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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Raider Pro Boxing Gloves for Bag Work

Black Friday Boxing Glove

Your day just got better. Why you may ask? Well, Infinitude Fight has put up your favorite “Raider Pro Bag Work Gloves” on SALE! Yes, you heard us right,  it’s true: 

Enjoy store-wide best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at our online store from November 25th to November 30th, 2022. Now you can get your favorite boxing gloves with massive FLAT 20% discounts. 

Do you prefer high quality? And want to buy boxing gloves that are ideal for bag work? 

Let’s welcome the star of the show “Raider Pro Bag Work Boxing Gloves.” For power bag work sessions, the Raider Pro is the best choice! What’s even better, these dreamy gloves are on huge discounts! 

You get – Quality and Affordability; talk about the best of both worlds. 

Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Durable, easy to maintain, quality boxing gloves from the USA and a set of full boxing gear are a combat fighter’s dream. If you plan to equip yourself with some trendy and quality gear, we suggest prioritizing gloves the most. 

Remember, there are no boxing gloves better than Raider Pro Bag Work Boxing Gloves for bag work.

Boxing Gloves

Why are gloves necessary? The human body is one of the most resilient among all living things; however, it does have its limitations. Let’s take your hands as an example – after your head/skull – hands are relatively the second most vulnerable part of the body. 

Our hands are made up of tiny joints, nerves, and bones that are susceptible to injuries while remaining under constant impact forces. 

What Impacts forces? – The Impact of punches onto the heavy bags or the odd face of your opponent. The multitude of these injuries increases when you don’t use proper boxing gear

This is why our experts stress on providing the best gear to athletes, fighters, and fitness enthusiasts. If you are into any of these activities, buy boxing gloves that offer you full-hand protection – such as the Raider Pro!


Getting the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at discount prices is another advantage of shopping with us Infinitude Fight’s Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves are the best you will find in the market. So, don’t miss this opportunity, grab your Christmas and early Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Talking about an instant shopping experience – why wait? Go and treat yourself or your loved ones with fantastic ready-to-order products – on FLAT 20% discounts from November 25th. You deserve it!

Why do I Need Raider Pro Bag Work Gloves?

Why indeed – Raider Pro provides optimum and targeted comfort to your hands and the wrist areas, ensuring a power bag work session. You can go on and on without stopping as these variants guarantee protection*. The Raider Pro Bag Gloves provide mental peace through comfort so that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. 

These variants are innovative all-rounder bag gloves suitable for power bag-work sessions and mixed training sessions. 

Take advantage of the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at Infinitude Fight online shop with the fantastic Raider Pro Bag Work Boxing Gloves – which are available in multiple fabulous colors – all of which you can depend upon; for perfect bag work!

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What Else Raider Pro Bag Work Boxing Gloves Offer? 

Allow us to walk you through the fantastic features of our star Raider Pro; with it, you get: 

  1. INFINITI SHELL multiple foam layer padding – which promotes natural motion and offers maximum comfort
  2. Gloves best suited for Bag Work
  3. Manufactured with 100% Genuine Premium Leather for extreme durability
  4. Sturdy and long-lasting Hook and Loop restraining/closure system 

The prices for boxing equipment, which includes the boxing gloves price – at Infinitude Fight – will be lowered FLAT 20% under our extensive MMA Black Friday Sale


What size for Bag Gloves are suggested? 

For bag work, variants of 12oz and lower are considered the best. Infinitude Fight experts suggest getting variants from 12oz and below whether you want to do fitness, training, or hardcore bag work. You can go up the sizes, from 14oz and above; however, with bag gloves, you should go for the smaller variants.


To hit a heavy bag or pads, the 12 oz variants are ideal as the lower weight class of these variants – called bag gloves – will enable you to deliver punches with speed without forfeiting the protection of your hands. 

If you have any more questions about gloves sizes – for Raider Pro or otherwise – please reach out to our experts here. Or you can also consult your coach/trainer. 


What colors does Raider Pro come in? 

Raider Pro is one of our best gloves, so, understandably, we spent a ton of effort and time on its designs and color variations for our customers. 

Let’s take a look at what color variants are available in our MMA black Friday Sale: 

  1. Black and Blue
  2. Maroon and Black
  3. Black
  4. Black and White
  5. Black and Gray
  6. Black and Yellow
  7. Black, Green and Blue
  8. Brown and Black
  9. Black and Maroon

Why Raider Pro? 

Raider Pro Hook and Loop are designed using strong padding materials, making them unbelievably suitable for bag work and additionally for mixed fitness sessions. 

Raider Pro has a strong hook and loop restraining closure system, making it the best option for medium to short-duration sessions, most notably for fitness training. These variants are structured with 100% genuine moisture-proof leather and lined with antimicrobial inner fabric – making the gloves a long-lasting investment. 

Enforced with premium cowhide leather for durability, the variants come with four-layer solid padding, which offers you a fantastic hitting experience – without cutting down on protection. 

The variants come with hook and loop wrist closure, providing a solid hold/grip around the wrist area – giving the gloves a great feel and an amazing fit. 


Excited about the best Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves

MMA Black Friday Sale

We can feel the electrifying vibe of our Black Friday Sale, so do you want to make the most out of it? Please take advantage of the amazing discounted boxing gloves price ranges this Black Friday and avail FLAT 20% off on our entire range of boxing equipment

The SALE Includes our star “Raider Pro” and our quality: Head Gear, Hand Wraps, and other boxing gloves!

Boxing Gloves in the USA have never been this reasonably priced, so enjoy the opportunity. The SALE will be live from November 25th till November 30th, 2022.

*Boxing Gloves and all other boxing gear offer optimum safety/protection. However, there always remains a chance of sustaining an injury. But the probability of such an incident gets almost negligible by using proper gear.