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Types of Boxing Gloves that People Consider

boxing equipment

There are various types of boxing gloves present in the market, and you would have realized it by now, no matter if you have just started with boxing or have been in touch with the field for a long time. The types of gloves available have their salient features and use. 

The prominent types of these gloves are as follows: 


  • Training/Bag Gloves
  • Sparring Gloves
  • Professional Gloves
  • Personal Training Gloves


In case you already know about their features and benefits and are planning to buy one of them, or intending to get a customized pair for yourself, you can visit various online boxing stores, such as Infinitude Fight.

However, if you need detailed information about all, we are here to your assistance. Let’s discuss each type one by one. 


  • Training/Bag Boxing Gloves:

The training gloves are also known as bag gloves. They are quite versatile in terms of usage. They can be used for bag or pad work, in training matches, and for many other boxing purposes. But not all gloves that are generally used can be termed as training gloves.


  • Sparring Gloves:

The purpose of such gloves is to protect you and the sparring partner yours. They are not used to knock someone out. Any pair of gloves can be used as sparring gloves, provided they are of acceptable weight. 

There are many boxing equipment brands out there who sell optimized sparring gloves to their clients. Such gloves have soft padding as compared to other training gloves available.


  • Professional Gloves:

These are the only type of boxing gloves that you should be concerned about, as they can prove to be your perfect partners in terms of competing. They are generally used by the boxers in professional matches. In such gloves, one of the following aspects is usually compromised to support the maximum level of offense, such as hand protection or comfort. The padding inside them is often firmer, which helps the boxer deliver a sharp blow via every punch.

However, such gloves are not that suitable for training sessions.

You are advised not to get tricked by various brands who sell cheap glove pairs, claiming them to be the professional ones. In reality, they are just branded nicely. The genuine professional gloves are never cheap, and the boxers tend to spend an immense amount buying them. 

  1. Personal Training Gloves: 

Such gloves are usually chosen by the boxing coaches and trainers. They generally select them based upon the types of clients they are training. In case they are training the ladies, the gloves chosen would be smaller, and if they are working with male students, the gloves would be a bit different in size and weight. Mostly safety gloves are chosen by the gyms and trainers so that their clients can feel safe when training. 

This was all about the types of boxing gloves that you should know. In case you want to know more about them or other boxing equipment available, please visit the following link :


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