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What boxing equipment do I need to start as a beginner in boxing?

Are you looking to start your boxing journey and not sure where to start? Infinitude Fight has just the right collection of sport-appropriate boxing gloves and expert guidance for all things boxing – so let’s begin, shall we? 

Read on to understand the must-haves for boxing beginners. It can be a bit confusing and also a lot intimidating to start boxing as a hobby – first of all what boxing equipment is needed? Where to source these from? And on and on, however, do not let the fear of the unknown stop you from plunging into the exciting new world of boxing – trust us it is incredibly rewarding. Boxing is a full-body workout that leaves no muscle un-worked, which is including the brain. To give you a head start our experts have carved a list of 4 must-haves to get you in the ring in no time. 

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Boxing Gloves 

Your first order of the business should be to buy boxing gloves. It is obvious that gloves are the first and foremost thing you will need to jump-start and get the wheel going. With so many types and variations of gloves available in the market and even more brands available in the market – it can get confusing to choose a perfect pair – so allow us to break it down for you. 

What to look for in a good pair of Boxing Gloves? 

You are asking all the right questions today. Get a load of these beautiful babies’ “boxing gloves images,” excited aren’t you now? 

Buy Boxing Gloves

Buying the perfect boxing glove and its selection depends on the activity you plan on undertaking. For instance, there are different types of gloves for competitions, training, and sparring, etc. if you are just beginning in boxing, the best boxing gloves for you would be a pair of training gloves. Training gloves are padded heavily and are designed to be used on pads or a punching bag. 


How are competition and training gloves different? 

The biggest difference between competition and training gloves is primarily the design itself. Training gloves are made to punch against bags and pads – while the competition or fighting gloves are designed specifically for being used in a competitive duel – mostly against an opponent. Similarly, the boxing glove price tags also vary based on their types and brands. 

Additionally, you could also go for custom boxing gloves for an added experience of comfort and luxury. 

Hand Wraps – The most used accessory under the boxing gloves are hand wraps and tapes. Although not indispensable for beginners, it is important to know what this offer. The wraps and tapes are worn under the boxing gloves to offer added support to the wrists, hands, knuckles, joints, and hands. Hand wraps when bound correctly help secure the joints in the hand and help dissipate the shock of a punch. 

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Additionally, hand wraps are one of the best tools to offer added protection to the thumb. If any area of the hand is injured or weak, using hand wraps or tape is best to curtail the risks of successive injuries. 

Thai Pads and Punching Balls

After you have acquired the best boxing gloves of your choice that are perfect in terms of comfort and for their intended use. Now you need something to practice on – focus pads and punching balls are your things.

Thai focus pads are a padded target attached to the gloves that a person shall hold while the other punches it vigorously. Focus pads are commonly used in fitness and training and are an ideal tool to practice different punches, overall techniques, and punching combos. As boxing gloves the focus pads also have multi-layer adjustable padding and offer perfect shock absorption from the blows. Truly an indispensable item for every newcomer and their training partner. 


After you have practiced enough on a focus pad, you can then either choose to continue training with focus pads or move onto other options such as the punching bags, punching balls and perhaps sparring for more experienced athletes. 

Punching balls are a weighted target commonly used in training to enhance punching accuracy, speed, response time, and hand to eye coordination – also these contribute to improving upper body agility, endurance, and overall cardio. 

Skipping Ropes

Boxing as a sport demands endurance, agility, and accuracy – and developing these qualities requires much more than just throwing punches. Skipping is an effective and widespread exercise needed to condition the required characteristics for boxing. Not only skipping a rope is a warm-up good exercise for training and general fitness but it also boosts endurance, agility, and accuracy. Skipping for only 10 minutes is equivalent to an 8-minute run and considerably much more enjoyable.

The best part about skipping a rope? – There are so many different ways to do it, you can jump in combinations, and you can even create your own combos. Due to this flexibility not only skipping will offer you a varied workout but it will also help you boost the enjoyment factor and disperse feelings of repetitions and boredom. 


Mouth Guard

Boxing doesn’t have to affect your smile badly – trust us there are tools that will guarantee the safety of your teeth and keep them away from harm’s way in all your training and boxing sessions. It doesn’t matter which exercise or training you are going through, your teeth shall always be protected and avoid any sports-related injuries. If you happen to receive a blow directly to your mouth, not only this can result in damaged or knocked out teeth but such events can also result in trauma to the lips, gums, and overall mouth. 

There are plenty of different sport mouth guards in the market, but the best option for any athlete is a custom mouth guard that fits your teeth and mouth precisely. For boxing and other combat sport, prevention is always better than the cure. 


So there you go – you do not need a fully equipped gym to begin your boxing journey. Not even a gym membership is needed to start as a beginner in the world of boxing. You can begin your boxing journey in the comfort of your own home. It is totally up to you if you want to invest in all-out boxing equipment or go for only a few select products, irrespective of that you should know that you are on the right track. 

Boxing is one of the most gratifying sport both mentally and physically once you start to indulge in it – the only way you can go is towards success. So why wait? Grab the best boxing gear out there from Infinitude fight and rock on!


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