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Reasons why you need boxing gloves for better protection and performance?

Why do you need appropriate boxing gloves and other boxing equipment? –Simply for improved protection and boosted performance – but why? At Infinitude Fight, our experts believe that having appropriate equipment and gear to protect your body is necessary for every sport, especially for a sport like boxing. 

When it comes to boxing, your hands are your only shield against the power punches and the forces of impact from the opponent, which is why protecting them is crucial. Before boxing gloves were widely incorporated in the sport, boxers would use only wraps and leather bands, but mostly they went bare-handed-yikes. Based on this, the boxing matches were quite shorter, and sustaining injuries was too high. 


Injuries are expensive, whether you talk about medical attention needed or putting a hold on the boxer’s career. Injuries require immediate and constant medical care – which undoubtedly gets expensive. 

Nowadays, the most common injury in boxing is the black eye, which considering the bigger picture, isn’t bad at all. The importance of a good pair of boxing gloves never diminishes whether you are a professional fighter or an amateur. For this, experts at Infinitude Fight have created a list of a few reasons you need to buy boxing gloves for better protection and performance. 


Boxing Gloves 

Let’s discuss why you should invest in quality boxing gloves: 

For Knuckle, Hands, Finger, and Wrist Safety 

The first reason is the most obvious –gloves are necessary to protect fingers, knuckles, wrists, and hands. The padding helps to lighten the impact force of a punch, making it easier to land a punch without hurting your hand during the powerful impact force. 

Without proper gloves, the athletes are at a higher risk of breaking their hands and sustaining finger joint displacements that lead to serious injuries, thus causing time away from boxing – something that no boxer ever wants. In more severe cases, multiple and constant breakages of hand and finger bones/joints could lead to a shorter boxing career. 

To sum up, boxing gloves significantly multiply the security factor in boxing – essentially making it safer and enjoyable for concerned people and boxers. 


For Improved Blows

The gloves are designed to increase the surface area of a boxer’s hand to aid in landing more accurate blows. This rings true for competition boxing and casual participants indulging in boxing as a form of exercise. The punching combos can be achieved much more easily on a punching bag by using gloves. With punches coming accurately and smoothly, it ultimately results in a more poignant exercise and a more toned physique, the best of both worlds. 

For the safety of the opponent

It sounds much like a catch-22 situation, but never delude yourself and consider your opponent your sworn enemy – remember that you are also an opponent in someone’s eyes, so this applies to you also. There is a significant difference between being hit with bare hands and padded gloves. 

Without gloves, the matches would be much shorter, and there would be an increased probability of sustaining injuries – not much enjoyable, right? Boxing gear, including well-padded boxing gloves, offer protection against damage to the entire body and, most importantly, to the relatively fragile parts such as the hands, face, and eyes. 

The gloves are designed so that they hold the same force but do not inflict much damage since they are made to disperse the impact of a blow on a larger surface area. Always remember that protecting your opponent is also indirectly protecting yourself. 

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For Enhanced Grip

In a boxing match, everyone and everything gets sweaty, and our hands are no exception to this. Hence boxing gloves in the USA are designed with an array of features to help keep sweat to a minimum and the grip to the maximum. 

These features include but are not limited to breathable meshes, punched holes, sweat-absorbent thumbs. Punched holes are simplistic holes that are directly punched into the leather palm of the gloves or onto the insides of fingers or thumbs. 

Most boxers prefer and preach the importance of gloves with a breathable mesh. These meshes aid the airflow to offer maximum comfort and help fight sweat. Sweat absorbent thumbs are not a common feature of mainstream gloves; however, these are still beneficial. Especially sweat-absorbent thumbs are best for a quick sweat wipe while under training or during competition – imagine doing that without having to fetch a towel – for sure a time saver. 

The combination of all these features work in harmony and aid airflow through the gloves, and keep the cool hands plus, these features also aid in keeping your gloves dry. 

For Total Stability

Unlike your hands, the boxing gloves always remain in the same secure curved finger position – always. When the gloves are made from high-quality materials, this signature design and positioning provide exceptional stability and let boxers display and practice their skills much more freely. 

Improved stability of the fingers, wrists, and knuckles lets boxers better execute punches, a recipe for a successful bout. Stability is also crucial while receiving blows from your opponents. If the hands are stable inside the gloves, the wearer is better armed to receive a blow or block a strike and react consequently. For boxing, staying stable throughout your hands is just as important as being stable on your feet. 



Here you go, the five top reasons why you need boxing gloves and other boxing equipment for better protection and performance. Protecting your opponent and yourself is basically protecting the sport’s longevity. There is far less blood, torn flesh, and close to no broken bones with proper boxing gear. Thus making sure that boxing matches are longer, better, enjoyable, and overall a better sport – allowing for the trade’s genius tools: the boxing gloves.  


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