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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Raptor Xtreme Versatile Boxing Gloves

We all know a good deal when we see it. And who doesn’t dream of versatile boxing gloves ideal for any kind of training such as Sparring, Bag work, and Mitt work – or for a boxing duel? It’s every fighter’s dream purchase. 

Would you please welcome the dreamy: “Raptor Xtreme Versatile Boxing Gloves,” an all-rounder glove for all your training and boxing needs. And to make things more exciting, Infinitude Fight is putting these gloves on a massive SALE! 

That’s right, isn’t it the best of both worlds? We think so too.

Benefit from our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals from November 25th to November 30th, 2022. With our amazing Black Friday SALE, you can get – drum rolls please – FLAT 20% discounts on all of our storewide quality boxing equipment

What, the Raptor Xtreme at FLAT 20% off? – It is one of the best deals around!

Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Penny for your thoughts? – want to buy boxing gloves that offer versatile use with protection, comfort, and quality? 

Look no further; the Raptor Xtreme are your gloves! These variants are perfect for any kind of training including, bag or mitt work and sparring. Furthermore, depending on the size you choose, the Raptor series is also ideal for boxing.

When it is about collective safety (quality of your gear also affects your opponents/partners) and your personal comfort, experts at Infinitude Fight always suggest grabbing the best quality there is. Nothing is more important than your performance and protection – and our favorite Raptor series is built to offer both. 


Versatile Boxing Gloves Raptor Xtreme 

Thinking, why should you buy the all-rounder Raptor Xtreme boxing gloves? – The Raptor series is a perfect fusion of design, technology, and resourcefulness – all working in a feat of fantastic harmony.

These gloves are manufactured to offer a balance of performance, comfort, and protection, making them the ultimate choice for training, bag/mitt work, and sparring. 

The gloves’ design has the safety part of your training all covered so you can put your focus on perfecting your craft with complete peace of mind. 

So, please take advantage of Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals on our online store with the dreamy Raptor Xtreme gloves, which are offered in multiple color variations. You can depend on our products for your safety and a premium, comfortable experience. 


What Else Do Raptor Xtreme Offers? 

Why do you need Raptor Xtreme? – Let’s list down all features that make these gloves amazing! 

  1. Raptor series comes with a 4-layer INFINITI SHELL foam which aids in natural motion and offers a comfortable fit.
  2. The gloves are lined with premium quality antimicrobial inner, making longer training sessions easy
  3. Well-built lace fit for best experience and performance 
  4. Additional wrist protection with INFINITI ARMOR technology 
  5. Manufactured using 100% natural leather material for vital functionality and durability

What Size is best for all-rounder gloves – The Raptor Xtreme? 

All-purpose gloves sometimes come in 12oz variants. However, your gym might not permit you to spar with a 12oz. As lower-weight gloves aren’t suitable for sparring. 

What to do then? 

14 ounce – the 14oz variants are ideal and mostly preferred for all-purpose gloves. The 14oz weight makes gloves the best versatile choice that is ideally suitable for every kind of workout or training session. 


What else should I know? 

Remember that your body weight will also be a considerable part that shall affect the size selection process of your gloves. For example, a lighter weighted trainee should and is often required to use 16oz sparring gloves in the gyms. 

Moreover, with boxing, you will need to go down the sizes of gloves. Why? – Lighter weighted gloves are most suitable for boxing. 

Are we giving too much information, too fast? Don’t worry; for your different size-related or other general inquiries, reach out to our experts at Infinitude Fight here. Or else, you can also consult your coach. 

What Colors does Raptor Xtreme come with? 

Raptor Xtreme is one of the best options available in our best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – not only do these variants offer versatility in usage but also in their range of styles and colors: 

  1. Raptor Xtreme – Lace-up Boxing Gloves
  2. Black and Gold 
  3. Gold and White
  4. Exotic Snake Boxing Gloves 3 Layered Ridges Grey
  5. Exotic Croc Boxing Gloves 3 Layered Ridges Gold
  6. Raptor Xtreme Boxing Gloves
  7. Blue and White
  8. Green and Blue
  9. Red and Gold
  10. Blue and Red
  11. Silver and Black 
  12. White and Black
  13. Black and Red
  14. Orange and Blue
  15. White and Gold
  16. White and Red

Why Raptor Xtreme? 

Raptor Xtreme is crafted to be an all-rounder glove, offering a balanced fusion of performance, comfort, and protection. We are designing them to be ideal for training, bag/mitt work, and sparring. Our experts have put in much effort to make the Raptor collection secure and comfortable, making them ideal for daily training sessions. 

Additionally, the moisture-proof genuine leather and the antimicrobial inner lining make Raptor Xtreme your long-lasting training partner. 


Is Raptor Xtreme the Right Purchase? 

Absolutely, and we have reasons!

These gloves come with vital protection from impacts and a strong delivery force – this is made possible by using different compressibility padding elements. Raptor Xtreme offers all-inclusive protection with additional support and protection for the wrists. 

What else? 

The protection offered by Raptor Xtreme is made unobtrusive as much as possible with INFINITI SHELL precise molded foam layers. Which additionally offers a natural range of motion and a comfortable snug-fitting. 

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But why do I need boxing gloves? 

Boxing Gloves

Why should you use boxing gloves in the USA? Grab a cup of coffee and hear us out; the human body is among the toughest among all living things, sure – but how far can we push it to test its resilience? Trust us; the human body has its limitations. 

It is understandable that after your head/brain part – which ranks first in comparative fragility – your hands are also susceptible to various injuries when they are exposed to consistent forces of impact. 

Why? – The human hands are made up of fragile joints and tiny bones, not to mention the nerve network in them; all of these parts are prone to injuries if exposed to continuous forces of impact. Most importantly, these parts are incredibly crucial to the functioning of the hands. 

But what is an impact force? The resultant force from a punch thrown toward an obstacle or target is the impact force. The possibility and frequency of injuries from impact forces multiply if one doesn’t use proper boxing gear

Infinitude Fight always recommends athletes, trainees, and other combat fighters buy boxing gloves that offer complete hand protection – like our unique gloves, the Raptor Xtreme. 

MMA Black Friday Sale

Want to get the most of your buck? And turn your purchase lucrative? Shop with Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves. The deals are amazing with unbelievable discount prices and quality premium products. 

Make the most out of this fantastic opportunity and do your instant Christmas or Valentine’s Day shopping with us – and we promise to make your experience worthwhile. The boxing gloves price has never been this affordable. 

Want to grab your favorites right now?  Browse through our ready-to-order product range online and with huge FLAT 20% discounts, treat your loved ones or yourself with premium merchandise. The SALE will be live and up for grabs from November 25th, 2022, to November 30th, 2022. Don’t miss out!

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