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Cracking the Best Boxing Workouts for Fitness

Best Boxing Workouts

Fitness routines for different people have different requirements – boxing is where these two find common ground. If you are looking for a proficient fitness routine, boxing is the way to go – providing the best fitness solutions. 

Boxing offers multifold benefits, and at Infinitude Fight, it is our go-to solution for all of our fitness needs. We have a strong connection with the sport and the tools that go with it – boxing gloves being our major love interest. 

Boxing is not only a combat sport but much more than that, and boxing can be practiced to burn calories or for aerobic stretch exercises. Boxing maximizes your strength, speed, and endurance. 

Boxing Gloves USA and Boxers 

Boxers and MMA athletes are some of the leanest and most well-trained athletes. Their training focuses on the core, back, legs, and upper body – building up strength and maximizing endurance. If you train the right way, you will lose maximum calories after a heavy workout. 

Buy boxing gloves that promise quality, as besides providing physical stability, the gloves also ensure optimum workout results. Boxing as physical activity helps to de-stress and offers therapeutic effects. Also, your focus on training and workout steers you away from every stressful environment. 

For top results and self-satisfaction, crack the best boxing workouts daily and indulge in various fitness regimes and challenges – that cover all levels of complexity. For workouts, you can use simple equipment, such as a bag – you can also train without a bag – and free weights and other types of gear.  

Boxing Training Program 

A fitness workout can be as versatile as you want it to be; you can employ several ways and techniques and find the proper workout set – that targets the purpose of your practice. This article explains several forms of exercises for your boxing routine. 

Food for thought: Boxing and other forms of MMA workouts can be intimidating, intense, cruel, and risky, but in the end, it is worth it!

Read ahead to choose the one that suits you and your needs best. 

Sparring and Boxing Gloves 

Sparring is one of the ultimate workouts, employing a fair usage of punches and a penetrating training pattern. You can use sparring techniques for boxing exercises at home.  Sparring emulates the real-fighting scenarios, so the trained MMA athletes have an advantage over others in sparring. 

While sparring, you get to train with the countless benefits of cardiovascular training, and that strength is the sure bonus you get – as you work out with every accessible muscle – by twisting and jumping. 

Not only this but you are required to put your mind and body into sparring for responding to your opponent’s moves. Thus, intense focus is essential for timely responses during training and sparring

The sparring workout is engaging and immensely rapid that an opponent doesn’t give you a window even to breathe. 

How to Stay Safe While Sparring? 

Do you want to make the intense sparring workout safer and more responsible? You are not alone; making sparring incident-free – remember, no tools make combat sports completely incident-free, but they minimize the risk factor. 

The use of sparring tools and gear like mouth-guard, boxing gloves, head-guard, and groin-guard drastically reduces the probability of a mishap. Also, Sparring gloves are heavily padded as compared to the ones used in pro-boxing matches. 

Do I Have to Wrap My Hands to Box?

Unless you are an alien, we got news for you – you had 300 bones when born that, through sheer magic, turned into 206 bones by the time you reached adulthood. A lot of this magic relates to cartilage turning into bones and bones getting fused. 

Out of these so many bones, half of them are in your feet and hands. Strictly speaking, you have 27 individual bones in the hands, even when our hands aren’t that big, which implies that these bones are tiny and fragile. 

So, do you think your hands were made to hit into a hard mass of anything repeatedly? 

And, as it is obvious – boxing is all about punching. So if your hand gets broken, you won’t be able to punch and therefore can’t box. 

If you haven’t yet, go and watch Cinderella Man – listen for the stomach-turning crunch of Russel Crowe’s hand when it breaks during a match. Then visualize how much would that hurt to hit your broken hand into some object – get the drift? 

It is imperative to wrap your hands and that too properly.

Who can practice Sparring?

Boxing workouts for beginners should not include sparring, still, the workout routine can become amazingly enticing and effective 

Usually, beginners are advised not to start with this workout routine. However, the sparring workout routine can turn out to be unbelievably exciting and effective as a fitness plan.

Benefits of Sparring

  1. Cross-training session works for a full-body strength and conditioning 
  2. Increased endurance and cardiovascular health
  3. Bridging a connection between the body and mind
  4. Helps in technique refinement, gaining you experience as a martial artist


Mitts is one of the most sought-after and preferred drills to learn a new technique. Not much different from sparring, where you practice your defense along with offense techniques side by side. Mitts are an incredibly powerful exercise for the boxing workout routine of beginners. 

Hitting mitts is one of the most critical exercises for boxers, martial artists, and athletes. The mitts are to be held by a person for the performer. Thus this technique comes with additional benefits of one-on-one collaboration, with the coach guiding you through feedback. 

A person learns and relearns the mitt technique by establishing automatic reflexes for real-time fighting scenarios. The mitts training facilitates a person to employ several broadening combinations of a real fight. 

Benefits of Mitts

  1. Boosting confidence, mitts training knocks out the fear of punches
  2. A boxer, through mitts training, gets a boost in power and agility to counter the opponent
  3. Practicing the accuracy and time for a real-time fight
  4. Grasping the range and distance to develop better techniques for offense as well as defense. 
  5. Stimulating a real-time fight to reduce the ebb and flow of a real fight
  6. Creating and nurturing a bond between a boxer and coach – a better and strong bond will get you closer to the title of an advanced fighter. 

Note: practitioners and trainees who get tired of hitting the mitts will wear out against a live opponent. 


Shadowboxing is a martial art form that could prove to become a perfect workout and could also enhance your fitness regime. 

You can improve your cardio and endurance skills with shadowboxing, making you feel more powerful and in command. 

Shadowboxing is often overlooked as an underrated workout, and the drill is mainly carried out as a warm-up exercise routine before transitioning to a real-time session. Shadowboxing not only gives a boost to the muscles but also gets the heart rate to go up.  

What is Shadowboxing?

In the shadowboxing drill, the boxer moves around in the room, releasing punches left, right, and center in the air, emulating a real fight. Shadowboxing is a part of the fitness regime that guarantees all-inclusive growth along with the easy success of the goals. The best part? – Shadowboxing does not require a partner to practice your techniques. 

Shadowboxing being beneficial for boxers does not stop there, but it also aids people who wish to burn calories. Overall it is an exciting drill that teaches defense skills too. Additionally, shadowboxing has proved to be an effective training form for beginners or those who are just a tad far from being the masters of the arena.

Benefits of Shadowboxing

  1. Help evolve footwork and standing stance on the front foot while simultaneously learning new skills
  2. Boosts and builds muscle memory by repetitive practice of movements 
  3. Adds to your techniques from footwork to punches, to dodges and other movements
  4. Establishing awareness of the current situation and tackling the shot accordingly
  5. Help in developing an attentive attitude, which is essential to master the ring

Shadowboxing, in a nutshell, is like a process of meditation and a visualization exercise for a boxer

Double-End Bag

An option of boxing workout with bag – that is between speed bag and heavy bag – stands the double-end bag; a favorite boxing workout for beginners’ weight loss exercise, out of many. Double-End bag is also known as a floor-to-ceiling bag, the ends of the bag are connected to the floor and the ceiling using an elastic rope. 

Other than the two common types, a double-end bag is considered highly challenging to hit. It helps to work on your high-level skill sets, most notably timing, rhythm, and accuracy. 

Though professionals generally utilize the technique, at Infinitude Fight, we advise beginners to get familiar with the drill and gain an advantage over the opponent.

How Does a Double-End Bag Work?

In contrast to regular bag drills, the double-end bag work keeps you on your toes throughout and helps to develop hand speed and arm training. Every individual is anticipated to be fast enough to defeat the opponent, so every individual has to go through this drill to design and achieve your target and morph into an ultimate boxer.

Benefits of Double-End Boxing

  1. Improves cardiovascular strength, enabling the arms to throw rapid and speedy punches.
  2. It lets you enhance the accuracy of the fighting rhythm, essentially making you an efficient fighter. 
  3. Practicing and polishing the punching skills in addition to other power reflexes. 
  4. Enables the boxer to remain attentive and ready to keep a guard up while engaged in a block
  5. Double-end bag can be used to punch as hard as you want, with precise timing and speed.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is one of the best exercises to enhance one’s body conditioning and easement. It lets the beginners and intermediates properly use the muscle strength and relax in the next instant—one of the primary essentials of a boxing exercise. 

Why Use a Jump Rope?

Boxing professionals and beginners consider jumping rope a must exercise for their holistic training regimes, as it aids them with footwork, conditioning, and strength. 

Jump ropes are considered one of the best tools of the trade, and the toughest of the athletes – from every sport – are seen performing warm-ups and cool-down with a jump rope. 

Benefits of Jumping Rope

  1. A Jumping rope improves endurance 
  2. Bridges the lower and upper body coordination 
  3. Brushed breathing and relaxation pattern development
  4. Promotes precise footwork and focused techniques 
  5. Increases the punching power and stamina to throw a compound 
  6. Helps with full-body conditioning


Other than boxing exercises, the core exercises are essential for every sport, as they hold the connection to the entire body. Crunches as a more robust core exercise let a person work on muscular force on a single unit. Boxing is a sport that requires strong output and the synchronization of the entire body. 

Working for a stronger core is essential as it enables a player to work up to harder punches, balanced movements, and speedy footwork. 

Additionally, while being hit by an opponent, a solid and steady core allows the boxer to withstand shock and pain without losing their balance. 

Not only core lets you stay firm in your defensive stance, but it also makes you recover instantly and land punches, moving all around the ring. 

It won’t be wrong to say that an explosive fight calls for a well-built core!


Athletes of modern times are strong and bigger than ever before. Getting the appropriate diet plan and a robust routine is only a part of the recipe for success. However, even more, vital is the urge to stretch the traditional training methods and use the challenging ones. 

The best boxing workouts enables an individual to accomplish their goals and achieve the higher echelons of boxing. The stimulating drills let you achieve pro-fighting techniques. 

It is very crucial to remain calm and focused on maintaining the achieved position in the ring, which in turn is the primary focus of all boxing workout drills.

So what are you waiting for? Get your basic workout essentials from Infinitude Fight and get set go!

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