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2021 Short Guide: TOP 5 Points to Analyze When Purchasing the Best Boxing Headgear

best boxing Headgear

If you are into boxing or planning to get indulged in it, you must know the importance of keeping yourself protected during the game, as this is not a game to be taken lightly. If you are already a boxing player, you may know beforehand that defending yourself in boxing is as important as attacking the opponent. One wrong hit on any sensitive body part, and you can face some significant loss.

The most vital area to be protected during the game is your head, as almost all the punches are targeted towards it. Most of the coaches will tell you that you must learn to swerve and weave for defense, but still, there are some punches and hits that will find their way towards your face. For such times, you need to have protective boxing headgears to save yourself from any dangerous face or head injury. Injuries such as:

2:-Cartilage Damage
3:-Cheek Bone Damage
4:-Eye Damage

Many newbies may think that there is no difference between the various headgears available. However, the situation is quite different, as you can not just go and buy any other boxing headgear present in the market. For the purpose, you must analyze the product properly for the following characteristics:


When choosing the best boxing headgear, do consider if it properly fits on your head or not. The headgears that are a perfect fit provide you with ultimate protection.

For adjustability, do see the quality of the velcro.

*If the velcro used is of bad quality, the headgear’s adjustability may loosen up with time.


Placement is as important as adjustability. When searching for the headgears, do see if the cheek protectors of your headgears cover your cheekbones properly. Otherwise, the headgear is useless.

3:-Orbital Protection

More so, see if the headgear covers the area above your eyes (orbital bone). In case this bone gets punched or injured, your eye may get impacted.

4:-Sweat Lick Lining

Well, if you have been through boxing training and matches, you must have experienced heavy sweating during the process. For this purpose, the headgear needs to have a sweat lick lining so that the sweat doesn’t roll out on your face. Otherwise, your headgear may slip during the match or the training session.

5:-Cheek Protector Design

When analyzing the cheek protectors of any boxing headgear, do see if they are bent inwards or outwards. If they are bent outwards, it means that the headgear is of no use. Such a product not only hinders proper vision but also has a minimum tendency to absorb punches.

On the other hand, if the headgear has cheek protectors bent towards the inside, it is considered to be good in terms of providing maximum vision and absorbing the punches.

Custom Boxing Headgear

Well, in case you don’t find all these qualities in one boxing headgear or require one in a particular design with all these mentioned characteristics, do let us know. We will design a custom boxing headgear with all your desired requirements. For more such blogs and custom boxing products, visit our site regularly.

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