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Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Keep‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Boxing‌ ‌Gloves‌ ‌Fresh‌

boxing equipment

If you are concerned about performing well during your boxing match and training, it’s quite vital for you to have quality and good condition boxing equipment. 

For this purpose, you should not only pay proper attention to the details while purchasing the best boxing equipment that is a proper fit for a winning match, but you should also take great care of it once you get done with your workout.

Among all the necessary components, boxing gloves hold the most importance, and to increase their lifespan, it is significant for the keeper to keep them clean and fresh. Otherwise, they might end up smelling bad, with poor internal and external conditions, and trust us, using such gloves in a match would earn you nothing but discomfort, injury, and ultimately failure. 

Here are some essential tips that you must follow in order to increase the life of your boxing gloves and keep them fresh throughout. 

So, fasten your seatbelts, as this is going to be an interesting ride ahead.

Wear Hand Socks

Whenever you put on your boxing gloves for training or a match, make it a habit to wear clean and hygienic wraps underneath. These wraps not only play a vital role in protecting your hands, wrists, and joints during a kickboxing class, but they are also important for absorbing your sweat and not letting the inside of the gloves getting unnecessarily wet.

Note: In order to use the wraps again, make sure that you properly wash them with detergent.

Properly Wipe down your Boxing Gloves

After a proper workout or match, it is very essential to wipe down your gloves internally and externally with the help of antibacterial wipes. For this very reason, you can also utilize antibacterial sprays. Such sprays and wipes are readily available in your gyms and training centers. 

Keep Them Smelling Good

In case your gloves start to smell bad, don’t take it lightly. To get rid of such a situation, grab one of the followings, and stuff it inside your gloves:

  1. Anti-odor wipes
  2. Cedar chips bag
  3. Newspapers
  4. Commercial glove odor absorbers

Get Them Chilled in a Freezer

After they get completely dry, it is important for you to place your boxing gloves in a freezer. This is done to freeze out all the bacterias and keep the gloves clean and hygienic.

Keep Them in Fresh Air

After you get done with your training,  try keeping your gloves and other boxing equipment in the fresh air, as it will help them breathe and dry soon. It is important to do so, as it minimizes the chances of bacterias to grow in a damp environment.


All these mentioned tips are not only necessary for keeping your boxing gloves clean and hygienic, but these methods can also be used for all of the other boxing equipment as well.

So, if you are concerned about the well being of your boxing gloves and other boxing equipment, make it a habit to keep them clean, utilizing every mentioned tip.

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