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A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Boxing Techniques and Boxing Skills

Boxing is a marvelous combat sport, and it offers numerous health benefits, including improving stamina, coordination, and strength. Boxing has remained one of the major combat sports throughout human history that can be traced back to thousands of years. 

Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves are one of the most innovative tools of the trade for boxing and other combat sports. Not only is their design intelligent, but their sheer beauty – ask any enthusiast – and the protection they offer is simply unmatched. 

Boxing gloves in the USA come in different types, brands, and sizing, and choosing the correct size is one of the most important parts of the decision when you buy boxing gloves. Once you have the correct sizing down, you will be unstoppable!

For all these reasons and more, Infinitude Fight believes that it is never too late to get into the exciting world of boxing gloves and boxing to get to know:

Just how amazing the sport is?

Why has boxing been one of the most popular sports?

And, its benefits!

What are the Benefits of Boxing? 

Boxing centers on growing and refining: agility, speed, strength, hand & eye coordination, and power; remember, these are to name a few. The best part, though? – You don’t have to have the base level of fitness to get started in boxing. This blog intends to inspire beginners and make them feel confident enough to give boxing a go.  

Boxing and training also increase and build your cardiovascular health, so you must add the best cardio exercises and keep yourself safe from heart diseases, burn calories, and maintain weight. Boxing is also a fantastic way to tackle stress, more so when you practice with a punching bag directly. 

Boxing for Beginners at Home 

In this blog, we will discuss and introduce you to some of the basic skills and techniques for beginners to get you started at home. Suppose you are not going to a boxing gym establishment and neither attending professional training classes. 

No sweat – our guides for boxing beginners are suited for those who prefer to start boxing training at home. 

Let’s begin and discuss the boxing stance: 

Boxing Stance 

It would help if you perfected your boxing stance first, as it ensures stability and ensures that you are always ready for an attack. Remember to reestablish your boxing stance after every move!

How to make the perfect boxing stance? 

  1. Put your back heel and front toe on the centerline. Keep your dominant hand in the back – put the right hand back if you are right-handed and vice-versa. 
  2. Distribute your weight equally on both legs and bend your knees slightly. 
  3. Place your feet diagonally, keep them a bit wider than shoulder-width, raise your back heel
  4. Keep your hands up and elbows down
  5. Bring your boxing gloves in front of your head, lower your chin slightly and keep your eyes over the gloves.
  6. Stay relaxed, calm, and breathe!


Step Drag – The step drag is straightforward; begin by stepping in with the leading foot and dragging the back foot. The step-drag makes sure that your body weight is grounded and you are always ready to defend or attack. 

Step-drag also discourages you from crossing your feet or walking, which might make you fall off balance. Try and finish all steps, keeping your feet the same distance apart. 

Pivot – Pivot is pretty simple; pivot off your front foot. You can use pivot in defense to avoid attacks or in offense to try new punching positions. You can also use the pivot stance to counterpunch; doing this takes you out of harm’s way while keeping you in the range to land counterpunches. 


  1. Begin with a relaxed and comfortable position
  2. Let your breath out while you release the punch 
  3. Tighten up your muscles and the fists inside your boxing gloves USA
  4. Bring your hand back to yourself
  5. Apart from the jab, turn your entire body and pivot the feet for all punches 
  6. Retain the body posture and balance for increased agility and power 
  7. Dedicate your non-punching hand to defend the other side of the body
  8. Make sure to exhale with every shot

Key Point: All punches in boxing are a variation of straight punches – elbow straight, uppercut punches – elbow down or hook punches – elbow sideways. 

Some punching examples in boxing: 

The number one punch – The Left Straight called a JAB:

  1. Take your left fist forward while keeping the rest of the body still and straight
  2. Rotate the fist to land with the palm down, exhale sharply as you throw the punch
  3. Retreat your hand back

Right Straight called the Right Cross

  1. Rotate your upper body and the hips and position/pivot your right foot – about 90 degrees
  2. As your right fist extends straight out from below the chin – remember to exhale sharp
  3. Rotate your fist to land with the palm down 
  4. Restrain your head from leaning past the front knee

Boxing Training Exercises

To master the basic boxing skills and techniques for beginners, we have put together a full-body workout/training exercise; the basic workout will get you started, and the plus side? – For this 30-minute workout, you don’t need a partner!

  1. For 5 minutes – start with a steady warm-up of jumping rope
  2. For 3 minutes – do heavy bag work, switch between 30 seconds of recovery punching at a much slower rate switching directly to 30 seconds of power punching 
  3. For the next 3 minutes – do cardio and speed bag work, switching between 30 seconds of alternate punching on a speed bag and the next 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  4. Take 3 minutes for core work – do a plank for one minute, one-minute ball oblique twists, then leg lifts for one minute
  5. Take the next 3 minutes for strength work – do medicine ball squats for one minute, do walking lunges for a minute, and then one minute staggered pushups on a medicine ball
  6. Following 3 minutes for power work – do broad jumps (jumping as far as you possibly can, back and forth). Next, do bag sidekicks for one minute with each leg – how? – kick the bag with the bottom of the foot, also. As you kick out your leg, lean your torso in the opposite direction. 
  7. Heavy bag sequence – 2x
  8. Take a cool down by steadily jumping with a jump rope 

Final Words

Infinitude Fight hopes this blog article on basic boxing techniques and boxing skills has encouraged you to take up boxing as a sport or training routine. Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to inquire about our range of custom boxing gloves

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