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Agile X Muay Thai Gloves | Matte Black


Multi-purpose Muay Thai gloves with hook & loop strap which enhances wrist protection and comfort. Agile X is ideal for Muay Thai training, sparring, bag and mitt work.

  • 4-layer mold foam INFINITI-SHELL allows for a comfortable fit and natural range of motion
  • Attached thumb for extra protection
  • Antimicrobial inner ideal for extended training sessions
  • INFINITI-ARMOR technology with added wrist protection
  • Made from 100% Natural leather for ultimate durability and function


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SKU: GAX-201


Designed as an all-round Muay Thai glove, Agile X provides a balance of comfort, protection, and performance making it ideal for Muay Thai training sparring, bag, and mitt work. With the special effort put into making this glove as comfortable and secure as possible, Agile X is perfect for everyday training sessions. 100% natural moisture-proof leather and antimicrobial inner fabric makes it a durable training partner.

INFINITI-ARMOR technology provides ultimate impact protection and powerful force delivery through the use of multiple padding elements of differing compressibility. With added protection for the wrist, Raptor Xtreme provides comprehensive protection. INFINITI-SHELL technology makes sure this protection is as unobtrusive as possible by using precisely molded layers of foam that provide a snug fit while still allowing for natural motion.

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