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Shin Guards with Muay Thai Wholesale Boxing Equipment – The key to safety and efficiency

Shin guards are the most crucial piece of protective wholesale boxing equipment for MMA and Muay Thai athletes after gloves and hand wraps.

During exercise, you utilize these to safeguard your lower leg, ankles, and feet. You’ll also use them to defend your partner in a sparring match. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a pair that suits your requirements.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the shin guards, keep on reading this blog till the end for a comprehensive guide. 

Sock Style Shin Guard With Wholesale Boxing Equipment

Typically, sock-style shin guards cover the shin and foot with a tiny, pretty narrow sheet of polyurethane that is kept together by a stretchy cotton or neoprene sock. 

When an amateur battle or competition calls for it, Muay Thai fighters may employ this style, although sock-type guards lack the safety and endurance to withstand extensive Muay Thai training.

Some MMA competitors favor the sock-style shin guard for this purpose, despite the fact that no skilled Muay Thai fighter will practice in one. Due to its reduced weight, a fighter feels less restricted when moving around the ring or engaging in a grapple. 

There is less for an opponent to grip onto when you make contact because it doesn’t have any exposed edges.

For a combatant who may not kick frequently, these particular features offer a good trade-off versus less protection. 

Nevertheless, for the majority of fighters, it’s preferable to avoid the straightforward sock design during bouts in favor of the adjustable strap style which goes perfectly well with the other wholesale boxing equipment. 

Adjustable Shin Guards

Flexible band shin guards, as their name suggests, feature a system of elastic straps that hold semi-rigid, thick protection over the shin, ankle, and top of the foot. The guard typically has a strap near the top that can be fastened safely above the leg curvature. Between the top of the ankle and the bottom of the calf muscle, a second strap is typically fastened to the fighter. 

The fastening mechanism will subsequently be completed by a strap that crosses the center of the foot.

The vast majority of shin guards used in Muay Thai Wholesale Boxing Equipment are of this kind. For the fighter and any potential drilling opponents, this method offers the greatest level of injury protection.

Before your shins are totally capable of handling a fight without any protection, it requires years of training and conditioning. Use the right shin guards up until that point to prevent costly training time lost to the shin, ankle, or foot injuries.

Materials Of The Wholesale Boxing Equipment Shin Guards

Shin guards with genuine leather on the surface work well over time. The strongest material you can obtain is leather, which will endure a very long period with consistent use. 

Additionally, leather will typically cost more than some of the other accessible material selections for shin guards just like it does with other wholesale boxing equipment.

When it comes to high-quality items, polyurethane synthetic leathers are a close second and slightly less expensive. Although not as strong, this type of finish has a leather-like feel and can endure for a long time with moderate care.

Other materials that can be used to make shin guards include polyester, latex, and cotton. These materials can be utilized to create products that are substantially less expensive but lack the sturdiness of original and synthetic leather material.

How To Measure Yourself For The Right Size?

To determine the size you need, measure the thickness of your leg at the calf. You might also want to think about how long your shins are. 

To accommodate customers of various sizes, several manufacturers offer guards that are either taller or shorter than usual. You can make sure the fit is good by measuring the length of your shin.

Fit Of The Boxing Wholesale Equipment Shin Guards

It’s crucial for the shin guard to fit properly while still being comfortable, just like it is with Muay Thai gloves and headgear. You should switch to a different set of shin guards if the current pair pinches you or is otherwise uncomfortable.

The guard shouldn’t be able to spin around or slide off during exercise, especially as the perspiration starts to pour, thus a good fit is important.

Padding Inside The Shin Guards

There should be many layers of stiff, protective foam padding on the front of the shin guard. However, it shouldn’t be too challenging that you hurt one of your opponents when sparring.

Shin guards are available in a range of widths. While others wrap around to partially enclose the calf muscle, some only protect the area over the delicate shin bone. 

A broader shin guard provides better protection at the expense of weight and bulk expansion. Additionally, it will provide your opponent more points to seize. 

You can kick farther and quicker with a thinner pad since it is lighter and less vulnerable to catches and grips. But your chance of getting hurt or bruised will increase.

Make sure your shin guard provides adequate protection for the entire foot as well. The upper bones of the foot are where most serious injuries that will render you completely disabled occur. During exercise, you must be sure to preserve both this region and the ankle.

As you know now, shin guards are one of the most essential wholesale boxing equipment in Muay Thai and you must buy guards that are sturdy and durable enough to last for a very long time. Infinitude Fight has got great options with original leather so what are you waiting for? Buy your shin guards today and start training.

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