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Increase Boxing Gloves’ Lifespan and Know Their Proper Maintenance Methods

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves protect the 27 individual bones in your hands and the opponent’s body from risky injuries, as 42% of acute hand injuries are due to impacts. These gloves vary in size and padding based on a boxer’s hand size and require the best care and maintenance to remain functional for an optimal period. You may buy premium quality for the best performance, but without maintenance, they won’t even last a year. 

How Long Can a Boxing Glove Last?

The life expectancy of a fighting glove depends on a few factors: its quality, usage, and how you maintain it. A standard boxing glove, if properly maintained, will last up to one or two years. A premium quality glove may go up to three years of regular training and sparring sessions. However, using the same pair of gloves for years will compress the padding, loosen the strip, and increase the glove’s weight, making it dangerous for the opponent and your hands. 

Increasing the Lifespan of your Boxing Gloves

Gloves are an essential asset that you won’t want to change every month. Professionals usually keep multiple pairs of customized boxing gloves for bag work and sparring, each chosen for their specific weight and padding. You can increase the lifespan of your gloves by rotating between them and allowing them to dry out properly between uses.   

Use Top-Quality Protecting Gloves

You don’t essentially have to buy the most expensive pair of boxing gloves in the market, but the one that uses the ideal materials. Gloves made with leather and synthetic materials serve the ideal purpose and offer longevity. It is better to spend some extra penny on buying an ideal pair that will last for years than buying a pair every few months.

Use a Natural Spray to Clean Them

Your gloves will be sweaty and emit a bad odor after intense training sessions. It is recommended to apply a commercially available natural cleaner and wipe the gloves to clean the dirt and remove any bad odor. 

The sweat from your hands causes bacteria to settle inside the gloves, causing the smell. Although commercial cleaners should remove it to an extent, you can also use some natural cleaning methods like:

  • Sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda inside the boxing gloves.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar on a cloth and insert it inside.
  • Open and unlace the gloves, then spray an ample amount of antibacterial spray on the inside.
  • Stuff them with paper towels or dryer sheets as they absorb the sweat which can result in the formation of bacteria in the insides of the glove. 

Dry the Gloves using a Dryer or Fan

After cleaning the gloves with a natural spray on the outside and applying a natural method on the insides, dry them using a dryer. Dryers help the gloves keep their natural shape and remove any moisture left, eliminating the chances of bacterial formation. 

Store your Gloves in a Dry Place

Now, as the gloves are cleaned inside out, store them in a cool and dry place. Directly putting them inside the bag might allow any leftover moisture to form bacteria and shorten the glove’s lifespan. 

When to Replace Your Boxing Gloves?

Properly caring for your boxing gloves will give them an extended lifeline, but the expiration time will ultimately come. If you notice any of the below-mentioned cases, consider it time to throw away the old pair and bring in a new one.

Consistent Bad Odour From the Gloves

You’ll be able to remove the bad smell from your gloves using natural solutions, drying, and spraying for some time, but eventually, the smell will stick inside. Boxing gloves are made of leather and synthetic materials that don’t breathe very well, trapping them. This limited ventilation traps the moisture and odor inside the gloves. So, if you notice a consistent smell that won’t go away, it is time to replace your boxing gloves with a new pair.

Torn Material Exposing the Padding

Even a slight tear on the boxing gloves can be dangerous for yourself and the opponents. Consider replacing the gloves as soon as you notice a tear on the outer surface. The small tear will eventually expose the padding, causing the glove to lose its shape and functionality. The damaged glove might hurt your hand during punching bag practice and may scratch or traumatize your opponents in sparring sessions or fights. 

Worn Out Velcro Strip

Boxing gloves act as a second skin on your hand, perfectly fitted for the ideal movement. Most gloves use Velcro strips to stay firm on your hands, but they lose their stickiness over time. You will notice the loose fitting when wearing the gloves or during training sessions. The worn-out Velcro strip might cause problems in the long term, like imbalancing your fists or gloves slipping off your hands during sparring sessions. So, replace the gloves with a new pair or, if possible, change the strip.


Gloves are the most important protection gear in boxing, which allows punching and resistance during intense fights. Proper maintenance of the gloves can make them last longer, making the most of your one-time investment. However, if they have irreparable damage or persistent bad odor it is recommended to change them for an uninterrupted fighting session.

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