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Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves

Getting into boxing is more exciting than it seems, and we at Infinitude Fight completely understand its thrill. Beginners need not worry about getting started in the ring – if they have proper boxing equipment, including a pair of perfect boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves

For a beginner or an amateur who is just starting in the ring, choosing the proper boxing equipment might seem a bit intimidating. However, there is nothing to worry about; go through this guide and buy boxing gloves for yourself – as safety, comfort, and protection should be your priority like it is ours; to offer you quality boxing gear.

How to choose boxing gloves?

With gloves, the good thing is you have tons of options, and the bad thing? – that you have tons of options. Hear us out, it is always good to have plenty of options, but if you are starting, multiple options can puzzle and intimidate you.

Hundreds of brands have multiple glove models available in multiple designs and parameters. These gloves are offered with diverse price tags and are made from natural leather and synthetic materials.

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Choosing the right pair of gloves is undoubtedly incredibly important, especially when you want to enter the world of combat sports. Your equipment, including the gloves, shall impact the comfort level of your training sessions. A comfortable quality pair of gloves will let you exercise longer and, most importantly, protect your hands and arms from injuries.

Sizing of Boxing Gloves

The first and foremost step of the game should be the selection of the right size boxing gloves. Gloves do not come in small, large, or extra-large sizes; rather, they are manufactured in ounces (oz). The most used weights of the gloves are 10, 12, 14, and 16 ounces.

10oz gloves are mostly used for training on a punching bag or pads, while the 14, 16, and 18oz variants are primarily used for sparring sessions. Heavier variants are ideal for sparring and training as they let protect your face better and reduce the danger of a knockout.

For professional bouts, a knockout is preferred, so the 8oz to 10oz gloves are more common. More the padding inside the heavier will be the glove, as the amount of padding inside determines the weight of the variants. Heavily padded gloves are ideal for protecting your hands and opponents’ faces from sustaining and inflicting injuries.

Mostly, beginners prefer large size gloves for added safety and comfort. However, the selection of exact glove size depends on your total body weight and your intended usage. There are no profound differences between gloves for men and women; however, manufacturers label their girly designs as female boxing gloves.


How should your gloves fit?

Your gloves should hold your hands in a tight fit. It is advised to put them on while wearing hand wraps or gel wraps. A proper fit of the glove should touch your hand wraps but not so tight that it limits the curling of your fists.

Boxing Equipment

How you categorize your boxing equipment as the best option for beginners depends on its intended use. Professional boxers normally have multiple pairs to switch the variants between fights, sparring, and training sessions. However, if you are a beginner, a single pair will do just fine.

Below is a quick rundown of different types of gloves:

Everyday/training Gloves

Multipurpose gloves can be used for different activities and types of training. Training or universal gloves are undoubtedly the best choices for beginners. Training gloves are ideal to couple with punching bag workouts and sparring sessions. These variants can also be used for different boxing types such as Muay Thai, Sanda, or kickboxing.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves will suit you well if you plan on training at home on your own, and on the contrary, these gloves are not suitable for sparring. These variants are designed to sustain punches against heavy and touch obstacles – like the punching bags, and they will come with denser and heavier padding inside them.

What to consider while choosing?

For gloves, the most important features considered while making a selection are weight and size. Try on different gloves of varying sizes, from 12oz, 14oz to 16oz, and pick the one that fits and feels best on your hands. Tip: Make sure the gloves fit correctly, even when wearing them with hand wraps. Also, remember the gloves also need time to adjust, just like shoes.


When just beginning in boxing, there is no need for you to pick out professional gloves – as you might not even know the difference. We suggest that you start with the basic variants that are also much less expensive, keep practicing and gain as much experience as you can. Afterward, you can move on to the professional boxing gear when you have perfected your craft and technique. 

Lace or Velcro?

Lace-up variants offer relatively better and strong wrist support, and these will also fit you better – however, lace-ups are completely impractical for training. As lace-ups take much longer to put on and off, you can’t tie them up by yourself and will need assistance from someone else – mostly your coach or the cornerman. At the beginner stage, lace-ups are not worth the fatigue. On the other hand, the Velcro gloves will do a much better job while training and only need seconds to put on without needing assistance.


Natural Leather or Synthetic Gloves?

Boxing gloves are mostly made out of cowhide or synthetic leather. This selection is true of the most important, as the material used in the gloves will directly impact the wearer’s comfort, protection, durability of the variant, and the boxing gloves price.  

Synthetic gloves are understandably cheaper than the natural leather variants – under the $40 mark. The prices of these variants are one of the biggest reasons why beginners commonly use these gloves. On the other hand, if you plan on training regularly, then the natural leather variants are always a better alternative.

Unsurprisingly, genuine leather boxing gloves are more expensive; however, these are worth every penny. Other than the natural material resilience and incredible sturdiness of natural leather, these gloves will also fit you more snugly.

Gone are the days when the choices were limited to only a few brands. Infinitude Fight has the best boxing equipment you’ll ever lay your hands on. Our gloves are made from premium quality full-grain leather, but the padding material, stitching, and technology used to manufacture them are incredible.


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