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Buying Guide for Groin Guard: Prioritizing Protection

groin guard for BJJ

Boxing is an intense combat sport. Even with several rules and equipment to ensure a boxer’s safety, accidents happen untold. Although blows below the belly button are forbidden in boxing and groin injuries only have a 0.5% probability, protecting the groin is very important. The groin houses your genitals, femoral artery and vein, and lymph nodes, a direct blow to which can cause severe pain, bleeding, and even nerve damage.

Groin protectors defend against unwanted injuries, keeping you confident and focused on your goals. However, only a high-quality, accurately designed boxing groin protector will give you the ultimate security that your vital organs need.

Info: One notable incident of boxers getting hit below the belt happened back in 1996. Andrew Golota vs Riddick Bowe happened twice that year, and both matches ended with the same result: Golota hitting Bowe with a low blow multiple times in the match, ultimately getting disqualified.

Things to Look For in Groin Guards for Boxing

Protection and shock absorption are the two major features to look for in a groin guard. To ensure ideal safety, go for custom groin guards that are crafted from the best material for enhanced durability and are designed to ensure that your boxing career isn’t cut short by a low blow: 

High-Grade Material For Ultimate Durability

The material of the guard plays a crucial role in its durability and impact resistance. Choose a guard that is engineered with high-quality materials to deliver the ultimate defense without compromising comfort and mobility. The best groin guards feature cup made of high-grade, non-deformable plastic, strategically placed cotton or gel padding, and flawlessly coated with blends of synthetic leather. The output is a highly durable, comfortable, and moisture-wicking groin guard that keeps you protected, cool, and confident during intense training sessions.

Fit and Comfort to Ensure Flexible Movement

You can choose between slip-on guards and compression shorts with integrated protection. Slip-on groin guards are lightweight, breathable, and offer exceptional freedom of movement, perfect for anyone who prioritizes quick footwork and agility. If you are someone who craves a locked-in feel, go for top quality compression shorts with integrated protection that feel like a second skin on your body.

Whichever type you choose, ensure that it is made of moisture-wicking material that offers optimal airflow and prevents chafing. Most groin guards have an ergonomic design that allows you to move naturally while wearing the guard and focus on delivering powerful punches. 

An Array of Sizes in the Best Price

It is essential to choose the right size of groin guard, depending on your physique. A misfit guard might get loose and shift during a fight, leaving vulnerable areas exposed. Look for a brand that offers premium quality groin guards in all sizes without breaking the bank. Whether you have a slim physique or a bulky one, buy a groin guard that is made with comfort and fitting factors in mind. An ideal guard should deliver a snug and secure fit that stays in place during training and fights. 

How to Wear a Groin Protector Correctly

Remember, an ill-fitting protector can be uncomfortable and ineffective, so take your time to find the perfect fit and follow these steps to wear it correctly:

  • Place the groin guard on a flat surface, with the cup facing upward, and adjust the straps and fasteners to their correct positions. 
  • Wrap/wear the guard around your waist and adjust the straps to fit ideally, i.e., tight enough to keep the protector in place and avoid discomfort.
  • Carefully position the cup over your groin area, covering the entire genital region for maximum protection.

So, invest in your safety without sacrificing your wallet. Infinitude Fight groin guards are the perfect blend of superior protection, exceptional comfort, and unbeatable value. Find your perfect fit today and feel the difference and protection during intense fights.