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6 Characteristics of the Best Training Boxing Gloves

Training Boxing Gloves

What is the importance of the best quality training boxing gloves, you ask?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Daily training is a vital part of a boxer’s life. This way, he prepares himself for the big and challenging boxing matches. So, it is quite necessary that the boxer must feel comfortable during the process. For this purpose, it is essential to be equipped with the best quality training boxing gloves.

So, considering their importance, we have compiled a list of characteristics that you must consider when purchasing gloves for training purpose.

It must be noted,  not all gloves available in the market encompass the below-mentioned features, so one must pay extra attention during the purchasing process.

Characteristic No 1: The Boxing Gloves Must Have the Grip Bars

A grip bar is one of the essential elements of training gloves, as it provides the boxer with a better and a more natural grip while he makes a fist. In appearance, it is lightweight padding, which is usually made up of dense foam that sits between the palm and the fingers.

Characteristic No 2: They Must Have Attached Thumbs

The training gloves must have attached thumbs, which means that the thumb needs to be connected with the fingers.

Note: The connection is ensured via a leather piece.

This thing is important because previously when no heed was paid to this aspect, many boxers had to face thumb injuries that proved to be hazardous for their matches and careers.

Characteristic No 3: They Must Have Punched Holes

We all know that training gloves are used on a regular basis, and cleaning them can be troublesome. For this purpose, when purchasing these gloves, do see if they have punched holes in the palm, thumb, and fingers’ area. These punched holes play a vital role in letting the air pass through the gloves and helping them dry at a faster pace.

Characteristic No 4: They Must Have Breathable Mesh

The palm area of the training gloves must be made up of breathable mesh. This characteristic helps the air pass through the gloves more easily and provides maximum comfort.

However, this type of mesh might impact the natural shape of the glove to some extent.

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Characteristic No 5: They Must Have A Sweat Absorbing Thumb

It is not a feature to be found in generally available boxing gloves. However, some training gloves do have this feature. It helps the boxer quickly get rid of the sweat during the training.

Characteristic No 6: They Must Have Tucked Thumbs

It is advisable to get a pair of training gloves that comes with tucked thumbs. That is so because such gloves protect the thumbs of a boxer from getting accidentally hit while he delivers force on the knuckles.

These gloves can be easily identified, as they have slightly overhung knuckle paddings.

Customized Boxing Gloves

In case you are in search of specialized training gloves encompassing all the above-mentioned characteristics, you can always reach out to team Infinitude Fight. We provide you with the best quality products customized as per your desired needs.

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