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Choosing the Right Boxing Hand Wraps – FAQs, Uses and Care

Right boxing hand wraps

Boxing is one of the most demanding yet most enjoyable combat sport in the world. So, regardless of what boxing style you do, our experts at Infinitude Fight suggest always using the right boxing hand wraps and the right boxing gloves to support and protect your hands/wrists. 

Boxing Gloves USA

Boxing is not easy, nor is it for the weak-hearted – boxing is one on one brutal combat sport – however, with proper boxing gear that includes the right boxing hand wraps and boxing gloves USA, the sport can be practiced safely and become more thrilling.

But, what exactly are hand wraps, and are they important for boxing? 


What are the right hand wraps? Moreover, how should you wrap your hands properly? 

Infinitude fight will answer all your questions and much more in this article below. Keep on reading for detailed information on choosing the right hand wraps, FAQs, their Uses, and Care.

Let’s begin with boxing hand wraps 101 – All You Need to Know:

Buy Boxing Hand Wraps 

First of all, let us put it out there; why a boxer should wrap their hands at all? 

Well, hand wraps are primarily designed to protect a boxer’s most prized possession – their hands!

The anatomy of human hands is quite intricate and complex – the hands are made up of tiny and fragile joints and bones. These joint and small bones can easily break from the impact of repeated punches/bruises. 

That’s where a set of right hand wraps comes to save the day – hand wraps are designed to hold your hand together, offering support to your fingers, wrists, knuckles, and the whole hand itself. 

Hand Wrap Misconception 

Quite a few people believe that hand wraps offer extra protection or cushion for their knuckles. However, this is not true. The right hand wraps do not provide a cushion to the impact – for that purpose, and we use the right boxing gloves USA

How Hand Wraps Work 

A pair of quality hand wraps are meant to secure all moveable loose joints and bones of your hands. The hand wraps essentially fasten all your joints together, thus making the shock of impact dissipate across your entire hand. 

You would not want your joints to be moving freely and independently when your hand makes contact with a heavy bag or the odd face of your opponent. Otherwise, you could suffer a serious fracture if the joints are moving in free directions. 

What Else? 

While throwing a punch, if your hands are loose – the tiny joints in your hands will be in more danger of collapsing over each other and breaking. Even if you don’t break your hand, you do not want the ever exasperating hand injuries that prevent you from doing daily things like carrying items, holding a pen, or even typing on your laptop. 

Ensure your hands’ protection for life and wear hand wraps!

Boxing Hand Wraps FAQs 

As of now, we hope you understand the sheer importance of wearing the right hand wraps and boxing gloves, so it is time to dive into some frequently asked questions about hand wraps. 

Ok, hand wraps are important so; 

When should I wear Hand Wraps? 

The rule of thumb, wear hand wraps every time you are wearing boxing gloves

You should always wear hand wraps when you train and also every time you are throwing or training to throw a full-force punch. 

A person should always be extra careful and thorough in protecting their hands and wrists when; 

  • Sparring with a partner
  • All and any boxing fights 

As we discussed above, you should wear hand wraps whenever you wear boxing gloves, so you must buy hand wraps whenever you buy boxing gloves. We recommend having at least two sets of hand wraps for every glove you own. 

Having multiple sets of hand wraps enables you to switch gloves with ease during different workouts/training and keeps you on top of your hygiene game. 

Training in Gym

When it comes to training, it is a proven good practice to use your hand wraps even when training alone. For instance, shadow boxing, as shadow boxing helps you practice and explore the feel of hands and shows you which posture and technique are more comfortable for you. 

Additionally, with hand wraps, you can train with confidence and hit as hard as possible without being worried about sustaining or inflicting injuries. If you get this in your habitual routine, you can turn out to be a much better and advanced boxer. 

What are the different types of boxing hand wraps? 

There are two primary types of hands wraps, training hand wraps and professional hand wraps. 

When it comes to professional hand wraps, these are most commonly seen in professional fights. However, they can also be seen being used in most of the high-level training with pro-fighters. 

Professional hand wraps usually consist of layers of tape and gauze, which is often bound with the help of a cornerman or your trainer. When most people say hand wraps, they mainly refer to training hand wraps – which you can wrap yourself. 

Training hand wraps do offer some different options. Some training hand wraps offer a bit of stretch/elasticity to them – enabling them to fit the hand a bit tighter and form to the shape of the hand a lot closer. 

Then comes the non-stretchable hand wraps; these are usually made from thicker materials; hence they fit slightly differently – that is still without the risk of being too tight. 

In the end, it comes down to your personal preference, as both types of hand wraps will do a great job protecting your hands. 

What should be the right size/length of a hand wrap? 

Hand wraps come in a set of different varieties, so it is expected that they might be in different lengths, so it is essential to know how much would you need. 

Primarily this is achieved through the age-old method of trial and error, but as a general rule, the bigger your hands are, the more hand wrap length you will need to wrap your hands properly. 

Aside from the length of your hand wraps, it would help if you also considered the width of the wraps. Two inches is the usual width of a boxing hand wrap, but options are available that are thicker or thinner widths. 

It all boils down to your personal preference rather than the results. 

Tip: If you use Velcro to fasten your hand wraps, the wider wraps will offer you more grip. 

How do you wrap hands properly for boxing? 

There is no sure-fire way to wrap your hands properly; actually, you can use a ton of different ways to do it – however that depends on how tight you want it and if you are comfortable wrapping between each of your fingers. 

‍Follow the step by step guide below to properly wrap your hands;

  1. Pick the hand wrap with your dominant hand
  2. With the palm of your other hand facing down – away from you, stretch your fingers entirely away from each other and place the thumb on the hand wrap material, making a loop around to secure it in place. 
  3.  Wrap the fabric of hand wrap, and wrap it around the wrist until you feel a bit of tightness, which should be noticeable after approximately three wraps. Be careful that your blood circulation does not get restricted. 
  4. Do your thumb once over again, followed by the wrist, do this for a minimum of three times until it feels locked. 
  5. Start wrapping your knuckles from right to left, go across your palm three times – as tight as you possibly can while still feeling comfortable with your fingers spread apart. 
  6. Please bring it back around the wrist and loop it around again. 
  7. Bring the wrap fabric between the middle finger and the ring finger and go across the palm. Please bring it back over to the top of your thumb. 
  8. From here, go around your knuckles once again, then bring it to your wrist for a final loop.
  9. Finish the job by securing your fastening, which is usually with Velcro.

Tip: think of your hand wrap as a figure-eight pattern as you go about your palm in between your fingers. This technique is also known as the ribbon technique/pattern. 

When should you clean your hand wraps? 

You should give your hand wraps a complete cleanup after each class or session. Put your hand wraps in the washing with your everyday load of laundry, preferably in a garment bag. When the wash cycle ends, put in the same garment bag right into the dryer. 

You can do multiple sets of hand wraps in a single wash cycle – putting all in the garment bag. Remember to roll them back up when they are out of the dryer – as when you unroll them next time for use, they will be fresh. 

Word of Advice: do not use hand wraps that are wet for your boxing class under any conditions. It does not matter if they are wet from being fresh out of the wash or from your sweat from yesterday’s training. 

This can become a breeding ground for bacteria and more – never compromise your hygiene. 

How long can a pair of hand wraps last? 

‍For increasing or maximizing the life of your hand wraps, remember to always keep clean hands on clean hand wraps. 

Additionally, as suggested before, having more than one pair of hand wraps will give you the liberty to alternate between them, and this way, you can get each set clean before every subsequent use. 

Having multiple sets of hand wraps will give you a chance to keep them smelling fresh and clean for as long as possible and also will help in keeping your boxing gloves squeaky clean. 

Ideally, you can work around with a pair of right hand wraps for about 5 to 6 months, but there will be signs that will tell you that it is time to ditch them for a new pair. 

The signs include faded color – or the color of white straps turning grey, also any stubborn awful smells or rips in the fabric material. When you see these, look for the right hand wraps. 

Boxing Gloves Price 

Boxing gloves are one of the most important pieces of boxing gear you will ever need, so Infinitude Fight always suggests splurging on them a bit but not too much if you are a beginner. Remember that higher boxing gloves price does not always justify their quality. 

It is important to research thoroughly before purchasing either a quality pair of boxing gloves or a pair of right hand wraps. 

How much will a set of right hand wraps cost? 

Different hand wraps will have different pricing, owing to their various and different features. However, the good thing is, the hand wraps are still relatively cheaper than a pair of boxing gloves. 

A good quality right hand wrap can cost you from $9 to $20. At Infinitude Fight, you can buy hand wraps of premium quality that last long and support your hands. Do not miss out and get a pair today.


Hand wraps are designed to keep your fingers tight for launching a perfect punch and support your wrists to sustain any impact. Not only that, but a right hand wrap will also help you to fill up your gloves. 

Hand wraps are essential to help you keep up your punching techniques and can offer you added impact protection. 

Whether you are new to boxing or are a seasonal athlete, the importance of hand wraps should not be lost on anyone. Not only are hand wraps a genius tool for safety, but they also provide built-up confidence while practicing your boxing techniques. 

Infinitude Fight highly recommends that you learn all tricks, techniques, and tips to keep your hands secure and well-protected.

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