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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Velocity Pro Lace-Up Sparring Gloves

Infinitude Fight is here to rock your world with the best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals. Claim your favorite boxing gloves with a staggering FLAT 20% discount. All boxing gear is up for grabs at fantastic discount prices, including Velocity Pro Black and Gold Lace-up variants. 

Take advantage of our fantastic MMA Black Friday Sale from 25th November 2022 to 30th November 2022; an exclusive chance to do your Christmas or Valentine’s Day shopping for yourself or your loved ones – treat yourself with some quality boxing gloves. What’s even better about these best Black Friday Deals? The deals include our Velocity Pro Black and Gold Lace-up Sparring Gloves. 

Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Whether Pro boxers or beginners, all combat fighters should have the best boxing equipment, including a quality pair of Velocity Pro Sparring variants, as they are perfect for power sparring sessions. Human hands are quite delicate, as they comprise tiny bones and relatively fragile joints. Our hands are not built to withstand the resulting force of continuous powerful punches – this is where the gloves come to the rescue. 

Every boxer or a trainee – seasonal or professional, must prioritize getting good sparring equipment if they plan to amplify their training routine. In the end, everyone’s goal should be to ensure the protection of self and others – the sparring partners. 

But how does Velocity Pro provide protection? As discussed above, our hands are relatively fragile; in fact, hands are the second most susceptible – prone to injury – parts of our bodies. So in the event of receiving hand, finger, or wrist injuries, rest assured that these injuries will be a massive blow to your performance. Moreover, these injuries require constant, immediate, and proper medical treatment. 

But what is the best way to avoid or lower the probability of these time and money-draining injuries? The answer is a quality pair of sparring gloves. A proper pair of boxing gloves from the USA drastically reduces the chance of receiving or inflicting severe injuries. And imagine getting quality sparring gear at 20% FLAT discount prices – dreamy right? 

Infinitude Fight understands the need for good-quality boxing gear at affordable prices. So please take advantage of our Black Friday Deals’ Boxing Gloves. Make most of these deals and pamper yourself or a loved one with premium sparring gloves – not only that, but you can get these fantastic deals on FLAT 20% discounts. Ah-mazing!

Why do I Need Black and Gold Velocity Pro Lace-Up Sparring Gloves?

Velocity Pro series is designed specifically for power shots of those intense sparring sessions. The variant has a traditional lace-up closure system – proving an extra secure fit. 

Lace-up closure takes a bit of time and someone else’s assistance to put them on; still, lace-ups are one of the best ways to go for sparring. Lace-up closures offer optimum wrist and hand support and also a secure fit. That helps a trainee focus on sparring and takes the mind off of inconsequential things, like worrying about a loose glove or, worse – the glove falling off. 

Velocity Pro Lace-ups offer you peace of mind and protection to your hands, wrists, and fingers. The best part, this protection is also extended to your sparring partners, making the sparring session safer and less probable to cause injuries.

Make sure that you and your partner spar in peace and with dedicated focus by taking advantage of our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

What Else Can I Get By Using Sparring Gloves?

  1. Layered foam offers your hands a comfortable size fit and ensures the best natural motion
  2. Supple padding is proven to be ideal for extreme training sessions
  3. The antimicrobial lining is perfect for hygiene in long training sets  
  4. Innovative ARMOR technology guarantees extra wrist protection
  5. Velocity Pro Lace-Ups are made using supple 100% genuine leather, adding to functionality and durability
  6. These variants come with a traditional Lace-up closing system  

What size for Sparring Gloves is recommended? 

Experts at Infinitude Fight recommend variants of 14 ounces, especially for sparring. However, if you have smaller hands or large hands, you can easily go up or down the sizes conforming to your unique needs. Typically, a 12-ounce variant would do well for smaller hand sizes; however, you can choose variants up to 18 ounces if you have big hands. 

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Why Should I Choose Velocity Pro Lace-Ups? 

Velocity Pro is the finest quality sparring variant specifically designed for professional/novice trainees. The gloves come with supple INFINITI-SHELL padding foam, which offers outstanding impact absorption and superb protection. 

Aren’t Infinitude Fight’s Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals the best? – With Velocity Pro Lace-Ups, Yes, Indeed!


The ideal full-block design covers the entire hand from the forearm to the fingers. This design guarantees added protection to the wrist areas also. The shape of Velocity Pro warrants comfort in fit, even when you try them on for the first time. That is why you don’t need to break into the gloves as they are supple and form a perfect shape around your hands on the very first try. 

Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves 

ARMOR technology in Velocity Pro Lace-Ups comes with excellent impact safety and allows a powerful force of delivery. That is made possible by using different compressible layers of padding elements. These variants offer extra security to the wrist area in a bid to provide comprehensive safety. 

However, the SHELL technology of the variants makes certain that the protection elements do not interfere with the performance or the natural movement within the gloves – by using specific molded layers of foam padding.

What Else Do We Offer? 

A boxer should always use boxing gloves but is that all? We think no, a fighter should always make sure their protection with premium quality head guards also. Infinitude Fight brings you fantastic boxing gear at FLAT 20% discounts for MMA Black Friday Sale.

So, why should I buy Head Guards? 

ARMOR X2 Head Guard – Blue

ARMOR X2 is meticulously designed to offer exceptional protection while still being unobtrusive. The ARMOR series’ X2 headgear offers all-inclusive face and head protection without affecting the neck movement. 

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What Do I Get From ARMOR X2 Head Guard? 

X2 from the ARMOR series is one of a kind exclusive product of Infinitude Fight, offering various features, such as:

  1. Robust and All-Conforming protection of ARMOR technology 
  2. Slip-resistant brilliant fit through 3-dimensional grip adjustment 
  3. Offers clean and clear visibility 
  4. X2 and the entire ARMOR Head Guard series is made from 100% Genuine moisture-resistant leather.
  5. Specifically molded foam layering to ensure the perfect fit and optimum comfort 

Why Should I Choose ARMOR X2 Head Guards? 

The best part of the ARMOR series is that it offers great protection to your face and head without causing any kind of hindrance in visibility, performance, or neck movement. Additionally, the 3-dimensional grip adjustments make X2 headgear feel like a custom-made to-order item for every type of head size and shape. This quality cancels out any possibility of slippage under impact.   

The INFINITI-ARMOR technology combines multiple padding layers of various specifications – this way, the force of impact is evenly dispersed on a wide surface area reducing the shock of impact. 

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Padding layer materials and thickness are carefully combined and chosen to guarantee extra protection to the most exposed and vulnerable areas while keeping the head guard extraordinarily light and low weight. To sum up, the ARMOR X2 Head Guard is the best choice of a head guard to ensure protection for your face and head.

MMA Black Friday Sale 

Buy boxing gloves or your favorite ARMOR X2 Head Guards at FLAT 20% discounts. Boxing Gloves prices have never been this budget-friendly.  Multiple boxing gear is at the most incredible bargains, browse our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals, and trust us, you will never regret taking advantage of our Black Friday sale. 

The SALE will be live from 25th November 2022 to 30th November 2022.