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Guide on How to Increase Boxing Gloves Lifespan and When to Replace Them?

When do you need to replace your boxing gloves, and how often should you replace them? Also, how do you know that it is time to replace them? Do not worry; Infinitude Fight is here to answer all your questions. 

The answers to the above questions depend on various factors such as your boxing gloves quality, type of use or training, how much and often do you use your gloves and how well you take care of the gloves – so on and so forth. 

Read on the article, and by the end of it, you will have learned how to increase the life of your boxing gloves and when to replace them. 

First of all, let’s discuss the signs that tell you it’s time to replace your gloves; 

Boxing Gloves Tearing

Inspect your boxing gloves’ material for wear and tear regularly – if you happen to notice a tear, it is time to replace your gloves. Tear and cuts are the rust of the boxing gloves; once tears and cuts start to take over, there is no going back. 

The padding in your boxing gloves will also get exposed if there is a tear in the outer leather, and during a dual, this material can be dangerous for your opponent’s face. 

The torn part of your gloves’ leather layer or synthetic material layer could also harm/scratch your sparring partner. 

When Boxing Gloves Start to Smell

Unfortunately, your boxing gloves have acquired a stubborn bad odor/smell – you will be better off throwing them away and buy boxing gloves again. 

This is unavoidable, all of the training/boxing gear and gloves do get smelly eventually, and there is not much you could do to prevent it entirely. You can delay the immersion of foul smell in your gloves by taking proper care of them but altogether avoiding it is, however, impossible. 

The foul odor can get immersed deep inside the creases of the boxing gloves, and it is impossible to remove the smell. Thus, it is much better to throw them out and buy a new pair of gloves for hygiene purposes. 

When Velcro is Worn-Out

If your boxing gloves have Velcro closure straps, you should check the stickiness of the Velcro strips regularly. As it is with Velcro, with time, the Velcro strips lose their stickiness and affect/loosen the gloves’ grip on your hands. 

While practicing, sparring, or fighting, it is highly important that your gloves are adequately secured for maximum wrist support. If the Velcro on your gloves is wearing out, it is time to buy boxing gloves again. 

How long do boxing gloves USA last? 

The average estimated life of boxing gloves is about and around 1 to 2 years. However, this depends on your training routine, as if you train hard and regularly, your gloves might wear out within a year. 

Be advised; if you are still using the same pair of boxing gloves for a year, it is time to throw them out and get a new fresh pair of gloves. 

The padding of the gloves gets compressed with years of training, essentially making them heavy and firm – this becomes highly dangerous for your opponent. 

Boxing Gloves Price Vs. Quality 

When it comes to boxing gloves price and quality, we at Infinitude Fight always suggest choosing quality. By this, we don’t mean that you should buy boxing gloves available in the market but incredibly expensive. 

Instead, getting an above-average boxing glove made from quality material is the best option for you. Quality boxing gloves are primarily made from genuine leather or higher quality leather alternatives – these materials are highly durable. 

How can I Increase the Lifespan of my Boxing Gloves? 

Below are the practices that will help you improve the longevity of your boxing gloves;

Use a Cleaning Spray 

Thoroughly wipe your boxing gloves after each fight/training session; it is advised to use a natural cleaning spray to clean them properly. 

Spray the cleaner on a supple cotton cloth and wipe the exterior of your boxing gloves. After doing this, wipe off any extra spray by using a paper towel. This ritual, when done regularly, helps remove the germs from the gloves and preserve the material. 

Drying Boxing Gloves 

After you are done using the natural spray and removing any excess spray with the help of a paper towel, dry your boxing gloves using an air dryer or a fan – this helps dry the gloves from the inside. 

The air dryer dries up the gloves from the inside with speed, enables gloves to retain their natural shape, and also helps in keeping the gloves odorless. 

Drying out the gloves thoroughly will remove/absorb all moisture from the inside of the gloves and discourage any germ/bacteria growth. 

Keeping Boxing Gloves in a Dry Storage 

Always store your boxing gloves in a cool and dry place – do not ever throw them in your gym bag after workout/training. Any of the moisture that gets stuck inside the gloves will negatively affect the lifespan of your gloves. 

Invest in High-Quality Boxing Gloves 

When it comes to personal hygiene, safety and comfort – Infinitude Fight always suggests investing in a pair of high-quality boxing gloves for a better experience. 

A good quality boxing glove should last you up to a year; however, remember that the life of your boxing gloves massively depends on the quality of your gloves, training intensity, training type, training frequency, and how well you take care of the gloves. 

We advise creating and maintaining a cleaning ritual for boxing gloves – if you wish to increase their lifespan. 

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