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Learning boxing without sparring? – Myth vs. Reality

Learning boxing without sparring

Learning boxing without sparring, a myth or reality? Also, is sparring necessary? – These are the questions that every new boxer has in mind – also – to that effect, are sparring gloves necessary? And are Boxing gloves a good investment? At Infinitude Fight, we will look into these questions and help you answer them completely. 

First thing first – are you new to boxing and have tons of questions about Boxing gloves, Boxing gloves price, how to buy Boxing gloves, and a boxer’s training routine? Rest assured that you are not alone, and many beginners are asking the same questions as you. 

Mostly, beginners in boxing are reluctant to introduce sparring in their boxing training sessions due to its risks. So, how about learning boxing without sparring? In this guide, you will find explanations and reasons to help you decide whether you should add sparring to your training ritual. 

Learning boxing without sparring, a Myth or reality? 

You might get good at boxing combos, timing, footwork, drills, and other things, yet it will be hard to become a professional fighter without sparring – and good quality boxing gloves play a role in practice sessions too.

At the outset, many people believe that sparring practice sessions are a proper exercise to practice reflex, critical thinking and, strength. 

On a bird’s eye view, that thinking is correct. Sparring not only helps you master physical skills, but it aids you in perfecting your mental state – while facing an actual opponent. 

On the flip side, one school of thought argues that sparring is unnecessary, mainly when your goal is to learn boxing only for overall health, which in itself is a fair argument. 

If you are not planning to enter pro-fights or simply do not fancy a dual, it is totally fine to use a bag of rice or a punching bag to practice your skill. 

What Is The Need for Sparring?

Pro boxers and fighters continually add sparring to their training routines – as it is highly important for them to work on their timely and quick reflexes and particular skills. 

When it comes to boxing, sparring is also called constructive training. When you are in a real fight, your tactical moves, defense, critical thinking, agility, and a well-fitting pair of Boxing gloves are extremely important. 

Every professional should prepare for most of the intense situations. Both their body and mind reflexes should be ready for what will come next. 

Sparring is training your muscle memory and efficiently using the memory in a real fight.  

Wearing Boxing gloves for a heavy bag and using head-protecting gears increases the difficulty level – precisely what many personal trainers recommend. This might get a lot harder, but it is indeed what you need to warm up for throwing those powerful hooks and punches. 

What are Sparring Risks and How to Spar Correctly? 

As we have discussed the need of adding sparring to your training rituals for boxing, but what about the risks of sparring? Before going all-in for an actual sparring session, you should be well-versed with the risks that are associated with it. 

Remember that whatever you do daily involves risks; thus, boxing and training are no exception. Hard and extreme sparring can afflict brain damage if you are not careful. 

More complex and accurate shots are necessary to condition the body, but not for the head. Constant and repeated abrasions to the body can result in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – CTE, which can cause dreadful brain ailments in the long term. 

Boxing Gloves Price – Sparring, Asset, and Practicality 

When the time comes to deciding to buy boxing gloves, especially for sparring, choosing a quality pair that offers cost-effective quality is important. The boxing gloves price is the primary factor when a buyer decides to buy boxing gloves. However, when it is about your safety and health, it is advisable to steer clear of taking a risk with low-quality gloves. 

Purchasing yourself a top-quality premium glove pair will prove to be a more economical choice in the long run – due to its durability. 

Boxing Gloves USA – Sparring Gloves

As discussed earlier, sparring is an essential factor in the development of a fighter. In sparring, specific techniques are employed and perfected – for the precise attack, dodge, and counterattack of an opponent in a fight. 

The gloves aid this process; boxers use gloves to protect their opponents and themselves – and reduce the chance of injury. As is the case with everything in training, various tools are required that vary in their builds and purposes – sparring and sparring gloves are no different. 

So, sparring gloves different from other boxing gloves?


Do we need sparring gloves, and are they a good investment? 

Sparring gloves are made from different kinds of molds, and specific padding areas are different for sparring gloves compared to other types of boxing gloves.  The sparring gloves mainly differ in the amount of padding used in them. 

Sparring gloves use extra padding to cushion the blow and reduce piercing – thus making sure both opponents are not harmed. 

Sparring gloves and sparring are your best bet when it comes to perfecting your craft and developing boxing techniques, and at the same time ensuring safety. A good pair of boxing gloves and sparring gloves are a must-have for any boxer who wants to perfect his techniques. 

When it comes to the investment factor of the sparring gloves – when used with care, a good pair of sparring gloves will last you a long time. However, that also depends on how frequent are your training cycles per week. 

Premium Sparring Gloves the Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves 

At Infinitude Fight, Velocity Pro Sparring gloves are one of the top-quality sparring gloves – that are developed for pro boxers. 

Our patented technology INFINITI-SHELL foam padding in Velocity Pro offers high protection and absorbs heavy punches – so the force isn’t too damaging for the opponent and vice-versa. The glove design offers premium protection to the hands. 

The Velocity Pro is designed and shaped to offer a perfect fit; the gloves are soft and will shape around your hand in your first use. 

Velocity Pro is specifically designed for hard sparring sessions and is perfect with the traditional lace-up closing system and loop closures. 

Velocity Pro Features and Takeaways

  • Soft padding, perfect for hard sparring drills
  • INFINITI-ARMOR technology with amplified wrist protection
  • 4-layer mold foam INFINITI-SHELL ensures a comfortable fit 

Made of 100 percent pure and high-quality leather for optimum comfort, function, and durability. 

Boxers and Sparring

Learning boxing without sparring has both its pros and cons – there are reports of fighters getting hurt and even killed during a boxing match. However, this should not make you afraid and stop training or boxing. 

Essentially, there are two kinds of boxers, one who performs hard sparring and the second who looks for light and tech sparring sessions. Therefore, to ensure your and your partner’s safety, Infinitude Fight recommends sparring with precautions and established techniques. 

Conclusion – Learning boxing without sparring – possible?

When it comes to learning boxing without sparring – it is a bit hard to have an exact answer as it depends on your motive and goals of indulging in boxing. 

If you are planning to train as a professional boxer, then sparring is your thing. However, a punching bag will be more than enough for people practicing boxing to gain muscle and relieve stress. 

After reading all about sparring and sparring gloves in this article we at Infinitude Fight hope you now have definitive reasons to exclude or include sparring in your boxing training routine. Stay tuned for future posts.

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