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Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals – Stealth X2 Versatile Boxing Gloves

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Boxing gloves that are fit for Boxing, Training, Sparring, Mitt, and Bag work? – Yes, please! 

Give a massive round of applause for our all-rounder Stealth X2 Boxing Gloves, and none could match their versatility. And to make things more amazing, Infinitude Fight is putting this dreamy glove on SALE!                   – Happy dance, shall we? 

From November 25th till November 30th 2022 enjoy store-wide best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals at Infinitude Fight online store. Imagine getting the fantastic Stealth X2 with an enormous FLAT 20% discount – the best deal around!

Best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals

Are you looking to buy boxing gloves that are versatile and offer comfort, protection, and quality? – The Stealth X2 is your answer. The variants are best for hitting heavy bags, mitts, and other kinds of training/boxing. 

When it comes to boxing gear, our experts always suggest grabbing the best boxing gloves out there, as nothing is more important than your safety and performance – and Stealth X2 Versatile Boxing Gloves capitalizes on both. 

Versatile Boxing Gloves Stealth X2

Why do you need the all-rounder Stealth X2? The Stealth X2 all-purpose gloves are a fantastic feat of technology, art, and versatility – all fused in beautiful harmony. 

The variants target your comfort and the safety of your hands the most. So, you can train, box, and use heavy bags/mitts and much more with an absolute peace of mind – as you will have the protection part covered with Stealth X2. 

Stealth X2 are all-rounder boxing gloves ideal for a multitude of training types, including sparring, boxing, and mitt work.  

Benefit from Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals online with your favorite Stealth X2 gloves – available in several fascinating color combinations – all of these variants are products you can depend on for your safety and an ultimate experience. 

But why is wearing gloves necessary? 

Boxing Gloves

Why do you need to use boxing gloves? Don’t get us wrong, the human body is one of the hardiest among all living things – but how far could you push it? – As the human body has its limits. 

Other than your head/brain, which ranks the first in relative fragility, your hands can also get vulnerable to injuries if you put them under constant impact forces. 

Why? – The human hands are made up of fragile joints and tiny bones, not to mention the nerve network in the hands; all of these are prone to injuries if exposed to continuous forces of impact. 

What are impact forces? The force that results from punching a target/obstacle, be it mitts, heavy bags, or your opponent. The number of injuries resulting from these impacts multiplies if you do not use proper quality boxing gear

For this very reason, Infinitude Fight experts always advise boxers, trainees, and all athletes to buy boxing gloves that offer full-hand protection – like the Stealth X2. 

If you are looking to increase the profitability of your purchase, get the benefit of shopping with Infinitude Fight’s best Black Friday Boxing Glove Deals. These deals are available at unbelievable discount prices and offer you premium quality products. 

So, don’t miss this chance to do your Christmas or Valentine’s Day shopping in an instant and early with our best Black Friday Deals on Boxing Gloves

Want your products to reach you early and instantly? Why not treat yourself or a loved one with our fantastic range of ready-to-order products online, and that too on massive FLAT 20% discounts? The SALE goes live November 25th – 30th November 2022 – pamper yourself this year. 

What Stealth X2 Boxing Gloves Offer? 

Why are Stealth X2 Gloves amazing? – Let’s see what they offer: 

  1. Maximized performance and amazing speed – Stealth X2 is built to feel like a natural part of the body
  2. A laced fit for boosted performance 
  3. Optimum durability and functioning as they are made from 100% genuine leather
  4. INFINITI SHELL multi-layer foam padding for a relaxed fit aiding in the natural range of motion
  5. Possibility of extended usage with antimicrobial inner lining 
  6. Fantastic hand and wrists protection through INFINITI ARMOR 

What Size of Stealth X2 Is Best for Versatile Usage? 

For a versatile use of Stealth X2 – as an all-around glove – a 12oz variant is recommended. However, don’t be surprised if your gym doesn’t permit you to spar with a 12oz weight glove. 

Then what? 

The 14oz – 14-ounce variants are the most common and preferred all-rounder gloves. With a 14oz, the gloves become the ultimate versatile option suitable for any kind of training and workout session. 

What Else?

It is important to remember that your body weight will also affect your gloves’ weight – for instance, a lightweight fighter will have to use 16oz sparring gloves for sparring in most gyms. 

Additionally, for boxing, you will have to go down the weight size of the gloves as lighter-weight gloves are most ideal for boxing. 

Too much information? For further sizing-related queries and all other queries in general, get in touch with Infinitude Fight experts here. Or seek guidance from your trainer/coach. 

What Colors is Stealth X2 Available in? 

Stealth X2 is the star of our boxing gloves collection – you will see the versatility in its uses and its colors too. Stealth X2 is available in multiple stunning colors: 

  1. Green, Blue and Gold
  2. Red and white
  3. Black and Gold
  4. White and Red
  5. Blue and Gold
  6. Blue and Red
  7. White and Blue
  8. Silver and Green

Why Stealth X2 is the Best? 

Stealth X2 feels like a natural extension to your body with its innovative design and built-targeting performance and speed. The variants are perfect for boxing, comprehensive training sessions, sparring, mitt, and bag work. 

Stealth X2 offers uninterrupted and non-compromised performance sessions after the session and fight after fight – in addition to premium comfort and safety

Is Stealth X2 the Ultimate Purchase? 

Yes, for several reasons!

For Stealth X2, the INFINITI SHELL technology fuses comfort, snug-fitting, and a natural range of motion with distinct layers of foam padding. While the technology behind INFINITI ARMOR targets comfort and speed further for vital impact protection plus the hardy force of delivery. The impact protection and powerful delivery force are made possible by using various padding materials which differ in compressibility. The 100% genuine moisture-proof leather and the antimicrobial inner lining make the Stealth X2 your ideal boxing/training partner!

Black Friday Deals Boxing Gloves 

Our thrilling and full of fantastic discounts MMA Black Friday Sale is just around the corner! Are you thinking of making the most out of it? You should. Please take advantage of our premium Black Friday deals on boxing gloves and other boxing equipment

With our SALE, you can get FLAT 20% discounts on boxing gloves price ranges, so treat yourself with amazing products and even more incredible deals this Black Friday! 

Our MMA Black Friday Sale showcases our premium Stealth X2 Versatile Boxing Gloves in addition to our other quality products: Groin Guards, Hand Wraps, Head Gear, and various other boxing gloves. Speaking of gloves, boxing gloves in the USA are at these amazing sale prices for the first time, so don’t miss out. The SALE starts November 25th and till November 30th, 2022. 

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