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2021 Guide: Tips to Keep Your Boxing Equipment Clean

boxing equipment

We know that being a boxing enthusiast, you must have spent a handsome amount on purchasing your boxing equipment. But once you buy it, do you think it’s okay to take no care of it? Well, in case you don’t, this carelessness can let your boxing equipment worn out within a bare minimum time, making all your investment go waste.

But in case you are concerned about your equipment’s cleanliness, then let us inform you that doing so will not only keep it fresh but also increase its overall life span.

The Components of your Boxing Equipment

Before starting with our topic, let us list down the vital components of your boxing equipment, that are: 

  1. Boxing Hand Wraps
  2. Boxing Gloves
  3. Boxing Headgear
  4. Mouthguard
  5. Shoes

For your help, we are here with the tips and tricks that you can utilize to keep all these mentioned components clean. 

Cleaning the Boxing Hand Wraps

Wearing hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves not only provides protection to your knuckles and wrists but also absorbs the sweat coming out of your hands while boxing. Now the tip is not to put them inside your gym bag once you are done with your training or match. 

In case you put the wet wraps inside the bag, they might get stinky and worn out soon. To keep them clean, you must perform the following activities: 

  1. Do hang them after the match so that they can get dry before being used in the next training session. 
  2. After a few matches or training sessions, it is advisable to wash them up in a washing machine. 

Pro Washing Tips

  1. Do ad a bit of vinegar in the water, as it will help kill the bacteria that are the cause behind the stinking boxing hand wraps.
  2. When washing, place the wraps inside the pillowcase. This will help it not getting tangled up. 
  3. Try washing the hand wraps separately, as they might bleed and ruin the other things that are washed along. 

Cleaning the Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the essential components of boxing equipment. To keep them clean, do follow some of these proven tips:

  1. Never put the damp and sweaty gloves straight into the gym bag. Instead, do dry them up before doing so.
  2. Do spray the gloves with a mixture of vinegar and water. This act will kill the bacterias that are the reason behind making the gloves stinky. 
  3. Do sprinkle the baking soda on the inside and outside of the gloves to let it suck away any foul smell. 
  4. Do wear them after washing your hands, minimizing the chances of bacterias entering the damp and sweaty inside of the gloves.

Cleaning the Boxing Headgear 

After every training session or boxing match, you are advised to clean up your boxing headgear with the finest antiseptic agents. After that, let the air pass through it and let it dry. This act will keep the headgear fresh, clean, and usable for a long time. 

Cleaning the Mouthguard

One must clean the mouthguard with water after every boxing session or match. Also, try to keep it in a case to protect it from external harmful agents. 

Note: In case you want to buy these mentioned components, you can visit many known boxing equipment brands, such as Infinitude Fight, etc.

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