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Expert’s Guide on How to Get Started in Boxing for Beginners

Boxing is a giant of a combat sport – it might look not much complicated, but it is intimidating for beginners. Frankly, boxing is much more than throwing punches. Our experts at Infinitude Fight have put together this guide on how to get started in boxing for beginners. 

What’s more? – We will be discussing your favorite boxing gloves too. 

With boxing, you don’t need only strength, but boxing requires correct projection of strength, coordination, balance, endurance, detailed footwork, well thought out boxing punches and, a set of right boxing gloves USA

Additionally, boxing is not only about attacking your opponent – despite what many people believe, boxing is also about defense. 

Boxing Gloves 

One of the most important piece of boxing equipment is – you guessed it right – a pair of quality boxing gloves. When you buy boxing gloves, remember that they are as necessary for your opponents’ protection as they are for you. 

Boxing gloves provide you support, comfort, and protect your hands while also offering protection to your opponent. So when all is done and dusted, boxing gloves are the most important tools in boxing. 

How to Get Started in Boxing

New to boxing and don’t know where to start? Well, you are in luck, as in this blog, we will cover most things you need to know to get started. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s begin!

First of all, why boxing?

Boxing is a full-body and mind sport, and even when you learn only the basics of boxing, you will transform as a person. Boxing brings many physical and mental challenges that you will have to overcome – these challenges will only make you more robust than ever before. 

But before you start, you much understand that like any other sports – combat or otherwise – you will need discipline, grind, and hard work. Sometimes boxing needs even more than that.

What about the benefits of boxing? 

Let’s discuss a few benefits of boxing:

  1. Boosted Total-Body Strength – It might be hard to comprehend, but all the kicking, punching, and jumping up/down you do for boxing takes a tremendous amount of strength. Let’s look at this objectively, most of the heavy bags these days are at least 100 pounds, and when we talk about professional bags, they are even heavier. 

You might need to kick or punch heavy bags multiple times in a boxing drill, sometimes hundreds, which needs strength. Especially lower and upper body strength, including the core, as you engage in contact with the heavy bag. 

It is highly recommended to incorporate various types of strength training moves into your everyday workouts. Include pushups, squats, wall balls, and planks – if you aim to improve your overall body strength, boxing will help you do just that. 

  1. Boosted Cardiovascular Health – it has been said thousands of times, we need a good cardio routine to protect ourselves from heart diseases, lose/maintain weight and burn calories. But cardio is not only mean spending hours on the treadmill or an exercising bike to reach your required quota of minutes – please, how boring is that – yawn. 

The primary purpose of cardio exercises is to put a moderate/healthy amount of stress on your heart and lungs – making them braved enough and make good physiologic adaptations, supporting an increased level of physical activity. 

However, the way you choose to place this stress on your heart and lungs is entirely up to your discretion. You just need to keep your heart rate up during the workout, whether you do it by launching punches, jumping, kicking your way to a healthier body and lifestyle. 

  1. Keeping Stress Lower – Boxing fetches you tons of benefits and rewards; this is one of the best things about it. One of our favorite benefits is that it can actually help quite well to lower your stress levels. How? – Boxing is an excellent window for stress for two reasons:
  2. While doing an excellent boxing workout, you generally switch between high-intensity exercise sessions and moderately intense recovery periods. 

So, when you are in your vibe and constantly pushing yourself through minutes of high-intensity punching and kicking, you do not have the mental energy to think about things that stress you out. Like, how you are behind on that business report or how you are neglecting the garden weeds. 

  1. How would you like to take out your stress on a heavy bag, enticing? –totally. There comes a huge cathartic relieve when you get to take out some of your stress on a heavy bag. The power you feel while tearing the bag into non-literal pieces is simply incredible. 

What to expect from boxing gyms? 

Now, as we have covered the reasons for how boxing benefits you and how to get started in boxing, let us now talk about boxing facilities and gyms. 

Boxing training is generally of two types: 

The first one focuses on teaching/enabling the fighters to better compete in the ring. At the same time, the second type emphasizes helping athletes to work on their overall fitness and health. Some establishments, however, offer both types of training. 

The Difference – The major difference between the two training types is the focus of each. Athletes who want to compete in a ring must learn how to throw punches on their opponents and how to take punches. The competing athletes must learn both as it is crucially important for them. 

Gyms that focus on teaching competing fighters usually have boxing rinds in their facilities and let fighters box with one another. 

On the other hand, if you aim for training that does not involve getting hit, you can easily find gym classes and planned programs outside the ring. The basic techniques and skills are the same; as you will learn to hook, jab, uppercut, work on speed, core strength, footwork, power, and flexibility in such classes/programs—all of that without the risk of getting hit on the head. 

What Equipment Do You Need to get started in boxing?

So how to get started in boxing? And with what equipment? Once you have decided on the gym you want to join; it is time to buy boxing gloves and some other quality gear!

Buy Boxing Gloves

To hit the heavy bag or the odd face of an opponent, you will need some protection on your knuckles – and boxing gloves USA are just the right tool for that. 

When it comes to boxing gloves price, it is just fine to use common variety of boxing gloves or communal gloves when you are just starting. However, the wear and tear in them – and don’t even get us started on the smell – will probably hold you back in comfort and agility. 

Investing in your own pair of boxing gloves USA will not only be a more hygienic option but even better to work on your boxing techniques.

Boxing Gloves Price

When discussing the boxing gloves price factors, at Infinitude Fight, we recommend spending a few extra bucks if the gloves offer you more comfort. Boxing gloves at Infinitude Fight are not only quality, but they will change your lifestyle and raise the bar up for you in terms of comfort and adaptability. 

Buy Hand Wraps

Why Hand wraps? Your hands are made up of tiny bones and delicate joints; imagine throwing a power punch without hand wraps and boxing gloves – see? It is not a pretty visual. 

Additionally, if you happen to injure your hands or wrists, the recovery takes quite a long while and requires immediate and constant medical attention. So how can you avoid all this – Albeit to an extent? Hand wraps!

Hand wraps are without a doubt one of the most crucial tools to protect your hands. They help make your hands more compact and sturdy when you make a fist. This, in turn, protects your knuckles from the direct brunt of impact and injuries.  

Wearing hand wraps under your boxing gloves should feel like a habitual activity. Make wearing hand wraps a must part of your routine that you feel uncomfortable wearing boxing gloves without them. 

If you want assistance to perfect your hand wrapping technique, reach out to our experts at Infinitude Fight here. We will be more than happy to be of assistance. 

Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes are sometimes overlooked when in reality, they shouldn’t be. The right pair of shoes can greatly multiply your mobility and power in the ring. How? Due to their power grip and slimmer materials. Moving in the ring with the right pair of shoes will be a whole lot better also. 

Boxing shoes can get a little pricey so if that is the case for you, stick to a good quality pair of cross-trainers. It is mostly a movement-based combat sport. So wearing a quality pair of shoes will help you a lot in the ring. 

What is a perfect basic boxing stance? 

In your boxing sessions/classes or programs, you will learn all of the types of different punches, like the hook, jab, and upper-cut; however, before you even throw a punch, you should work and master the basic boxing stance. 

Mastering and using a solid stance will help you immensely with your technique while also reducing the chances of injuries. 

How to master the stance? 

First of all, position/fixate your feet, so they are shoulder-width away from each other, with one foot in front of the other direction. Point your front foot straight ahead, facing your odd challenger. 

What to do? 

Pay attention here, if you are right-handed, keep your left foot straight ahead, but if you are a left-handed individual, it will just be the opposite. 

Either way, begin by keeping your back foot out at a 45-degree angle from the line your front foot is sitting on. For avoiding standing square facing the opponent, your leading shoulder should be forward also. This is important; rotating your body will result in adding more power to your punches. 

What not to do? 

If you place your feet too close or too far from each other, it will make you less agile and delay your response time. It would help if you built a position where you are able to move forward with as much ease as you could move left or right. 

Do remember to keep both of your hands in front of your face – imagine that you are in a real fight and want to protect your head. Make it a habit of pulling your hands back immediately back to protect your face right after throwing a power punch. 

Now that you know how to get started in boxing, understand its benefits, have the boxing stance down correctly, and have learned about what kind of gear you will need, it is time to get the right gear and facilities to reach your goals. 


Boxing is a combat sport; as such, it might seem intimidating at first, but once you familiarize yourself with basic boxing techniques, gear, and stance, you will be easily able to evolve into the sport. Trust us; you will find boxing intoxicating. 

It is highly important to make your boxing/training sessions challenging and fun to push through your comfort zone and reach the innumerable lengths of success – that seems unthinkable right now. 

Whether your focus is on becoming a pro boxer or getting into shape. Infinitude Fight experts and our customized gear are here to help you in every way imaginable.

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