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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Harrier Pro Black & Gold Boxing Gloves

You can’t believe your eyes, can you? But it is true, your favorite “Harrier Pro Black & Gold Boxing Gloves” are on SALE with Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals!

Need quality boxing gloves for mixed fitness and light sparring sessions? – Harrier Pro is your best bet! What if we tell you that your dream gloves are also on massive discounts? Yes, they are!

Buy boxing gloves and other boxing equipment that suits your needs on FLAT 20% discounts with our humongous MMA Black Friday Sale! Does it get better than this? –Read on to find out. 

Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Quality boxing gloves from USA and other boxing gear are incredibly important for every combat fighter or trainee, whether a professional or a beginner. If you are planning on taking up boxing as a fitness routine, your first priority should be to get your hands on premium quality gloves, and there are none better than Harrier Pro Black & Gold Boxing Gloves.

After the head, the hands are the second most – relatively – vulnerable part of the body. Human hands are made up of tiny joints and bones prone to injuries under the constant force of impact from punches. The probability of such injuries multiplies tenfold when a trainee or a boxer doesn’t use proper boxing gear.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for fitness athletes and combat fighters to invest in quality boxing gloves from USA. And, how great would it be to get the best quality boxing equipment at SALE prices? 

Our online store Infinitude Fight is putting on the market the best Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves; this way, you can complete your Christmas shopping or early Valentine’s Day shopping instantly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself or your loved ones with our fantastic ready-to-order merchandise that too on FLAT 20% discounts. Did Christmas come early or what


Why do I Need Harrier Pro Black & Gold Boxing Gloves?

Enjoy the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at Infinitude fight with the amazing Harrier Pro Black and Gold Boxing Gloves. The Harrier Pro is constructed as handy fitness gloves, which are ideal for mixed fitness and quick sparring sessions. 

These variants offer maximum comfort to your hands and wrists so that you can power through your fitness and sparring sessions without a worry in the world. The variants enable you to practice your craft with utmost mental peace without worrying about hurting your hands at all.

Benefit from Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals, and rest assured, Harrier Pro Fitness Gloves will have your back!

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What Else Do I Get From Harrier Pro Black and Gold Boxing Gloves? 

Allow us to list all the fantastic features of our star, the ‘Harrier Pro,’ with it you get:

  1. A Strong Hook and Loop restraining and closure system, aiding a quick glove on and off 
  2. INFINITI ARMOR innovative technology, which protects your wrist areas 
  3. Antimicrobial lining inside the gloves works well for long fitness sessions 
  4. INFINITI SHELL foam padding, providing you with a secure, comfortable fit and promotes natural motion
  5.  A product made from 100% Genuine leather, making the variants extremely durable and functioning 


What sizes for Fitness Gloves are recommended? 

About the Harrier Pro Black and Gold Boxing Gloves sizes for fitness athletes, experts at Infinitude Fight propose starting from 12oz variants. But if you have larger than average hands, you can go up, increasing the sizes to 14oz or 16oz variants. Similarly, if your hands are smaller, you can pick out a 10oz variant. 

We recommend consulting with your coach/trainer or our experts about sizing before you buy boxing gloves, not just Harrier Pro but any gloves.  

Why Harrier Pro?

Our star product, the Harrier Pro Black and Gold Gloves, is designed to be accessible fitness gloves suitable for mixed fitness and swift sparring sessions. 

Harrier Pro has a strong Hook and Loop closure/restraining system, making them ideal for short or medium-length workout sessions, most notably for fitness training. 


Harrier Pro is the ultimate boxing tool for tackling moisture content like a pro. The gloves are lined with antimicrobial inner fabric and made from 100% genuine moisture-proof leather, making Harrier Pro a long-term purchase. 

Could our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals get more amazing? With Harrier Pro, Sure!

But How? 

INFINITI ARMOR, the innovative technology in Harrier Pro variants, pledges your protection in every intense training session. While the INFINITI SHELL makes sure that this protection remains unobtrusive, using the specifically molded foam padding layers – which also offer a secure and snug fit while easing the natural range of motion. 

Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves 

Would you please make the most out of our Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves and enjoy the best-discounted boxing gloves prices? Not only that, but you can enjoy FLAT 20% discounts on our store-wide products including, your favorite Harrier Pro, Hand Wraps, Head Gear, and other boxing gloves

Boxing Gloves Prices have never been this reasonable, so enjoy our ready-to-order products online with our humongous Boxing Gloves Black Friday Sale from November 25th to November 30th, 2022!


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