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A Guide – How to choose the perfect Kids boxing gloves?

As it is with every other sport, the earlier you start your kids with boxing, the better will be the benefits. Kids are metaphorical energy balls, and getting them excited about boxing with a pair of quality and attractive kids boxing gloves is in their best benefit. 

Experts at Infinitude Fight believe that kids can get a perfect outlet to channel their energy positively with quality gloves. Now, are you worried about getting the best kids boxing gloves? We understand your nervousness, as we always want what’s best for the kids. 


Boxing Gloves 

With so many options and types of gloves available in the market, how would you know what to pick for the kids? That’s where we come in; below is a complete guide to help you navigate the world of kid’s gloves. From sizing, the techniques to quality, everything you need to know before you buy boxing gloves is made available in this brief guide, so read on. 

Buy Boxing Gloves

Some variants are quite cheaper than others. This is where you need to be careful, don’t get fooled into buying cheaper gloves for your kids as evidently these are made from cheaper materials, and won’t last long. 


Such variants also do not have sufficient padding to offer maximum protection for the hand and wrists. As a parent, boxing is a great sport to get your kids to indulge in; however, you must take utmost precautions to ensure their safety.  

It is advised to begin early with the kids, most manufacturers of gloves for kids make products for as young as three years, and there is a reason for it; the sooner you start kids in boxing, the better it is for them to adjust and master the craft. 

Getting your kids familiar with the right types and kinds of boxing equipment is also crucial as it will make them stronger and physically sound. 

Boxing Equipment 

Boxing gear for kids includes handy tools such as hand and foot wraps, gloves, boxing shoes, shorts, mouthpieces, and headguards for added protection. 

How to develop the interest of little ones? Show your kids some video demonstrations of boxers and pictures with the targeted objective to make them familiar with the basics of the sport.   

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Kids Boxing Gloves 

What should be an ideal glove weight for the kids? For children between 3 to 6 years, the normal weight of the variants should be 6 ounces. The weight of the variants gets heavier as the child grows, getting bigger and heavier with the age. Ideally, gloves for ages three till teenage years are available in kids’ sizes. 

Features of Kids Boxing Gloves

Kids boxing gloves are made from the same quality materials, with which professional or amateur gloves for adults are made. Kid’s variants have the same ingredients, including gel paddings. Also, kid’s variants are covered with genuine leather, vinyl, or synthetic leather from the outside.  

The variants also have heavy-duty stitching and built construction to keep the gloves from wear and tear and better protect the hands, and such gloves are made to last you a long while.  The shape of kid’s varieties is also no different from the adult variants, but to make it easy for the kids to wear gloves on and off, these variants come with the handy Velcro strap closing system. 


The kid’s variants are designed with a variety of colors and designs to make them more interesting. Remember, inexpensive gloves that are under $20 are often low-grade tools with less padding and low-quality materials; these gloves pose a danger to your child’s relative safety. 

Size Chart – Kids Boxing Gloves

Below is a relatively accurate size guide for your kid’s gloves; however, each child is different:

Hand Size Measurement

Size Inch Centimeters

S 6″ 15.5 cm

M 6.5″ 16.5 cm

L 7″ 18 cm

XL 7.5″ 19 cm 

For the size selection process of your kid’s gloves, refer to the size chart given above for correct measurement. Once done with the sizing and measurements, ask the kids to pick out their favorite color or design among the various choices. 


The most important thing for you to look for is the security, protection, and safety of your child. This, however, is achieved through various factors combined, i.e. proper sizing, materials, weight, and fitting of the gloves.  


Note: The size and weight of the gloves are not completely interlinked when it comes to kid’s variants. 

What else should you know/do? 

  1. Let your child try on the gloves before purchasing
  2. Gloves weight ranges from 6 to 20 ounces for kids
  3. For ages up to and under ten, the preferable weight is between 6 to 8 ounces
  4. Make certain that gloves are covering your kid’s hands completely and comfortably.
  5.  The gloves should be comfortable enough to allow freehand movement 
  6. Gloves for kids are characterized into three sizes, small, medium, and large
  7. Ensure there is enough free space when your kid puts on the gloves, as your kids will also wear hand wraps

Tip: Try on the gloves by wearing proper hand wraps. 

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Tips and Advice for Parents to Remember

Keep in mind that leather and other outer layer materials of the gloves do stretch after some time and with usage. So, it is advised to avoid too comfortable gloves in the beginning as these will loosen up with time and usage. 

Additionally, as it is with the adults, it is also advised to get two pairs of gloves for the kids, one for hardcore sparring and training sessions and one separate pair solely for boxing matches and competitions. Doing this will further ensure the kids’ safety and will also make it possible for the gloves to last longer. 


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