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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Velocity Pro White and Gold Sparring Gloves

Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Unbelievable right? But it is true you can buy boxing gloves with great discounts at Infinitude Fight. Please browse through our best Black Friday Boxing Gloves Deals and enjoy a staggering FLAT 20% off on all our boxing gear, including Velocity Pro White and Gold Sparring gloves.

Our exclusive MMA Black Friday Sale will go live from 25th November 2022 to 30th November 2022, the best opportunity to grab your Christmas or Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones or yourself – as you deserve the best. And what’s appealing about our premium quality Velocity Pro Hook and Loop Sparring gloves? They come in Black/Gold and White/Gold variants. 


Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Every boxer deserves quality boxing gear, including a custom pair of Velocity Pro Hook and Loop Sparring gloves for those hard sparring sessions. Human hands are delicate in their build, and our hands are made up of tiny bones and joints that can’t survive the continuous brunt power punches. 

Whether you are a pro, seasonal, or a beginner fighter/trainee, your priority should be to get your hands on quality boxing gloves if you plan to amp your sparring routine. After all, you want the best to ensure the protection of your hands. 

Why you may ask – your hands are the second most vulnerable part of your body that is most exposed to the brunt of an impact. Additionally, injuries to your wrists, fingers, and hands are a tremendous blow to a fighters’ performance. Not to mention, such injuries require proper and constant medical care immediately. 

So what can you do to avoid these costly time and money-draining injuries? – Invest in a quality pair of boxing gloves in the USA. And what is better than getting them at discounted prices? 

With Infinitude Fight, you can take advantage of our Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves. Treat yourself or a loved one with these custom sparring gloves and enjoy a FLAT 20% discount on them. What could be better than this?

Why do I Need White & Gold Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves?

Velocity Pro Hook and Loop gloves are meticulously designed for those power sparring sessions. The Velocity Pro are traditional sparring variants, but they also come with easy-to-wear-on/off-hook and loop closures. 

Hook and Loop closure in a sparring glove is one of the most intelligent features. You can switch between the gloves easily when doing a versatile workout that requires frequent changes. That enables you to only focus on practicing your craft and takes your mind off trivial things, like looking for someone to do and undo your gloves. 


Additionally, Velocity Pro provides you peace of mind and protection for your hands, but this protection extends to your sparring partners. Making the session less probable to result in an injury – the best of both worlds, right? 

Benefit from our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals and make sure you and your sparring partner can practice with peace of mind and precise focus. 

What Else Do I Get From Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves? 

Ah, the best part, let’s discuss the fantastic features of our sparring variants – Velocity Pro White and Gold gloves you get:

  1. A 4 layer INFINITI-SHELL foam, which ensures comfort and aids in natural movement 
  2. Supple leather exterior and soft padding, best for extreme sparring sessions
  3. Antimicrobial inner lining, which helps with long sparring sessions 
  4. Added wrist protection with innovative INFINITI-ARMOR technology
  5. Flawless functioning and durability, quality of genuine leather sparring gloves
  6. Easy to use Hook and Loop closure system


What sizes for Sparring Gloves are recommended? 

When it comes to gloves size, experts at Infinitude Fight recommend variants starting from 14 ounces. Nevertheless, if you have petite hands or bulky ones, you can go up and down the sizes according to your needs. Ideally, 12-ounce variants are ideal for smaller hands, and for larger hand sizes, you can go up to 18-ounce ones. 

Why Should I Choose Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves? 

With Velocity Pro Sparring gloves, you get a premium quality product specifically designed for professional boxers. The gloves come with INFINITI-SHELL soft foam that beautifully absorbs the impact of heavy punches and protects your hands from damage, small or otherwise.

Could our Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals be better? – With Velocity Pro, Yes!

Wait, How? 

The full-block design of Velocity Pro shields the entire hand from the forearm to the fingers. The construction of these variants gives added protection to your wrists as well as your fingers. 

The material and technology used in the product are innovative and contours around the form of your hands – giving you optimum comfort and protection even when you try them on for the first time. This way, you don’t have to break into the gloves, as they are supple and have soft foam padding inside. 

INFINITI-ARMOR technology offers vital impact protection and allows for a strong force delivery through several padding elements of different compressibility levels. With added protection for the wrist, Velocity Pro Sparring gloves offer comprehensive protection. INFINITI-SHELL ensures that the protection remains unobtrusive by using specifically formed layers of foam that provide a close fit while still allowing for natural motion.

Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves 

You get the ultimate protection from power impacts and a power force delivery with INFINITI-ARMOR technology, which employs multiple padding elements of varying compressibility. The extra wrist protection of Velocity Pro also offers comprehensive protection. 

However, the INFINITI-SHELL technology ensures that the upper mentioned protection remains unobtrusive. The precise placement of molded foam layers provides a snug fit while guaranteeing enough room for natural motion. 

What Else do we have in Store? 

A boxer should never use a pair of boxing gloves without properly wrapping their hands with a quality pair of hand wraps. Infinitude Fight brings you fantastic boxing gear at FLAT 20% discounts for MMA Black Friday Sale.

So, why should I buy Hand wraps? 

Boxing Hand Wraps – CAMO Edition

Quality Construction 

You buy hand wraps for their perfect mix of support and comfort; the CAMO hand wraps are meticulously manufactured with elastic and durable material ideal for everyday wear and tear. 

Plus-Point: The CAMO boxing hand wraps are machine washable and support easy cleaning and care routines. 

Optimum Support

Hand wraps are designed with 180-inch lengths, enabling you to perfectly wrap around your hands, knuckles, and wrists for extended and precise support and protection – that too without adding much bulk under your boxing gloves

While talking about gloves, are you looking for a fantastic discount on boxing gloves’ price this Black Friday? Please browse through our amazing Black Friday deals on boxing gloves and claim your FLAT 20% off discounts. The sale begins from 25th November 2022 till 30th November 2022. 

Let’s talk some more about CAMO boxing hand wraps because why not? 

Secure Fit

Hand wraps collection at Infinitude Fight comes with an oversized hook and loop closure and a sturdy thumb ring loop for keeping the wrap secured and snug during the sparring or training session. 

Multiple Uses 

You can use CAMO boxing hand wraps for boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, aerobic boxing, MMA, and other combat sports; CAMO hand wraps are best for all these sports and protect you from all injuries. 

Color Variations

Hand wraps in the Infinitude Fight collection come in various color and design combinations, such as these CAMO variants. Each variant is sold in pairs so you can wrap both hands. 

Amazing right? What else can one get from our fantastic MMA Black Friday Sale

Wait, there is more:  

Breathable Gear

CAMO wraps are manufactured with semi-elastic durable cotton material, which takes well to a powerful beating – round after round and wash after wash. 

Easy Wrap Around

Hook and loop closure and the thumb ring loop lets you quickly wrap your hands precisely and hold the position. 


CAMO wraps have elastic material that perfectly conforms to your hand shape and size – while fitting securely and comfortably. With a length of 180 inches, the CAMO variants are of perfect length for a secure and protective fit – without giving the bulky feeling underneath your boxing gloves


MMA Black Friday Sale 

We hope you are as excited as we are for Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals. Trust us; this excitement is worth it with the deals we offer from 25th November 2022 to 30th November 2022. You can enjoy a FLAT 20% discount on all boxing gear at our shop. 

Boxing gloves’ prices have never been this affordable; stay tuned for amazing discounts with our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals.

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