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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Velocity Pro Hook and Loop Sparring Gloves

Yes, you read it right; the fantastic “Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves | Black & Gold Hook & Loop” are on the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at Infinitude Fight. 

Want to buy boxing gloves and are looking for a discount? We have the best deals and offers for you in our MMA black Friday Sale! Enjoy 20% FLAT discounts on boxing gloves and all other boxing gear. 

Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Boxing gloves are essential for every boxer, whether a professional fighter, seasonal or beginner. If you want to take up boxing as a sport or a training routine, your first order of business is to get your hands on quality custom boxing gloves

For boxers, the second most venerable part of the body is their hands. Your hands are made up of tiny bones and joints susceptible to injuries if proper boxing gear is not used while sparring. Investing in quality boxing gloves from USA is highly recommended, and how would you like to get fantastic quality and custom boxing gloves at Sale prices? 

Infinitude Fight is offering Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves so you can treat yourself with custom-made quality gloves at a Flat 20% off discount. Amazing right? 

Why do I Need Velocity Pro Sparring Hook & Loop Gloves?

Velocity Pro Sparring gloves are traditional gloves for sparring, and these come with hook and loop closure. The gloves are meticulously designed for your hard sparring sessions. Not only Velocity Pro offers your hands optimum protection, but the gloves also extend protection to your sparring partner. 

So, you can go all out and practice the craft with peace of mind and not worry about hurting your partner. Take advantage of the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at Infinitude Fight, and ensure better protection for yourself and your partner today!


What Else Do I Get From Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves? 

Let us outline all the fantastic features of our amazing Sparring Gloves – with Velocity Pro, you get: 

  1. Super Soft padding, best for those power sparring sessions
  2. A comfortable and secure fit with 4-layer mold foam INFINITI-SHELL, offering a better range of natural motion.
  3. The gloves facilitate extended sparring sessions with antimicrobial inner.
  4. For definitive durability and function, the gloves are made from 100% genuine leather.
  5. Velocity Pro comes with INFINITI-ARMOR technology, offering extra and precise wrist protection
  6. Easy hook and loop closure, making gloves changes easy during a session. 

What sizes for Sparring Gloves are recommended? 

Regarding Velocity Pro hook and Loop Sparring gloves for beginners, we recommend starting from 14oz gloves. However, if you have a smaller hand size, you can start from 12oz sparring gloves and go up to 18oz, depending on the increasing hand sizes. 


Why Should I Choose Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves? 

Infinitude Fight offers Velocity Pro in premium quality, and the gloves are designed for professional fighters looking for a reliable pair of sparring gloves. The gloves are made from super-soft INFINITI-SHELL padding foam. The padding foam is incredibly protective and intelligently absorbs the impact of power punches. 

Can our Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals get better than this? – With Velocity Pro, Yes!


Velocity Pro is manufactured with a full-block design, covering the entire hand from the forearm to the fingertips. The gloves’ design offers added protection to the wrist area and guarantees a comfortable fit – even for the first time you use them. 

Now you don’t need to break into the gloves, as they are incredibly soft and adapt to your hands the very first time you try them on!

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MMA Black Friday Sale 

INFINITI-ARMOR technology in Velocity Pro gloves offers maximum protection from an impact and ensures a potent and vigorous delivery using the multiple padding forms of varying compressibility. Extra protection offered by Velocity Pro ensures comprehensive protection for your wrists.

INFINIT-SHELL additionally ensures that this protection remains as unobtrusive as possible by using precisely molded layers of padding foam that gives a snug-fitting while still permitting the natural motion.  


What Else do we offer? 

An informed boxer never uses a pair of boxing gloves without first wearing a pair of quality boxing hand wraps. Infinitude Fight has also put a 20% Flat Discount on the range of boxing hand wraps

So, why should I choose Leopard Boxing Hand wraps? 

Boxing Hand Wraps – Leopard Edition

There are many reasons why should you opt for our Leopard edition boxing hand wraps; let’s look into them:

Quality Construction 

Our Leopard Edition boxing hand wraps offer a perfect mix of support and comfort. The hand wraps are meticulously crafted using long-lasting, elastic conforming materials that specifically hold up to everyday wear and tear. 

Plus Point: The Leopard edition boxing hand wraps are also machine washable, ensuring easy care and cleaning. 

Unlimited Support

Leopard boxing hand wraps measure 180 inches in length, letting you wrap your hands, wrists, and knuckles completely for maximum support and safety – All of this without adding too much bulk under your boxing gloves. 

Talking about gloves, want to enjoy a Flat 20% off on boxing gloves price this Black Friday? Check out our fantastic Black Friday deals on boxing gloves and claim your discount. The sale goes live from 25th November 2022 to 30th November 2022. 

Getting back to boxing hand wraps, let’s talk about Leopard hand wraps’: 

Secure Fit

Leopard edition boxing hand wraps come with an oversized hook and loop closure setting, in addition to a strong thumb loop, which keeps the hand wrap secure and snug for the entire sparring session. 

Versatility in Use

Where can you use Leopard edition boxing hand wraps? Gear up with our inventive Leopard hand wraps while kickboxing, boxing, aerobic boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and other full contact sports, and enjoy optimum protection from injuries. 

Choice of Colors

Keeping in mind different tastes and needs, these hand wraps are designed in Leopard print. Each design is sold in pairs, so get to protect both hands. 


Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves 

Take advantage of Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals and buy boxing gloves and other boxing gear at FLAT 20% discounts. Boxing Gloves Prices have never been this affordable, so what are you waiting for? 

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