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Boxing Equipment – Things to remember when you buy Muay Thai Shin Guards

When it comes to comprehensive boxing equipment, Shin Guards are the next most important tool other than a quality pair of gloves – a must part of every Muay Thai gear. Whether you are planning on taking up Muay Thai or are already into Muay Thai, a shin guard – aka the shin protector – is a must-have tool. These will help you with drills and enable you to spar with added safety – protecting you from various injuries. 

At Infinitude Fight, we pay as much attention to the shin guards for our premium boxing gloves. With us, you will be getting the best quality premium Muay Thai shin guards, which are second to none in terms of quality, offered protection, and look.

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Buy Shin Guards

Even when you are not doing sparring, the shin guards will still ensure your and your partner’s protection and safety in various training workouts. The important thing is to know how you can get the quality boxing equipment and, most importantly, how you can get yourself a quality pair of shin guards – for the answers to both these questions, keep on reading.

In this article, we will focus primarily on certain things which are crucial to remember while you buy shin guards. 

Types of Shin Guards 

Shin guards and protectors come in various types in terms of quality, sizes, designs, and color, plus style variations. Below we have made a list for you to help and find the best pair for your Muay Thai gear. 


Shin guards are designed and purposed for protection, so always keep the safety facet in your mind when you buy shin guards. The guards protect you from damage and injuries, so go for a product that offers both the comfy factor and maximum protection. Heavily padded shin guards are best to offer protection from kicks. 



As we always say that boxing gloves price is mostly an indication of their quality, the same rule applies to most shin guards. Relatively higher prices indicate that the product is made with top-class production practices and premium quality materials. All buyers evaluate the prices of the products, and this is why our advice is to stay in a range that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Investing in a quality tool is beneficial for you in the long run, as the product won’t need frequent replacements. 


Sizing is important when you buy boxing gloves; similarly, the size factors are also incredibly important when you choose a proper Muay Thai shin guard. There is nothing worse than having to train or compete in a pair of shin guards that are uncomfortable – may be too big or too small. If the guards are too big for you, the comfy factor goes right out of the window, and if they are too small – they won’t protect/cover the upper part of the shins. 


The fitting of the shin guard is as important as the sizing, and not everyone has the same shin size, and also, not all shin guards fit the same way to all people. Get a shin guard that works for you best and fits you comfortably. 


Like boxing gloves, the shin guards also come in different materials and qualities. However, the leather shin guards are preferred the most compared to all other options, like stretch cotton – as the leather offers extended protection and durability. 

All boxing equipment at Infinitude Fight is 100% natural genuine cowhide leather. Our products are incredibly durable and offer you’re the premium luxury lifestyle – so what are you waiting for? Order yours today!


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