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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Velocity Pro White and Gold Lace-Up Gloves

Are you looking for the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals? Infinitude Fight has just the deals for you. Get your hands on fantastic boxing gloves with an amazing FLAT 20% discount. All the merchandise at our online store is up for grabs at staggering discount prices – which includes our favorite Velocity Pro White & Gold Lace-Up gloves

You can avail our fantastic MMA Black Friday Sale discounts online from November 25th to November 30th, 2022. 

Isn’t this the best opportunity to do your Christmas and early Valentine’s Day Shopping? The ideal part – you can shop for yourself or your loved ones; our Black Friday Sale is that extensive. 

What’s more – Once again, the highlight of our best Black Friday Boxing Gloves Deals is our Velocity Pro White and Gold Lace-up Sparring gloves.

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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Every combat fighter – mainstream boxer or otherwise – needs quality boxing equipment, including a pair of quality sparring gloves, as sparring gloves are specifically designed for hardcore sparring sessions. Human hands are relatively fragile, comprising various tiny bones and joints, so it is understood that our hands are not ideal for taking the constant brunt of powerful impacts, and this is where the boxing gloves save the day. 

Enjoy the staggering  FLAT 20% discount on store-wide products with Infinitude Fight MMA Black Friday Sale. So what are you waiting for? Visit our store now and choose your favorite. 

Why do I Need Black and Gold Velocity Pro White and Gold Sparring Gloves?

Velocity Pro Sparring gloves are meticulously designed for power sparring/training sessions. Velocity Pro is an ideal variant with a traditional lace-up closing system.  

Yes, we know, lace-up closure takes someone else’s assistance and time to put on; however, the lace-ups are the best options for boxing and sparring. The lace-up closure provides maximum hand and wrist support in addition to a secure fit. 

How is that important, you might ask? 

The lace-ups help a trainee or a boxer to put their entire focus on sparring/boxing rather than worrying about trivial things, such as the gloves slipping off or the Velcro closure giving up mid-fight. 


Lace-ups offer you ease of mind and provide added protection to your wrists, hands, and fingers. The fantastic quality of the lace-ups is that this protection is automatically extended to your sparring partners. With Velocity Pro, you are ideally making sparring sessions less probable to end in injuries and making them safer for both partners. 

Make your friendly training fights more productive and safe; get yourself and your training partner these fantastic gloves that we have rightly named: Velocity Pro

Hop on the SALE wagon and enjoy the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Why Should I Use Sparring Gloves or Velocity Pro?

Let’s discuss the features of Velocity Pro Lace-Ups:

  1. Multi-layer foam offers a secure, comfortable fit and promotes a natural range of motion
  2. Soft and supple padding gives you optimum protection from power punches, both thrown and otherwise
  3. Antimicrobial lining supports longer training sessions 
  4. Innovative ARMOR technology provides maximum wrist protection 
  5. Velocity Pro is made from genuine 100% leather, offering pro-level functionality, durability, and protection
  6. Traditional and secure lace-up closure system 

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What size sparring gloves should I buy? 

For training sessions, Infinitude Fight recommends variants of at least 14 ounces, preferably for sparring. But if your hands are on the smaller side or you have a slightly larger hand, you can easily go up and down with the glove sizes. 

Considering your specific sizing needs, a 12 oz variant will be acceptable for the smaller hand sizes, but if you happen to have a bigger hand size/weight, you can go up to 18 oz variants. 


Why Velocity Pro White and Gold Lace-Ups? 

Velocity Pro, the premium quality sparring gloves are specially crafted with innovative techniques and technologies – such as INFINITI-ARMOR – for professional boxers and their sparring regimes. The variants use INFINITI-SHELL padding foam, which has fantastic protective qualities and can easily absorb the force of continuous power punches. 

The full-block design of the variants covers your entire hand, starting from your fingertips to your forearm. Additionally, the variants also protect your wrist areas as well. The shape of Velocity Pro offers a comfortable fit on your very first try. So you don’t have to begin your affair with Velocity Pro by breaking into them – pun entirely intended

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How does INFINITI ARMOR Works? 

With INFINITI ARMOR technology, you will get the ultimate impact protection in addition to a powerful force delivery – this is made possible by using multiple padding elements of varying compressibility. Velocity Pro offers extra protection to the wrist area making the variants comprehensive tools for hand protection with INFINITI-SHELL.


The technology ensures that the protection, however optimized, never becomes obtrusive or hinders the boxers’ performance. INFINIT-SHELL works around maximizing protection for your hands and making sure that the gloves in no way ever negatively affect/impede your performance. 

How? – The precisely molded layers of foam ensure a snug fit but still allow the natural range of motion. 

How Velocity Pro Provides Protection? 

As explained before, human hands are relatively fragile and prone to injuries under constant forces of impact. For a boxer, getting their hands, fingers, or wrists injured can become a costly headache that will also negatively affect their performance. 

Additionally, such injuries more often than not require constant, immediate, and continuous medical attention – making these injuries unbelievably expensive. 

So, what is the best way to lower the probability of these time and money-eating injuries? 

If you guessed Velocity Pro you’re right!

Great sparring gloves like Velocity Pro come to your aid in preventing injuries. A quality pair of boxing gloves from the USA will sharply reduce the chance of sustaining damage – inflicted or otherwise. 

And, imagine getting your hands on Velocity Pro Lace-Ups at FLAT 20% discount with our Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves! – It’s an amazing opportunity, right? 

What Else Do We Offer? 

A trainee or sparring partner should always buy boxing gloves of good quality to ensure theirs and their training partners safety, but is that all? We don’t think so, and a fighter should always have access to quality boxing gear.

Infinitude Fight brings you quality ready-to-order boxing equipment at FLAT 20% discounts with our amazing MMA Black Friday Sale!

What boxing equipment do we suggest? 

What else? How about making your lives even easier? Drumrolls, please, the Lace-Up Grippers!

Lace-Up Grippers – Black 

Why do you need a lace-up gripper? Well, picture it: Putting on your LACE-UP gloves without needing someone else’s assistance!

Exciting, right? But that’s not all, read on for more:

Durability – Lace-up grippers are incredibly durable and offer optimum comfort. It doesn’t matter much whether you are doing a hard sparring session or bag work; the Lace-up grippers are the tool for you, making your life easier. 

Convenient to Carry – The Lace-up grippers are easy to take about, carry, and even more convenient to fit inside your gym bag. The boxing glove lace-up grippers let you put on and take off your gloves within seconds – what else could you ask for? 

The Versatile Usage – The lace-up grippers are a fantastic tool to increase the support you usually get from your lace-up boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai gloves. 


How do Lace-Up Grippers Work?

The grippers let the boxer lace-up gloves in a straightforward manner on their own. You do not have to take someone else’s help to tie or untie your lace-up variants. These work and fit with any lace-up variants.

What are you waiting for? Buy Lace-Up Grippers today!

What Else Is There At Infinitude Fight? 

Boxing Hand Wraps – Skull Edition

Boxing hand wraps offer support to our hand joints and tiny bones from the constant impact of throwing punches. The hand wraps are also super tools to reduce the moisture inside the boxing gloves by absorbing the sweat. 

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Why Should I Choose Boxing Hand Wraps? 

There are tons of reasons why you should choose premium quality Skull Boxing Hand Wraps, the first of which is, they have an incredibly cool design and are a terrific conversation starter. 

But there are many other reasons:

Quality Construction – Skull hand wraps are a perfect mix of support and comfort. The skull hand wraps are carefully crafted with an elastic material to survive daily wear and tear. The hand wraps are also machine washable, allowing for easy care and cleaning. 

Best Support – Skull hand wraps are 180 inches in length, and this length lets you completely wrap up your hands, wrists, and knuckles for added protection and support without having to multiply the bulk underneath your gloves.  

Secure Fitting – The collection of hand wraps at Infinitude Fight, including the skull hand wraps, come with a large hook and loop closure system and a thumb loop, keeping the wrap secure and snug during your entire workout. 

Versatility – You can wear the skull hand wraps when you are using boxing gloves, kickboxing gloves, Muay Thai, or other types of MMA gloves to better protect yourself from getting avoidable injuries. 

Colors – Infinitude Fight has boxing equipment for every taste and style, and our Skull edition hand wrap is a fantastic addition to our collection. Each variant is sold in pairs so you can protect both hands. 

Breathable Hand Wraps – Our skull hand wraps are manufactured using sturdy, durable, and semi-elastic cotton material, which can withstand use round after round and wash after wash. 

Ease of Use – The thumb loop and hook closure system aids in the easy wrapping of your hands, and also, allows the wraps to stay in place..  

Fitting – The skull hand wraps adapt comfortably to your hands and hold their place securely. With a length of 180 inches, these wraps are the perfect length for a protective fit without getting the bulk feeling in your gloves. 


MMA Black Friday Sale

If you are a pro boxer or even a beginner, your first order of business should be to prioritize getting the best quality boxing gear – that is, if you want to boost your performance. 


Additionally, your focus should always be on creating a safe and protected environment under which you can practice your craft at the end of the day. 

This is where our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals come into action. Infinitude Fight completely understands the need to get quality boxing equipment at reasonable prices. With our fantastic MMA Black Friday Sale, you pay pennies on the dollar for boxing gloves prices

Take full advantage of our FLAT 20% discount on all boxing gear at Infinitude Fight, and treat yourself or your loved ones with quality boxing gear. What else could one ask for? Please browse through our Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves from November 25th to November 30th, 2022!

Let the most significant shopping mania of 2022 begin!

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