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4 Different Types of Materials Used for The Production of Boxing Gloves

Customized Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves hold the maximum importance in any boxing match. Their quality, material, care, and craftsmanship matters the most when indulging in a training session, work out, or a serious match. A slight issue with the material or craftsmanship can lead to losing a match or incurring a severe injury.

Mostly the quality and comfort of the gloves are determined via the material used in their production.

The manufacturers usually use the following types of materials in the process, materials such as:

  1. Synthetic Leather
  2. Genuine Leather
  3. Vylar and Micro Fiber
  4. Full-Grain Leather

Let us discuss each in detail.

1. Boxing Gloves Available in Synthetic Leather

Most of the gloves are usually made with synthetic leather. Such boxing gloves are quite affordable but are not that durable.

The purpose of making gloves with synthetic leather is to cut down the cost. The ones that are available at an extremely low price are made up of poor quality vinyl, and the ones most expensive are nearly indistinguishable from the original leather gloves.

2. Gloves Available in Genuine Leather

Gloves made up of genuine leather are more durable and famous among the boxers as compared to ones made with synthetic leather.

Despite being more durable, leather gloves are more affordable as compared to ones made up of full-grain leather. The reason being,  they are thinner and are subject to a smooth finish.

Such Customized boxing gloves help in providing boxers with ease and flexibility during the match or training session, as compared to the ones made up of synthetic leather. However, to keep such gloves fresh and increase their life span, it is vital to clean them up on a regular basis.

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3.  Gloves Available in Vylar and Micro Fiber

Vylar and microfiber is the latest engineered leather. Gloves made up of this material offer the boxers with maximum flexibility. Moreover, such gloves are highly resistant to cracks, abrasion, and tears.  They are quite easy to be managed and maintained, and their price range is equal to the leather gloves.

Most of the companies have started shifting towards making gloves with vylar and microfiber, the reason being the cost-effectiveness and durability of this material. Another reason that is strong enough to support this shift is that this material is environmentally friendly.

4. Gloves Available in Full-Grain Leather

This material gives the gloves a smooth and luxurious finish, making them of premium quality with minimum flaws. However, the price of full-grain leather gloves is a bit on the higher end.

Taking care of your Boxing Gloves:

Whatever material may be used for the production of gloves, to save them from wear and tear, cracks, foul smell, etc., taking good care of them is very important. For this purpose:

  1. Do wipe them with a clean cloth after every training session or match.
  2. Do dry them up in fresh air before putting them inside your gym bags.
  3. Practice wearing hand socks, etc.

Custom Boxing Gloves

In case you have special requirements for your boxing gloves, consult Infinitude Fight at the earliest. We provide our customers with the best customized boxing gloves that are designed as per their needs and specifications.

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