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How to Make Your Boxing Gloves Away from Smelling Foul?

Do you admire the smell of a fresh and new pair of boxing gloves? Well, it certainly is mesmerizing and makes you feel even fresher while training and during a match. However, if not provided with proper attention and care, they may get dirty within a bare minimum time and may start to stink real bad. 

If you are a boxing lover who is very keen on the well-being of his boxing equipment, you may definitely know the pain behind your boxing gloves getting stinky with time. 

For those who know the genuine value of money and are very particular about increasing the life span of their gloves, we have compiled a list of methods with which they can keep their gloves away from any foul smell. 

Do Wash your Hands Before Wearing the Boxing Gloves

You may think that why on earth do I need to wash my hands when they are ultimately going to get super sweaty once they enter the gloves. Well, the answer is quite simple, our hands usually contain germs and bacterias, and if we put on the gloves with our hands dirty, the bacterias get an ample chance to prosper and grow in that super damp and sweaty environment inside the boxing gloves

This thing ultimately causes your gloves to smell bad. But if you want to avoid such a situation, it is better that you wash your hands before putting on your gloves, or you should use hand sanitizers for the purpose. 

Do Air Your Boxing Gloves Out

Once your gloves start to stink, then way back is quite difficult, so it is advisable to look for the warning signs at the right and accurate time. 

In case you put them while still sweaty into your gym bags, they might not get time to dry up, giving time to the bacterias to grow. For keeping your gloves fresh, try to avoid putting them into your gym bags soon after a match or training, give them time to dry, and let the air pass through. Still, if it is necessary to do so, try to take them out as soon as possible. 

Do Use anti-bacterial and anti-odor Agents

Well, using body sprays and perfumes may seem an excellent idea at the moment for getting rid of the smell, but they may not prove to be the permanent solution to the problem. This idea won’t be able to kill the bacterias. Also, it will make the glove covering get harder and develop cracks. So, if you want to solve the problem, do use the following mentioned agents for the purpose:

Cedar Chips

Take a pair of socks and stuff them with cedar chips. After that, put one inside each boxing glove. This act will not only make the gloves smell good but will also vanish away the moisture inside, giving the bacterias no time to prosper. 

  • Vinegar: 

Do make a mixture of vinegar and water, and put it inside a spray bottle. After that, do sprinkle the spray on the inside and outside of your gloves and let them dry after wiping them properly. This act would kill the bacteria, minimizing the chance of any foul smell to develop. 

Pro tip: Adding vinegar while washing your gym clothes keeps them smelling good.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is a well-known agent that can help you get rid of the remaining smell left behind. Do sprinkle the powder on your dry gloves to achieve the desired result. 

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