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Best Boxing Gloves 2021 – For Fitness, Sparring, and Training

Best Boxing Gloves

“Best boxing gloves” is a question that is as old as the ancient sport of boxing. Boxing has been an international sport, going back thousands of years. It has polished legends like Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Jack Johnson, who encouraged generations with their charisma, power, and ring intellect.

Boxing Gloves – Why invest in top-quality gloves?

Boxing is a domesticated sport that is accessible to everybody. It depends on you, and what you want out of it, if you wish to master your boxing skills or want to stay in shape while blowing off some steam after a long workday. The first thing you need to do for it is to buy boxing gloves, of decent quality. We analyzed the best boxing gloves and boxing gloves price on the market and measured the qualities of pairs with their specific usage. Using a punching bag at the gym or lucky enough to have one at home, a good pair of boxing bag gloves are essential.

We put these gloves to test with hundreds of rounds of bag work to bring you this detailed guide to the top-quality boxing gloves in the market.

Buy boxing gloves – A Guide

The most important feature of a boxing glove, is the fit. Typically, you can evaluate this by trying on a pair of gloves, preferably under the direction of an expert. Infinitude Fight sells a vast collection of professional boxing gloves online. It provides excellent support services, advising customers on purchases through on-site experts, who have boxed at amateur and expert levels.

Getting an expert’s opinion is highly advised to get a perfect idea of what will fit best on your hands and what will be comfortable for you. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to something as personal as a pair of boxing gloves. At Infinitude Fight, when you order online – and with Covid-19 lockdown, that’s a strong possibility– our detailed sizing charts on the website and our active expert support department will make your choice a lot easier.

When you buy boxing gloves, you usually have two choices: Velcro fastening gloves or lace ones. If you take an expert’s opinion, the lace gloves are considered, to ensure better wrist support. However, recent advances in Velcro gloves design and technology have been promising. The gloves differ in their practicality too, consider using the gloves at home; a Velcro strap is easier to put on. While with a lace-up glove, you will need someone to help you lace it up on your hand and fasten it correctly.

You should also give a fair amount of attention to the material with which your boxing glove is made. A long-standing perception is that leather is preferable, owing to its argued durability.

The technology of boxing glove manufacturing has advanced in leaps and bounds recently. The use of advanced polyurethane (PU) is slowly gaining the attention of the boxing community. However, the PU is yet to garner the same status as its leather alternatives regarding durability and functionality.

As a buyer in the market, buying boxing gloves, you must stay cautious about budget options. Such gloves might use inferior PU, which quickly breaks down and disintegrates. Inexpensive gloves are expected to use mediocre padding and honestly not worth the investment.

Boxing Gloves Price – Investment and Practicality 

When you buy boxing gloves, selecting a top-quality glove that offers premium quality is cost-effective. Boxing gloves price is a significant factor when a buyer makes a decision; however, when it comes to your health and the safety of your hands, we don’t think they’re worthy of taking a risk. Buying a top-quality glove will turn out to be more economical in the longer run, owing to its durability and safety.

Boxing Gloves USA – Sparring & Training Gloves

Sparring is a vital factor in the development of a boxer. Certain techniques are developed and employed while sparring to precisely dodge, attack and counter-attack an opponent when in the ring.

Fighters wear gloves to protect their hands and also to lessen injury to both opponents. In training, different tools are needed with varying alterations to them.

The question arises;

Are sparring gloves any different from professional fighting gloves? 


Are sparring gloves necessary? And a good investment? 

Sparring gloves are used for training and are made using a different mold, and particular padding areas are also different. The difference in sparring gloves lies with a somewhat of a more cushioned padding to make impacts less piercing, thus making sure that the opponent is not hurt.

The prime motive of sparring gloves is to perfect your craft and develop techniques in boxing while not hurting your opponent. The sparring gloves are a must-have for a boxer who is perfecting his techniques. As an investment, sparring gloves used with care, will last you a long time, depending on the number of your training cycles per week. Sparring gloves also enable you to practice the sport without injuries, inflicted or otherwise.

Best Sparring Gloves – Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves 

Velocity Pro Sparring gloves at Infinitude Fight are top-quality training gloves designed for professional boxers. The gloves use INFINITI-SHELL foam for padding, as it is highly protective and absorbs heavy punches. The design of the gloves offers exceptional protection to the hand up to the wrists. Shaped carefully to ensure a perfect fit, these gloves are very soft and shape around your hand the first time you slip them on.

Velocity Pro is particularly designed for hard sparring practice. These gloves are perfect for sparring with a traditional lace-up closing system and easy hook & loop closures.

Why Velocity Pro? Features and Takeaways

  • Soft padding, perfect for hard sparring drills
  • IINFINITI-ARMOR technology with amplified wrist protection
  • 4-layer mold foam INFINITI-SHELL, ensures a comfortable fit
  • Made form 100 percent pure and high-quality leather for optimum comfort, function and durability.

Boxing Gloves USA – Fitness Gloves 

Fitness boxing is undoubtedly, a complete and a valuable workout. Not to forget, fitness boxing is the most fun workout – which is why you’re captivated.

Going in for regular boxing workouts, you must have realized that the gloves your gym offers; might be showcase gloves. Reasonably it might be time for you to invest in your own pair of fitness gloves.

Picking out a good-quality pair of gloves for your fitness sessions isn’t that hard, and it is much more accessible.

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Why Do You Need Fitness-Training Gloves? 

You need a pair of suitable fitness gloves even though you won’t be sparring with them, but they are for your safety. Fitness gloves aren’t supposed to minimize the damage you inflict on your adversary, but in turn, they are to keep you from having your knuckles bruised and bloodied.

You can use heavier gloves to maximize workout effort, and you can also consider using different weight gloves to increase or decrease your workout intensity.


Engineered with firm padding, Raider-Pro hook and loop gloves are ideal for fitness sessions and bag work. Raider-Pro is ideal for short to medium-duration sessions, specifically fitness training, due to its durable hook and loop restraining system.

Made from premium quality cowhide leather, these gloves are 100% natural moisture-proof, and they come with antimicrobial inner fabric lining, making these gloves a lasting purchase. The gloves have four-layered dense foam padding, which ensure an excellent hitting experience while enabling maximum protection. Also, these gloves come with hook and loop wrist closures; depending on your preferences, they are designed to give a precise fit.

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