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History and Timeline of Greco-Roman Wrestling

As the name suggests, Greco-Roman wrestling is a modern wrestling style based on Greek wrestling and Roman wrestling, as the competitions of ancient Greek Olympics. At Infinitude Fight, our team is boxing/wrestling fanatics, and do we love a good dual once in a while with our premium boxing gloves

Greco-Roman Wrestling History

It is likely that a group of European folk wrestling styles were the beacon behind the roots of Greco-Roman wrestling. United World Wrestling, the international body governing the Amateur wrestling styles, including Greco-Roman, freestyle, and many other sites, Jean Exbrayat, a French soldier of the Napoleonic era, developed the technique. Jean performed at shows and fairs, naming his style ‘Flat Hand Wrestling.’

Greco-Roman Wrestling Rules

Jean Exbrayat introduced the Greco-Roman wrestling rules to the world in 1848 – one of which – the fighters can’t use excruciating turning holds and could not also use holds below the waist that could injure the opponent. His style of wrestling became known as French wrestling – by his own account. French wrestling became a popular sport all around Europe, even though the British and Americans opted for less restrictive freestyle wrestling. 

So, how did the name French Wrestling evolved into Greco-Roman wrestling? – Basilio Bartoletti, an Italian wrestler, called French wrestling the Greco-Roman wrestling – for the first time. This was done to bid a nod to the ancient values that the Greco-Roman wrestling style practiced. Early Greco-Roman wrestling champions played a massive part in its evolution and the sport as we know it today. 

Greco-Roman Wrestling Champions and Championships

In the early days of Greco-Roman wrestling, in the 19th century – every European capital city held Greco-Roman wrestling competitions. The sport became quite popular and developed a fan base in the Russian imperial family. The Czar of Russia put up large sum prizes – up to 5 thousand francs – for winners who would train and compete for him. 

Best-known Greco-Roman wrestlers include Dan Henderson, Jon Jones, Alexander Volkanovski, and Cheal Sonne. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them pros of Greco-Roman wrestling style. Their competitive expertise holds up against other MMA wrestling styles; even so, the Olympics is one of the most watched Greco-Roman competitions. 

Greco-Roman Wrestling Olympics

The Greco-Roman wrestling style became so famous and prestigious across Europe that when the modern Olympic Games started in Athens in 1896, the Greco-Roman was the first style of wrestling that was registered in it. Since the beginning of the modern Olympics, the Greco-Roman wrestling style has been a part of it every single time.  Other than the Parisian Olympics of 1900 and 1904 St Louis Olympics, where freestyle wrestling was first included in the competition. 

Greco-Roman Wrestling vs Wrestling

How does Greco-Roman wrestling work – the goal of the fight is to pin both shoulders of your opponent to the mat at once. The referee should be able to see that you have got the opponent under your control; this is known as winning by fall. But that’s not the only way to win. 

You can win a match based on points. The technical advantage is gained if you have an eight-point lead or if your opponent is unable to continue the match for any unforeseen reason. 

How Greco-Roman Wrestling is Scored?

The scoring for Greco-Roman wrestling is pretty straightforward. Opponents gain points in a match by getting their opponents down, and reversals are by gaining control of the opponent from a defensive position and exposure, where you put the opponents back on the mat, thus exposing them to a pin without pinning. There are also penalties for rule breaches or for putting your opponent out of bounds. 

The beneficial feature of the sport is the fullness of throws and takedowns. A power through or takedown that brings the opponent straight into a dangerous position – will be scored higher than a normal takedown. 

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Infinitude Fight Boxing Gloves FAQs

Infinitude Fight Boxing Gloves FAQs

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  • What are the best boxing gloves?

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  • Why are boxing gloves expensive?

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