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Guide to Different Types of Martial Arts and Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Martial arts are not just a sport; they are an extraordinary concept. Many contemplate getting into martial arts, but that hesitation is because they do not know where to start. Infinitude Fight team suggests you begin your top-notch research game first. 

Everything from 10 types of martial arts, deadliest martial arts styles, boxing gloves for each, and all types of mixed martial arts should be in your consideration before choosing the best martial arts sport for yourself. 

When it comes to research, you could hardly go wrong with it. Through research on MMA will help you identify all types and accessibility requirements. 

So, how many types of martial arts are there? Below, you will learn about different types of martial arts, including Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), jiu-jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, and so forth. 

But what are the best martial arts? And how many types of martial arts are there?

Boxing Gloves and Types of Martial Arts

Not all martial arts can be a good fit for everyone – you must research and find the one that suits your needs and requirements, but this in itself is not an easy task. 

To help you circumnavigate, experts at Infinitude Fight have put together this guide. This guide will clear your doubts and answer your questions for both Mixed Martial Arts and Traditional Martial Arts.

Let’s look at the traditional martial art forms; all of these have been around for ages, while the modern martial art forms are comparatively new. 

Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional martial arts include Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Aikido; let’s go through them one by one. 


Karate was initiated from Japan – Okinawa and was mainly used for self-defense and discipline. However, now Karate is used as a combat sport. What matters is that you could never go wrong by choosing Karate as a new hobby, entertainment, or workout routine. 

Karate is one of the extremely popular forms of martial arts; while it originates from Japan, it is incredibly popular all around the globe. These days, it won’t be uncommon to see multiple Karate teaching facilities in every American city and town. So, one does not have to worry about access to the sport and its available facilities.

Karate employs various martial art striking techniques, including punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, and open-handed. People who practice Karate must learn to use every inch of their bodies to perform all the aforementioned techniques. 

This is precisely why Karate is gaining immense popularity and fan following among fitness enthusiasts and the fitness industry. You can easily find many gyms in your locality which offer Karate lessons two to three times a week. 

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is not only famous among enthusiasts but is also immensely popularized in the media. Kung Fu is primarily divided into two separate schools focusing on separate areas of focus for a fighter. 

The first school of thought for Kung Fu focuses on arm work – close-quarter punches – and the second school focuses on leg work and acrobatics. 

Kung Fu is an art form that focuses on philosophy and understanding of your opponent, yet different schools might choose different ways to achieve this particular goal. For instance, some schools promote strength and force as the decisive path, while others opt for visualization and relaxation. 


Korea is the homeland for Taekwondo, and there it is recognized as one of the oldest martial arts forms in the world. Koreans created Taekwondo, primarily for self-defense

Today, however, Taekwondo is employed by MMA fighters and other martial arts specialists. So, if you want an excellent discipline for working out, Taekwondo might be the thing for you. 

Taekwondo uses an array of striking techniques, which are then coupled with a system of take-downs and blocks. However, this Taekwondo is not for everyone; many have tried and found it too hard to master owning to its intricacy. 

Athletes and other specialists use Taekwondo as a vital part of their speed and strength training. Practicing Taekwondo lets you master more than two other forms of martial arts collectively – that is what many martial arts specialists warrant.


Jiu-Jitsu, also called Jujitsu, is a relatively lesser-known form of Karate, but its popularity and general awareness are growing all around the globe. Jiu-Jitsu was also initiated in Japan, and its primary purpose was self-defense and discipline. 

Jiu-Jitsu is frequently used in combat sports, so if you are a fan of MMA, you must be familiar with Jiu-Jitsu. MMA organizations, such as Bellator and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), couple Jiu-Jitsu with boxing, and various other forms of martial arts. 

Practitioners of Jiu-Jitsu might not use weapons, and even when used, they are generally kept smaller – not bigger than 12 inches in length. The common tool used for Jiu-Jitsu by specialists in the short keychain, primarily used for close-quarter self-defense purposes. 


Judo is another form of martial arts that originated from Japan; the primary objective of Judo is to pin the opponent to the ground ultimately – this is achieved by utilizing ingenious throws and movements. Also, Judo has a place of prominence as an Olympics sport. 


The literal meaning of Aikido is ‘the way for harmony’; Aikido is a martial arts form that focuses explicitly on the philosophy of directing and merging the spirit energy. 

Aikido is a uniquely captivating form of martial arts as its prime aim is to stay non-aggressive and use the opponents’ momentum and movement against them. Aikido is also known as a non-resistance way.

Mixed Martial Arts 

Modernized Martial Arts or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has an immense presence and fan following among kids, teens, and young adults. For the most part, mixed martial arts were introduced as a part of combat sports and are very popular with UFC and Bellator cage fighting competitions. 

In contrast to Karate and jiu-jitsu, MMA is not for discipline or self-defense. Still, to some extent, it is utilized for self-defense in cage fighting competitions. 

MMA employs various striking and tackling techniques – it is important to be a well-rounded fighter for success in full-combat sports. 

What does a well-rounded fighter entail – to become a well-rounded fighter, you must have a good stand-up and ground defense. 

Muay Thai

Muay Thai has a history of hundreds of years, and it quickly became a widely popular form of martial arts due to its exceptionally high effectiveness and rare simplicity. 

Not only that, Muay Thai emphasizes power through elbows, knees, punches, and kicks. There are no doubts about the core rawness of Muay Thai. However, only the masters of the art can deliver this raw power with poise and in a fluid motion. 

How are Muay Thai gloves different from boxing gloves? 

The primary difference between boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves is the glove’s flexibility when you close your fist. Also, the difference lies in the position of thumbs in Muay Thai gloves, their padding on the wrist, padding weight, and how far the glove goes past your wrist on the arm. 

Krav Maga

Israeli Defense Force is credited for developing Krav Maga – Krav Maga translates to ballet combat, and it is based on hand-to-hand combat, paired with grappling, wrestling as its prime combat tactic.

Krav Maga’s most important factor is the readiness and skill of using objects lying around the environment to combat your opponent, particularly those with bigger size and power. 

Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Indeed – Boxing, since its inception, has become the most famous, celebrated, and popularized form of martial arts. Many call boxing a “sweet science” owing to its focus on accuracy and calculation. 

Boxing as a whole utilizes footwork and movements with precisely targeted punches for efficacy. 

Boxing has been around for ages, yet it is still considered a modernized form of martial arts, thanks to its unceasing adaptation – which in turn is a part of its nature and strength. 

Which Martial Art Type or Form Is Best For You?

As you have seen above in the article, there is a broad range of different forms of martial arts; the first thing to decide is what do you want to get out of martial arts? – What is your purpose in practicing or learning martial arts? Physical benefits? Or maybe just a hobby. 

You must be clear on what you want out of martial arts before you decide to pick any of its forms. We always recommend beginners and novices who wish to find their best option among martial arts forms to sit in a few sessions and practices, get the know-how and feel of what you are getting into. 

Almost all martial arts centers are open for the public, so feel free to drop by in one of your local facilities and watch the one-on-one action. 

As it is evident, we are a little biased towards boxing – can you blame us? Boxing is fantastic! Aan all other forms of martial arts employ the use of boxing gloves or different types of gloves. We still get saucer-eyed whenever we re-watch any boxing match of boxing legends, the likes of Muhammad Ali.

Remember, the vivacity of a boxer depends not only on his willpower but also on correct boxing gear. 

Boxing Gloves 

A boxer’s success depends upon his determination, athletic ability, and professional equipment (i.e., a pair of quality boxing gloves). 

A boxer spends hours in the gym and trains for years to master skills/techniques needed to become a good fighter. 

Combining a professional boxer with ultimate boxing gear is a recipe for success at the boxing ring. 

When you buy boxing gloves, you adhere to the fact that no boxer is whole without a good pair of ultimate boxing gloves. Building on that, choosing the right pair can turn out to be a daunting task, owing to the availability of different sizes, brands, types, and boxing gloves price. 

The most crucial factor for a good boxing glove is its precise sizing. Selecting the right size in regards to the weight, height, and circumference of your hands will make the process much easier. Remember, the fit of boxing gloves is supposed to be snug, with your fingers touching the top of the glove.  

Gloves are manufactured in weights rather than size; the weight in ounces (oz) is dependent on the amount of padding in the gloves. If you are a beginner or want gloves for training or sparring, you should get heavier – large padded – gloves and then go down in glove weights as you become more experienced.

Pro-Tips: If you are going to buy boxing gloves, you need to familiarize yourself with all types and their uses before deciding. Boxing glove price is also a driving factor when evaluating your options, but we suggest indulging a tad for them – as they are crucial for your performance and safety. 

Ok, so now you know the importance of the gloves, let’s jump into some frequently asked questions;

As we have covered the importance of boxing gloves in MMA and, most notably in boxing, let us list some FAQs for you. 

At Infinitude Fight, we get asked some questions related to boxing and boxing gloves. For your ease, we will be answering them here one by one, ranked in order of their frequency.

Which Type of Boxing Gloves is Best?

By far the most asked question about boxing gloves, so which boxing gloves are the best? The answer to this is particularly subjective. For a manufacturer, the best boxing gloves can be their most exquisite Top-Grade Boxing Gloves, but for you, the best boxing glove will be the one that suits your needs the best (needs such as training, sparring, or bag work).

So to rephrase the question, a better question would be, “What is the main purpose/use for which I am buying the gloves?” Once you answer this question and know the purpose of your purchase – everything else will fall into place – you can then choose different types of gloves that suit your specific requirements. 

There are many different types of boxing gloves, and each has its specific uses, i.e., you can choose a heavy bag work, Muay Thai, Mexican, Vintage; boxing, and sparring gloves. 

To sum up, the best boxing glove for you is the one that fulfills your unique/specific requirements. 

Boxing Gloves USA – What are Boxing Gloves Sizes by Weight Class?

A common ambiguity in the general public is about boxing gloves sizes – the answer to boxing gloves sizes is; there are none – no boxing gloves are sold or manufactured in sizes. 

The boxing gloves are made in various weights – in ounces (oz). Rather than Small, Medium, Large or Extra-large sizes, the gloves are made in weights ranging from 4 oz to 20 oz – there are gloves with more than 24oz weight, but they are pretty rare. 

The weight of a glove depends on the amount and layers of padding; however, the volume and layers of padding are in turn decided by the targeted use of the glove – for sparring, boxing, or training – the more weight a glove has, the higher will be the protection offered by it. 

As mentioned earlier, the weight of a boxing glove is between 4 oz to 20 oz, and each manufacturer or brand uses their unique custom molds, so the fit of a glove can and will differ from brand to brand. 

If a glove feels too tight for your hand, go a size up; the heavier the glove, the more room it will have in its sleeve and vice-versa. 

Which Glove Weight do I Need?

Tricky business, let’s discuss;

Sparring – If you need a glove to spar, grab a pair that weighs 14oz, 16oz, or 18oz, still this is dependent on your size and weight. The rule of thumb here is, increase the weight of the gloves if you have a bigger than average height or weight. 

Training – for training on a heavy bag, mitt work, or punching bag, gloves from 12oz to 16oz are ideal.

Beginner – for beginners, it is recommended that they choose a glove from 10oz to 14oz.

Pro Boxers – professional fighters can opt between 8oz gloves to 12oz gloves, again depending on their height and weight.

It is important to remember that there always will be exceptions, so we at Infinitude Fight highly recommend consulting your trainer for help before you buy boxing gloves. 

If you want expert advice, get in touch with our experts at Infinitude Fight, who are professional boxers and compete in pro-boxing matches.  So if you have any queries regarding your custom boxing gloves, our experts will be glad to help

What are Boxing Gloves Prices?

Boxing gloves price is dependent on various factors, such as their size, quality, brand, handmade vs. mass-produced, overall look, and purpose. In the market, you can find gloves that range from $50 to over $500. Remember, expensive does not always mean quality. 

For boxing gloves, people tend to splurge on brand names; however, that does not always work out for the best. 

Note: Choosing between handmade and mass-produced boxing gloves is as critical as it is important. 

Boxing Gloves which is better?  – Handmade vs Mass Produced?

Mass-Produced – mass-produced boxing gloves are manufactured in bulk, with machinery, which cuts labor, time, and material costs (as mass-produced gloves are often made with low-quality materials). 

The use of machinery, cuts on labor, and low-quality materials are the reason why mass-produced boxing gloves have a very high defect rate and do not prove to be much durable. 

The silver lining? – Mass-produced gloves are a good option if you are a beginner in boxing. Mass-produced gloves come in a lower price range, so you can perfect and experiment with your boxing techniques with these and later move on to the exclusive handmade gloves.  

HandmadeCustom boxing gloves are often handmade, crafted by professional and technical artisans who highly stress attention to detail. The premium quality materials are used for custom handmade gloves – giving them their pristine finish and sheen. 

How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves do not require much attention or care, follow the below-mentioned simple steps, and your boxing gloves and hands will thank you.

Addressing the elephant in the room, yes – your boxing gear is bound to smell. Plus, that smell results from the bacteria that live on your body; that bacteria varies with different genetics and not by the type of gloves you use. 

The following easy to follow solutions will make your life easier and help you tune down the intensity of the smell:

  1. Never leave your gloves be damp and sweaty in your gym bag for extended periods, as bacteria love humidity and moisture. It would help if you also clean your gym bag regularly. 
  2. Clean and wipe your boxing gloves with anti-bacterial wet wipes after each session. Also, remember to dry out any residual moisture on the gloves. 
  3. It is important to remember the insides of the glove, always air them out properly, and use paper towels both inside and outside of the glove. 
  4. Deodorizers, always use good moisture absorbing glove deodorizer. 
  5. Never put or leave your gloves under direct sunlight or close to a heating source, as the boxing gloves’ leather will crack and start to fall apart. 
  6. Use hand wraps with boxing gloves to better soak up all the moisture (sweat); remember to wash your hand wraps regularly after each session. 

Note: Do not under any circumstance wash your boxing gloves in a washing machine or submerge them in water unless they are designed for that particular purpose. 

Which is Better: Velcro Boxing Gloves or Lace Boxing Gloves?

Velcro Gloves – For beginners, we highly recommend Velcro gloves as they are the better and practical option between the two. Velcro boxing gloves are easy to put on and do not require assistance from another person. Extremely suitable for training, boxing and fitness sessions that call for frequent glove changes. 

The only downside of the Velcro gloves is their weak wrist support.

Lace-up Gloves – Lace-up gloves are recommended to pro-boxers. Lace-up gloves are also appropriate for sparring owing to their optimal wrist support, and as a bonus, the laces won’t inflict any damage to your or your challenger. 

The downside of lace gloves is that they require another person’s help to put them on properly. 

Are These Authentic Boxing Gloves? 

The entire selection of boxing gear available at our online shop, Infinitude Fight, is authentic and manufactured from the finest quality materials using advanced technology. 

Being in the business for years, we have a set of trusted, well-known suppliers and have gained a reputation as a trusted and authorized partner for many boxing clubs, leagues, and brands.

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