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The wholesale boxing groin guard in female bouts – Perfect for pelvic safety

wholesale boxing groin guard for female

As much as it is essential for men to wear the wholesale boxing groin guard during their special practice activities or bouts, females need it just as much. In fact, women’s genital areas are way more sensitive and require more safety and protection. 

It is one of the most important yet underrated equipment because female boxers typically avoid buying a separate one for themself and just go for the male athletic cups. If you are a female starting out on her boxing career, tight on her budget, and confused about which boxing gear to buy and which one to leave, then you have come to the right place. 

We have brought you a brief insight into the significance and benefits of wearing the groin guard for female boxers. Have a great sports journey!

Advantages Of Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

Ladies, we must accept the reality! One of the weakest areas of the female anatomy, if not the weakest, is the pelvic region, which demands security. Because of this, the majority of boxing authorities suggest a ban on female boxers and mandate the employment of groin protectors. 

You must realize that female groin guards differ from male protective cups in this regard. In addition to having larger padding areas, the pelvic protectors also protect the lower abdomen and extend past the belly button.

Undoubtedly, there are rigorous laws governing deliberate groin attacks, but the movement’s head cannot be ignored.

Less Force In Strikes

One of the most significant yet underappreciated advantages of wholesale boxing groin guard protection is the pelvic protection against powerful blows. I know it rarely happens, but we can’t rule out the possibility that your opponent will hit you directly where it can hurt the most.

Even if the competitor strikes you below the belt unintentionally but severely, it could have long-lasting effects. It may cause possible ripping, excruciating agony, and even the need for surgery and permanent hospitalization.

This is why female boxers need this kind of protection. It lessens the punch impact’s overall effect and also helps to avoid side effects including bruising, bleeding, and stomach pain.

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Clear Limits With Groin Guard In Boxing

The majority of the female boxers wear shorts that have a thick waistline, which aids opponents in determining the area that can be used for offensive strikes.  Punching is not permitted below this firm line, and if you do it repeatedly, your opponent may be disqualified.

Because of this, these groin guards in boxing aid in raising these restrictions and the waistband of your shorts. If you put an oversized boxing robe over your shorts, your opponent won’t be able to tell how much you really weigh during the game.

It’s a sneaky approach to manipulate your opponent’s thoughts and make them think of the protection barrier as the limit. This illusion helps you avoid extra lower punches while also giving your opponent a smaller surface area to strike upon.

Strengthened Confidence

Female pelvic muscles maintain the core together and regulate the bladder; therefore, if they are impacted by injections, the tissues may become weaker.

Most women have a relatively more sensitive tissue system making the wholesale boxing groin guard absolutely crucial. Groin guards help to support the pelvic muscles, the hips, and the uterus in general in female bodies.

This directly affects your general sense of well-being and courage throughout the boxing match and enables you to compete at your finest while maintaining a strong character.

Drawbacks Of Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

You are mistaken if you believe that wearing protective guards means that you will not go through any discomfort at all. Groin protectors only distribute the force to adjacent parts and lessen the blow’s overall impact.

From a long-term viewpoint, this surely helps you avoid significant losses, although it may create some minor discomfort and resistance in your thighs.

The most important item, especially for female boxers, is a comfortable, ideal, and fit protection cup. Some groin guards have harsh side edges that protrude into the ridge and crease of the hips.

You will feel the impacts of the shots more intensely and may even sustain blunt edge cuts if you try to play with huge size athletic cups. Smaller size groin guards in boxing, however, will be more susceptible to direct blows, which could cause tissue injury.

Therefore, it is entirely your duty to pick groin protection that is appropriate for you. Additionally, you may need to experience some little discomfort when using the equipment at first until you get used to it.

Finding the wholesale boxing groin guard with a perfectly fitting athletic cup (that doesn’t irritate your torso at all times) and is affordable and high quality all at the same time is a tough task. But Infinitude Fight has got your back with all these factors sewn together in one single piece of equipment.

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