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Boxing Gloves – How heavy are they?

boxing gloves – how heavy are they

Boxing has conquered countless new arenas and is no longer the black sheep of the fitness world. Boxing has made an inspiring comeback and has become one of the most highly anticipated sports programs on various sports channels. Infinitude Fight believes boxing is one of the best options for people looking to get an incredible physique.  

Boxing is not your run-in-middle walk in the park – it is much more than that, and it demands effort and a daredevil heart. Boxing is a dangerous sport without its gear – such as a pair of quality boxing gloves

Even with its growing popularity, when it came to boxing, many people didn’t think twice about boxing as an exercise. Boxing was an underground sport for outrageous heavyweight champs to release their frustrations on each other. 

So, boxing gloves USA – how heavy are they? We will get to that in an instant first; let’s discuss a little history associated with boxing and boxing gloves. 

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Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves and boxing history is quite colorful and interesting. In old times, when you joined a fight camp, you were either a contender, or you did Tae Bo – it didn’t matter much if you were a featherweight, welterweight, or middleweight. 

Moreover, with the massive popularity of movies like “Ali” and “Rocky,” with scenes of bloody punches thrown one after another in a grisly battle to win – it didn’t come as a surprise that boxing got quite a bad reputation. 

Right, but then what changed? 

Boxing and its ways evolved. Boxing is an ancient sport that has been around for thousands of years – in one form or another. The best thing about boxing is its ability to adapt and its constant evolution. 


With the evolution of modern human society, the focus shifted to the much-needed issues of nutrition and fitness. The change in focus came about due to consumers wanting to do anything and everything to improve their overall wellbeing and health. 

Gyms and boxing training centers started to shift focus to the benefits of high-intensity interval training or HIIT. People en masse started noticing the high delivering benefits from the HIIT exercises – however, everyone is unique, and this practice just wasn’t cut out for everyone.   

Thus began the search for other options that steered clear of the need to balance hundreds of pounds over their heads yet provided them with a full-body workout routine that gave them good cardio. 

Boxing Equipment, Gyms and Gear

Boxing gyms began to slowly enter the fitness industry and became one of the most sought-after exercise regimes. Many institutions started popping up that taught safe boxing practices while creating a fun atmosphere and burning tons of extra calories. 

If you are thinking of joining the mad world of fitness, it is imperative for you to understand the tools of the trade. The most important tool for boxing is a pair of boxing gloves


Buy Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves are the trade symbol for boxing, and it wouldn’t be boxing without a quality pair of boxing gloves. Before you go out to buy boxing gloves, we recommend first talking with your trainer or coach for recommendations. 


Boxing gloves come in various sizes and styles, so it is highly suggested to get a good idea and feel of what you will need before spending even a penny on the boxing gear. 

If you keep asking yourself, “boxing gloves – how heavy are they” or “how heavy boxing gloves should be for a particular type of boxing/training,” keep on reading as you will be surprised to know that there is no one-size-fits-all kind of solution to boxing gloves USA.  

In reality, boxing gloves vary in weight ranging from 8oz models to 20oz heavyweight models – it all boils down to the purpose of the gloves. 

Note: Boxing gloves come in weight in ounces, and the label weight is for one single glove. For instance, if a glove pair is labeled as 12oz boxing gloves, each glove of the pair will be 12oz in weight. 

Let’s discuss different kinds of boxing gloves and see how heavy they each should be; 

Training Boxing Gloves

Training gloves are versatile and can be put to use for all types of boxing training that includes a match room sparring and a ringside hitting of a bag. The bulkier the glove you use, the more padding is inside them, which means that larger/bulkier gloves will offer your hands more protection. 

Moreover, when a beginner trains with larger padded boxing gloves, it will help them become familiar with the weight, and thus their hands will act faster when they switch to the smaller size of gloves during/for the competition. 

The type/weight of the gloves is dependent on the weight of the person:

Sparring Gloves

When you buy boxing gloves that are specifically for sparring, actually you are buying gloves that are extra-padded to protect your sparring partner. With sparring gloves, a person’s weight class becomes a secondary entity as most boxers use gloves weight above and around 16oz to spar. 

Still, if your weight is above 175 pounds, an 18oz boxing gloves pair or a 20oz boxing gloves pair is more commonly used. 

Bag Gloves

As evident from the name, the bag gloves are designed to be used with a heavy bag, speed bag, or pad training. Bag gloves are typically made with less padding in the knuckles than other boxing gloves styles. 

Yes, it might be confusing to have a glove with lesser padding; however, the bag gloves are designed to enable fighters to feel their punches and get used to the impact force. 

For instance, if a wrong or weird punch is thrown, the fighter will be able to feel it in their gloves, letting them work or adjust their technique thus. 

Competition Boxing Gloves

Competition boxing gloves are made with less amount of padding in the knuckles and are specifically designed to keep the fight in mind. These Competition gloves are built for the opponent to feel each impact and each strike. 

Typically there are two levels of boxing gloves for competition, amateur and professional. Each type has specific sizing per weight class division. The amateur gloves are a bit more regulated in accordance with stricter rules at this level. 

Boxing Gloves Sizing

Professional boxing gloves are divided into two size categories

  1. The Welterweight Fighters of 174lbs class and under mostly use 8oz boxing gloves.
  2. The Super Welterweight Fighters of 154lbs and up commonly wear 10oz boxing gloves. 

Amateur boxing gloves are available in mainly three sizes: 

  1. Fighters of the light welterweight class of 141lbs mostly use 10oz boxing gloves 
  2. Fighters in a welterweight class of 152lbs to a super heavyweight class of 201lbs most commonly use 12oz boxing gloves. 
  3. Masters Division Fighters who are 41 years in age and above mostly use 16oz boxing gloves. 


So, boxing gloves – how heavy are they? To the point answer is: it is subjective and varies. Boxing is one of the most famous combat sports and has come a long way and evolved since its gladiator days when the fighters used to wrap their hands in sturdy leather that was enhanced in special iron and copper brackets – yikes! 

Nowadays, boxing is an important part of the Olympics, WBC, WBO, and WBA. 

Boxing gloves – how heavy are they? – Boxing gloves differ in size, weight, style and serve various different purposes. If you think of taking up boxing as an exercise or fitness regime, Infinitude Fight suggests investing in a quality pair of boxing gloves

Also, consult your trainers or coaches – as they are immensely equipped and amazingly well-informed. They will ensure that you protect your wrists and hands with a correct set of boxing gloves to help avoid injuries. However, if you want another expert’s opinion, reach out to Infinitude Fight experts on our Instagram


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