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What are the major differences between Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing Gloves?

When you talk about gloves, depending on the type of combat sport you are into, there are various boxing gloves in the market, for instance, boxing duels, Muay Thai and MMA. Infinitude Fight’s article will elaborate on some of them closely and explain why such differences exist in their making, style, and purposes. 


Boxing Gloves

Gloves for boxing are probably the best and most famous option, designed solely for boxing. These variants are best suited for the sport because their weight is distributed across the entire glove area, and their padding enhances protection for the wearer as well as their opponent. 

Buy Boxing Gloves 

A combat fighter, fitness trainee, or sparring enthusiast all need a good glove to practice with relative peace of mind. Gloves are the coolest gear of any boxing equipment, and they offer premium comfort and comprehensive security to the wearers. 

Practicing or competing in combat sports is extremely difficult without proper gear as the human body is still relatively susceptible to injuries. That is where tools such as gloves and protective headguard come in. One has to be extremely careful and keenly observe the variant’s features as they are crucial to safety, so when you buy boxing gloves, pay heed to what your coach or trainers have to say – as their advice will matter the most in the long run. 


Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai gloves are extremely good quality; however, they are quite different from boxing gloves. The build of Muay Thai variants makes it easier for the hands to open and let your thumbs clinch and grab the opponent.  These variants are also immensely handy to better block kicks, a major facet of Thai sports. 

As the gloves keep hands open, it makes it tougher to form a fist easily, thus affecting your punching power/rate and boxing combinations. 

MMA Gloves

MMA variants aren’t made in as high quality as boxing or Thai gloves. The main aim of MMA gloves design is to make these variants look fancy and cool; however, these gloves don’t offer much when it comes to durability or protection. 

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Some More Key Differences

If you happen to see all three of these gloves together, your first thought will be on the difference of their lengths, with MMA gloves being the shortest and the boxing gloves is the longest of the three in comparison. 

Thai gloves are mostly shorter, but a tad bit heavier, as most of the padding inside them is concentrated on the top. On the other hand, gloves for boxing are longer and offer added wrist support to the wearer. Wrist support is important as it supports your hands and locks you in to offer you that extra support you need for throwing a power punch. 

As opposed to the other two sports, in boxing you are only allowed to use your hands, so the hands are ideally heavily protected. The padding in boxing variants is evenly distributed from top to bottom, front and the back, and the sides. This extra padding is necessary as a boxer needs to block the opponent’s punches in addition to throwing theirs; this is why a bit of extra padding makes your safety more promising. 


The shorter gloves for Muay Thai are beneficial as they are easy to manipulate as the fighter can use their hands to grab their opponent from behind the neck and use kicks. On one hand, the Muay Thai fighters like to stay close to their opponents. While on the other hand, the boxers like to stay a bit further away from their opponents to be easily able to throw punches. 

For this purpose, they have evenly distributed padding, enabling them to throw and land punches smoothly and in a relatively easier maneuver. Due to the more even distribution of the padding, the gloves feel a bit lighter. Additionally, the extra padding of the variants allows the fighters to navigate, avoid and block the powerful punches of the opposing party and take most of the impact forces, shielding the wearer. 

When it comes to the pricing, the boxing glove price tags for each of these types are a bit different from each other, as are their make, type, materials, and design. 

Another key difference in boxing gloves is the placing of the thumb, ideally right behind the padding; this keeps your wrists strong/firm and effortlessly locked. While the MMA gloves have light padding, the fighter needs to use his hands to navigate and grab the opponent and apply various techniques and locks. 

MMA Gloves a Brief Guide

There are several more things you should know about MMA gloves. For starters, ask any fighter what is the most important part of their body for the sport? Without a doubt, they will mostly answer “hands.” This answer is more noticeable for MMA fighters, as they can be down on the mat trying to wiggle away from a submission or pinching their opponent’s limbs either to position for a strike or initiate submission of their own. 

Think about what would you need to perform all of this successfully? Yes, a perfect pair of MMA gloves. Below is a brief guide on MMA gloves for you, where we are focusing on the common features to look for while evaluating or when you want to buy MMA gloves. 


The padding of MMA gloves varies in thickness and type. Some of the best MMA variants come with gel padding for absorbing the impacts. Generally, the padding of the MMA variants should be an inch thick. It is crucial to remember that these variants are not designed for sparring, or heavy bag work and never for a real boxing fight. 


Fingerless Gloves

As mentioned earlier, MMA fighters need to make various moves with their hands. To that effect, other than protecting their hands, they want to use their fingers to grip or clinch onto their opponent’s arms and legs to maneuver a submission hold.  

For doing such activities, you cannot simply have the type of restrictions that boxing gloves come with; visualize trying to hold onto your opponent’s forearm to execute a triangle-choke lock or an arm-bar by wearing a pair of boxing variants. 

Not a pretty picture, right? What you need are your fingertips to be free to do the actual gripping. 


The MMA variants owing to their make and materials used, should last you for several years, give or take. The gloves are designed to withstand a lot of usages. They are normally made from the best quality, including the material, stitching, and cut of the gloves’ leather, among many other factors. 


As far as the sizing is concerned, your MMA gloves should always fit you snugly on the hands. There is no need for them to be too tight that they start to restrict the blood circulation if you cannot use your hands in the desired manner. Also, the variants should not be too loose to start to slip off from your hands mid-fight. 


The types of gloves you end up buying should always depend on the type of sport you will use them for and your personal preference. Additionally, the type of brand you choose is also quite important as each has a different design and built quality, so you must choose wisely. 

Infinitude Fight is famous for its quality boxing gear manufactured using the highest quality genuine 100% natural leather and each product is rigorously tested to ensure durability for the customers. Our boxing equipment includes boxing gear, Muay Thai gear, and MMA gloves, so make your pick today!


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