and a smooth surface that places them in the higher spectrum of gloves. Full-grain leather boxing gloves are thicker with close to no imperfections, and this increases appearance and durability.

Please note that higher prices of the gloves do not guarantee their durability. Like anything, it all depends on how you take care of your gloves.

At Infinitude Fight, our products range are made from genuine leather to full-grain leather materials.

5.Why Boxing Gloves Are So Expensive?

The boxing gloves price depends on many factors that are crucial to its quality and type of use. The design, research and development of a product takes a lot of time and resources. Add in the cost of labor, material, packaging, distribution channel and marketing; all of these have their cost channels that eventually add to the product cost.

The material of the gloves determines its price factor the most. If a glove is made from full-grain leather and is customized, it will take close to 2 to 3 months to produce; customized products are indeed handmade, thus allowing limitless customization. Customized gloves are made in small batches with higher quality control and standards. Thus, affecting the price factor and the quality of the product.


Handmade Vs Mass Produced

Mass-produced products are made in huge volumes using machinery that produce a large quantity in a smaller timeframe. Mostly mass-produced gloves use lower quality materials and cheap labor to cut on costs. This is why usually they have a high defect rate.

While the handmade products are exclusive, they are made by hand in relatively lower numbers by skilled craftsmen. Handmade boxing gloves use premium quality materials and offer the highest finish. Such gloves are more durable and stylish, while handmade gloves offer optimum customization.

6.How Do I Take Care Of My Glove?

Gloves are easy to take care of; they don’t demand much attention. Just keep them fresh, hydrated from outside and dry from inside, and you are good to go.

Below are some tips to keep your boxing gloves clean and fresh smelling;

*Please note that gloves do not have a smell of their own; the smell in your gloves is due to the bacteria that live on your body. This smell is entirely unavoidable and is dependent on your genetics. The tips mentioned below will help highly reduce the intensity of the smell.

– Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean gloves after every use

– Wipe as much moisture as possible from both outside and inside using paper towels.

– Use Glove Deodorizers to dry the gloves

– Never leave the gloves in your gym bag for a prolonged period and let them air dry.

– Use hand wraps with gloves to absorb as much moisture (sweat) as possible. Wash your wraps after every use.

– Don’t expose the gloves to the sun or high-heat as it may dry and crack the leather.

– Never use a washing machine to wash your boxing gloves or soak them in water.

7.What Is Better Lace Or Velcro?

Velcro – The handy Velcro gloves are recommended to boxers who are just starting out. The more practical of the two options, it is easy to put on and off without anyone’s assistance. Velcro gloves are ideal for fitness and boxing classes. You will need a good hand wrap to increase wrist support while using Velcro gloves.

Lace-Up – Lace gloves are perfect for pro athletes. It is recommended for sparring since they offer good wrist support, and the laces will not leave scratches as the Velcro does. You will, however, require assistance to put them on and off.

8. What boxing equipment do I need to buy?

A beginner’s gym bag does not require too many products, to begin with. You can easily get proper boxing equipment in your budget. Get your hands on some best boxing gloves for training. A pair of Synthetic gloves with a pair or two of hand wraps will do well for beginner fitness classes or bag work.

Let’s talk about it in detail;

Beginner (No Sparring)

  • A pair of boxing gloves
  • Multiple pairs of wraps (one for each training session/day)
  • Boxing shoes (Optional)
  • Boxing shorts and clothing (Optional)

Advanced (Sparring)

  • Two pairs of boxing gloves (each for sparring and bag work)
  • One pair of hand wrap (for each training day)
  • Headgear
  • A Mouthguard
  • Boxing Shoes
  • Groin Protection (Groin guard)

Amateur Boxing (Active)

  • Same equipment as advanced (sparring)
  • Appropriate headgear
  • The U.S.A. Boxing yearly membership fee, approximately $65
  • Cost of entering tournaments

Professional Boxer – Coming soon!

If you need further information about, what kind of boxing equipment should you buy, please read more at WHAT EQUIPMENT YOU NEED FOR BOXING?

9.Are These Gloves Authentic?

All the boxing equipment available at Infinitude Fight is 100 percent authentic and made from top quality Full Grain Leather. We are official suppliers and distributors for many boxing clubs and brands. We offer the best quality products. If you have any concerns about our products, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

10.Can I Use For Amateur Or Pro Fights?

Amateur Boxing – You will need the best boxing gloves for beginners if you are competing in the U.S.A. boxing tournaments. The gloves should also be USA boxing approved. Best boxing gloves in the USA mostly have a seal showing that they are authorized to compete.

Professional Fights – You can certainly use our pro gloves for your professional fights. The quality and durability of our gloves are impeccable and meet international standards. Our gloves are approved for pro-fights.

11.How Much Customization Is Possible?

You can certainly use our customizer to craft your own 100% unique fighting gloves. Gloves that are top quality and offer the best support for your training, sparring sessions and fights.

Build your own design (B.Y.O.D)- If you are planning to get in on the action – and want customized boxing gloves, you have come to the right place!

Procedure – Follow these easy steps and design your boxing glove;

Step 1: Make a selection for the boxing glove you need

Step 2: Choose a style

Step 3: Choose your color

Step 4: Want any stickers, logos, names you’d like? Add them

Step 5: Place an order and watch us make your item

Start here!

12.Does your Customized Gloves Come in Pair or Just one Glove?

Your customized gloves come in pairs and are ready to get in the fighting arena. We offer a complete pair of boxing gloves that are customizable to your unique needs. Personalize your gloves with your club names, brands or stickers – let your inner artist flow.

Read more: All About Boxing Gloves – F.A.Q. Uses, and Care

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