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How to Increase Punching Power? – Boxing Gloves Tips and Techniques

Whether you see it in action movies, boxing fights, or mixed martial arts, you cannot deny the thrill of inflicting or watching a powerful punch being thrown in all its magnificence towards the opponent. The sheer beauty and excitement of combat sports boil down to this feeling of adrenaline. 

Infinitude Fight understands the power of a well-thrown punch; therefore, we always recommend splurging a bit on quality boxing gloves and other boxing gear. 

Boxing Gloves 

Let’s put it out there; full-contact sports can turn brutal if proper gear (such as quality boxing gloves USA) are not used. Just tune in to a bare-knuckle fight, and you will get an idea of what we are talking about. The extreme force and agility of a well-thrown punch are reasons enough for you to buy boxing gloves that are too of good quality.

Boxing gloves will not only protect your hands from sustaining injuries but also ensure your opponents’ or sparring partners’ safety. A human hand is made up of tiny little bones and joints; throwing a punch without a pair of right boxing gloves increases the probability of injury – tenfold. 

Boxing gloves are a fantastic tool of the trade that are mainly designed to minimize the risk of injuries – however, remember that a tiny chance of sustaining an injury remains. 

But, how to increase punching power? 

Punching Power 

Most people hold the idea that punching power is a natural gift; this is somewhat true. However, any person can train to throw targeted and better punches by employing the right exercises that multiply the punching power.  


A great boxer makes use of their whole body to land the most potent punch onto their opponents. This is much similar to quarterbacks and their potent throws. The force can’t be channeled by flexing the triceps, and a pro boxer knows quite well how they can direct the power from every part of their body, pool it together, and then bring it up into their upper body strength. 

Be Relaxed

Staying relaxed for a boxer seems counterintuitive; however, staying tough, full of power, and being tensed can work negatively and might wear you down. When we say relaxed, we do not mean that you should slack away; instead, it means to liberate yourself from all stresses – that is, whenever you feel the parts of your body getting tensed. 

While you are training, do not worry much about increasing the punching power. If you keep thinking about increasing your punching power, it will only slow you down as with every other jab, and you will keep overthinking. The slower a boxer gets, the lesser powerful his jabs are.

On the contrary, try and focus on landing the punches as fast and as precisely as you can. The exercises used to build punching power are, in essence, the same exercises that are employed to grow punching speed and power. 


Heavy Bag Routine 

Training with heavy bags in your routine should be as repetitive as your eating or sleeping. Heavy bag exercises are a prominent MMA boxing staple, and there are tons of good reasons for it. Working on heavy bags is a part of almost all boxing and training sessions. Training on a heavy bag improves the speed of your hands, which in turn translates to an increased speed and punching power. 

When training with heavy bags, you should always employ HIIT (high-intensity interval training) techniques. With fifteen seconds on the clock, try various combinations of uppercuts, hook, and straights. Again for the next ten to fifteen seconds on the clock, work up some light jabs and footwork to keep the heart pumping – the active rest time. Remember to repeat this routine for three-minute intervals with taking a one-minute gap in between. 


Torso, Lift Up and Go Down

Rotate, lift-up, and go down with the torso – so, what do you think, does lifting heavy weights build punching power? The answer is: Yes! However, these three core exercises (Lifting up, rotating, and rotating down on the torso) might prove to be more effective and bring you results in a shorter time.  

The three words signify the three core routine exercises you should include in your daily training to build your speed and punching power. 

Let’s take a look at what each exercise entails:

  1. Going Down: Means doing push-ups
  2. Lift Ups: This means doing chin-ups
  3. Torso: It is pretty self-explanatory. 

Let’s discuss these by one:

  • Going Down

First of all, for doing the push-ups, you must change the ordinary way of pushing your body back up to a plyometric and fiery way of clapping the hands midair. Doing this is crucial, so do not skip it, as this will help build and empower your upper body and increase strength by focusing on the shoulders, pecs, and arms.

  • Lift Ups

Following the push-ups, we have another essential workout, which is the chin-ups. This is one of the most important exercises to train the opposing muscles. Doing lift-ups is crucial, so you do not put all your prime focus on building the bigger muscle groups, such as the triceps or your pecs – which are, however, associated with the upper body strength. 

Pro-Tip: To multiply the intensity of the chin-ups, go a bit faster or introduce some light knee weights with the exercise. 

  • Torso 

Lastly, we get the rotating torso exercise; this exercise is simply about rotating your torso. But, to help power up your punches, you should add in holding a medicine ball in the mix too. The rotating movement works to get used to the motion of targeting your entire upper body while you are trying to hold up the medicine ball, which helps to toughen the shoulders. 

What else?

Shadow Boxing

Yes, we know, shadow boxing might seem odd to be placed here to increase the punching power but hear us out. Shadowboxing, in reality, is an amazing way to let a trainee concentrate more on the execution and technique. 

In addition to that, shadow boxing is a great exercise when we think of ways of how to increase the punching power without using a bag. This way, you won’t need a heavy bag, just a certified trainer/partner and yourself.  

Communicate with your training partner/trainer to supervise your shadow boxing training session while you shadow box in front of a mirror. This will ensure that you are including proper footwork, head movement, and defense to multiply your overall performance. As you get better, you will begin to see improvements in your punches, being more powerful and efficiently thrown. 

Tip: If you want to crank this exercise up a notch, introduce some hand weights in the routine, and voila! 

Throwing a Medicine Ball 

A powerful punch is made of various fiery moves, and throwing a medicine ball is one way to train in this. For doing it, lie down or stand in a perfect boxing position – which type you prefer is up to your discretion – and throw the medicine ball away from your chest as powerfully as it is possible for you. Doing this repeatedly will help power up your punching muscles.


Rice Punching

Again, this might sound weird, but rice punching is an important part that will help you build up your overall punching power. Rice punching involves plowing your hands into a tub of rice; put your fingertips in first – this will strengthen your fingers. Going in finger first is essential as it is common for boxers and MMA fighters to have their fingers injured, which slows them down, affecting the remainder of the round. This is why you should never skip this step. However, you can use sandbags or water as opposed to rice. 


Now, as we have summed up how to increase punching power, it is highly recommended for beginners to get into boxing or boxing training – doing so will work wonders for your health and improve your overall stress levels, coordination, and agility. 

Employ the above-mentioned exercises, tips, and techniques to build up your punching power. Reach out to us if you need assistance or advice while perfecting your punching power or if you want to buy boxing gloves. Our experts will be more than happy to be of service. 

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